Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Fresh Energizing Caudalie Zeste de Vigne Fresh Caudalie Thé des Vignes Fresh Fragrance

If there’s one thing that I have to pick when it comes to loving on Caudalie it would the way they scent their products! Everything smells so intoxicating from the brand and I’ve always wished they’d bottle that incredibly soothing, relaxing scent up and make it into a fragrance.

My wish is granted this year as Caudalie launched three brand new fragrances!

Mathilde Thomas, created these three scents to recreate the feeling of walking through her family’s vineyard at dawn, noon, and dusk. She brings you that feeling bottled up into a beautiful glass bottle.


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Mariah Carey Lollipop Splash The Remix Eau de Parfum Collection

I need to know if their is any truth behind the story of Mariah playing one of her concert’s as she was giving birth.

Ha…love yourself much Mariah!

It’s probs just a rumor though, I think, I hope!

Imagine coming into the world to Mariah’s high?

Anyway…Mariah is remixing it up today with her Lollipop Bling Fragrances. Remember those?

Perhaps the scent of these wafted through the air as the sweet melodies from her concert played in the background and Mariah’s doctor screamed, “PUSH!” I’m having a morbid morning….

Check it!


Harajuku Lovers Super G Fragrance

Harajuku Lovers Super G Fragrance flies onto shelves in August, pun intended.

Let’s take a peek!


Majolica Majorca Majolica Majoromantica F Fragrance Review

Majolica Majorca is a Japanese sub-brand by Shiseido. It’s one of my very favorite brands from Japan however in recent years I’ve kinda fell off the fan girl bandwagon since many of the releases haven’t really captured my eye.

During the Holidays, MJ released a new fragrance Majolica Majoromantica which I enjoyed very much and most recently with the Summer Collection they released a new limited edition version of the scent.

Let’s have a look!


Beauty News: Disney Fragrance Collection Disney Imagination Fragrance

I love Captain Barbossa more than I do Jack.

Oops sorry was there a hiss out in the crowd?

What? He’s a crusty old pirate, what’s not to lust after? Plus Geoffrey Rush does a damn fine job bringing him to life!

But dude, what up with the Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Barbossa Action Figure? OMG You’re doing it wrong Disney! WTH? He looks almost kindly in action figure form….not very pirate-y! And why is his head so damn long?

Speaking of Disney….

Disney is launching a brand new Fragrance Collection in Disney Stores this month! I’ve always wanted to smell like my favorite Disney characters. Betcha Jack and Barbossa smell like a great big heap of yo ho, ho and a bottle of rum!

Check it!