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New Beauty & Makeup I’m Obsessed With Right Now

holiday 2015 makeup

Considering the Holidays are full in our face at the moment in the makeup and beauty world I, of course, have a wish list a mile long! There are so many new beauty and makeup items I’m obsessed with right now! Palettes, gift sets, heck even new fragrances.

I kinda hate it that there are so many new items that are Holiday themed though as Fall is my favorite season and I hate to rush it away! But none the less this is the time of the year that beauty and makeup are really hot so you’re bound to have some obsession or another.

Here’s a list of my latest obsessions!


Excited About Love by Sofia Vergara


Chloe Carousel Holiday 2015 Gift Set

Chloe Carousel Holiday 2015 Gift Set

It’s a rarity to run into beauty lovers that don’t love the Chloe fragrance (I’m actually a huge lover of Love, Chloe myself!) so when I saw this cute Chloe Carousel Holiday 2015 Gift Set I knew I had to share it with you.

Chloe is one of those rose fragrances that’s universally flattering on many different body chemistries. It’s soft, feminine, and flirty but never too bold or overwhelming and it has just the right amount of linger.

I thought this set was darling as it quite reminded me of last year’s Too Faced La Belle Carousel Set that launched with the Too Faced Holiday 2014 Collection. The set comes housed in a white and gold giftable box which lifts up to reveal a vanity worthy carousel that you can place the Eau de Parfume Spray (2.5 oz), Body Lotion (3.4 oz) Minature EDP (0.17) atop! Plus it spins as well so you can easily access your fragrance treasures.

I thought it would make some Chloe lover a lovely little gift!

The Chloe Carousel Holiday 2015 Gift Set is available now at


Manic Panic Jem and the Holograms Limited Edition Hair Color Launches

Manic Panic Jem and the Holograms Hair Color

I was in the middle of a Harmon’s makeup aisle last night texting Dustin Hunter and he was telling me he had purchased some new hair color. This morning I opened my e-mail up and I was thinking, “Boy, you should have waited!” because like me, Dustin is all about the 80’s so of course he’d want to get his hands on the new Manic Panic Jem and the Holograms Limited Edition Hair Color.

I’m a Jem girl. Loved the cartoon not sure I’m impressed with the Jem Movie but I’m all ABOUT the Sephora Jem and the Holograms Makeup Collection yes, I am.

So now I kinda sorta wanna buy these new Manic Panic Jem and the Holograms Limited Edition Hair Color Dyes because they have such great packaging!

Take a look they are truly outrageous!


The #ISmellPretty Movement

So I kinda sorta stole this the idea for the #ISmellPretty Movement from my friend Paris from My Women Stuff. She started sharing her packed lunches on Instagram and using hashtag #pbmademepacklunch. Her idea was not only to share food pr0n (I like to take pictures of my food so I’m so into viewing food pictures that others take) but also to inspire others share their lunches and also to pack healthier lunches and save money in the process.

I loved how her reader’s started using the hashtag to share their packed lunches! She just started a really fun little movement on Instagram that her reader’s and fellow foodies could use to communicate and share.

I kinda started sharing my daily fragrance choices on Instagram but I haven’t done so in a while. I’m really passionate about fragrance probably sometimes more than makeup. I have a very vast (and disgustingly expensive) collection of European perfumes, high end fragrances, and many, many indie brands perfume and perfume oils from places like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie.


I propose a fun little project and I hope you’ll maybe join in it with me.

I’d love to implement the #ISmellPretty hashtag across Twitter and Instagram. Tell me what fragrance you’re wearing today, tell me what it smells like, introduce me to something new, or some old favorite and use hashtag #ISmellPretty. If you can maybe Instagram a photo of the bottle (pictures are always fun) too that would be awesome!

I’ll be doing this daily from now on in the hopes I might introduce you to some unique, possibly obscure, and fun fragrances!

I’m really, really excited to see your fragrance choices and maybe you can introduce me to something new or tempt me to try out something I’ve never smelled before!

And hopefully I’ll inspire you to try out something new too!