December 17, 2007

Latest Obsession: Carol’s Daughter Jamaican Punch

Meet my latest obsession:

I was wandering around the Sephora at Herald’s Square on Sunday trying to find some Stocking Stuffers for my sister and came across the Carol’s Daughter display. I’ve passed this display up more times than I can count on two hands but for some reason or another that day a bottle of “Almond Cookie” caught my eye!

Now the first thing to enter my mind when I seen Almond Cookie was Lush’s Snowcake! I was thinking a bit of cherry with maybe a hint of marzipan icing. Mmm…dead wrong. Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Eau de Toilette smells heinous to say the least. I don’t get much of a “bakery scent” to this but just musk and musk and more musk! It’s quite strong and very overpowering. I guess the sandalwood overpowers the sweetness of the cookie and vanilla I’m not entirely sure but I gagged when I took a sniff!

Which leads me to say that I almost walked away but another item caught my eye and I decided to tortue myself a bit more with Carol’s Daughter.

I very cautiously opened a bottle of Jamaican Punch, took a sniff, and soon after fell deeply in love.

Mmmm now this is perfection. It’s quite fruity with a faint underlay of sandalwood and bayberry. It has all sorts of yummie fruits like peach, banana, orange, apple, and raspberry!

It’s tropical yet sweet and fruity and did I mention it lingers like crazy!

My body chemistry doesn’t work well with Eau de Toilette and normally my skin just sucks it up and the linger, throw, and scent don’t last at all. Basically within 30 minutes or less you can barely tell that I squirted myself!

However, two quick squirts with Jamaican Punch had me smelling yummie from 2 in the afternoon all the way to 11:45 that evening when I hopped into the shower!

This has amazing throw and lingering power and well worth the $25 I shelled out for the 2 oz bottle!

I’m now utterly obsessed with this gorgeous scent! I nabbed the shower gel and the Eau de Toilette and I’m lemming everything else in the line!

I highly recommend going into Sephora to sniff it for yourself! Mmmm tropics in the winter! Pure perfection!


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  • MandyPandy

    I had the same reaction last week in Sephora to Almond Cookie, except to me, it smells a bit like plastic as well (and normally, I love that PVC/bitter almond smell as exemplified by Jonathan’s Dirt Texturizing Paste). I didn’t even bother to check out the Jamaican Punch line, but I think next time I will (next time being tommorow, most likely).

    I’m really glad to see that someone other than Dolce and Gabbana can make a EDT with staying power; I have an Eau D’Hadrien EDT which I swear lasts all of 10 minutes on me.

    On an off topic and purely out of curiosity, did you pick up the Order of the Phoenix DVD last week? I know, it seems like a strange question, but you strike me as a Potterphile (or Harry Pot-head, whatever we’re called these days).

  • the Muse

    Morning Mandy!

    Feeling better love?

    Almond Cookie was awful. Jesus it nearly knocked me flat when I took a sniff!

    I love the weird scent of Dirt too 😉

    To be honest after smelling Almond Cookie I was scared to even take a sniff of anything else! It was really overpowering and might I even say scary!

    I didn’t get a plastic scent to it but definately a bitter musky smell. It smelled more like a man’s perfume!

    Check out the punch and tell me what you think! I’m sorta of obsessed with it right now. It’s quite fruity with an underlay that’s very nice so it’s perfect for day or evening!

    I concur d and g does make an EDT that actually sticks! A majority of EDT doesn’t work well for me at all! It’s quite sad as most companies don’t do EDP and if they do it’s quite costly!

    I’m a big lover of Escada’s line but it doesn’t last at all! I seriously have to hose myself down for it to have any staying power at all and large bottles are $70 and upwards!

    I’ve stopped purchasing designer EDT for this reason because there are so few that seriously linger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did indeed 😉 I keep telling myself not to bother as they are bound to be released in a set but I keep buying them anyway! I was tempted by the LE 1-5 Set but refrained! OotP was ok but not that well done 🙂

    I’m quite a Potter fan but don’t dare mention anything about DH’s to me because I haven’t read it. I’m savoring it and saving it for a long winter’s read soon 😉 hehehe!

    LOL I guess that’s me! A Harry Pot Head 😉

    I have a feeling you might be one too lmao!

  • MandyPandy

    Thanks for asking, my hand is getting better and I’ve resolved to pick up where I left off by Monday at the latest.

    I don’t understand the point of EDT. I know they prefer it in, say, Japan where everyone is clustered together like pleasant-smelling sardines, but it would still fade away in an hour. They’d have to shower in the stuff to smell it at all. That said, they probably DO shower in the stuff. Lucky.

    Lol, and I wont mention anything about DH *cough* Epilogue *coughcough* worst ending ever! *cough*

    I agree, I really didn’t like OOTP the film, it was so heavy handed, slow-moving and over the top. And where the hell is my Snape?!? I demand Snape! But, ofcourse I’m a Potterphile (no relation to that other ‘-phile’, I swear!) so I dutifully watched it in theaters and bought it on DVD.

    I don’t even enjoy watching it and have to force myself to do so. Something ruined the movie for me. I think it was Daniel Radcliffe.

    He just doesn’t have the infinite watchability of, say, Elijah Wood in LOTR; and I HATE LOTR. Elijah Wood’s fake British accent > Daniel Radcliffe’s fake British acting.

    Oooh, and I’m making my first Lush order this week. Out of curiosity, have you tried Lush’s ‘New!’ solid shampoo? How do you find Lush’s solid shampoos?

  • the Muse

    ‘ello ‘ello Mandy 🙂

    Hey again!

    I’m glad to hear it. I find mine gets that pins and needles feeling when I’ve been working too much!

    Alerts me to get up and stop 😉

    Me either! I used to buy tons of designer fragrances and really at $60-$70 or more a pop it’s quite useless if it doesn’t last. I’ve since turned to etailers to get what I want plus it’s about 50% or more fragrance oil!

    Oh lord you’ve killed me. I’m dying. *sputters and rolls around on the floor in agony* I’ve heard nothing about it and I avoid anything on the internet! but you haven’t told me anything I didn’t already know! I figured it would never live up to the hype sigh 🙁

    Too much cut up in OoTP. What happened to 3 hour Potter films? Now it’s cut down to 120 minutes or less 🙁

    I demand Snape too! What the hell! Snape is my absolute fav character and he was barely in OotP! Poor Alan they cut him right out!

    I like Daniel although as he’s grown older the cute factor has diminished slightly!

    I liked LOTR but it wasn’t nearly as good as the books and I must say Elijah Wood’s fake brit accent grated on my bloody nerves too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I had no problem watching Orlando Bloom swirl around the screen in his girly gold locks! *bows low to the elves*


    I like New! It’s my fav shampoo bar! Smells of cinnamon and really wakes me up! I actually did a small review about the shampoo bars! You can see it here:

    The shampoo bars are good for sure and definately part of my haircare 😉

    If you love sweet definately grab yourself some Snow Fairy too 🙂 LOVE that stuff!

    Also if you don’t mind waiting after the Holidays they normally have a big free event thingy which gives you free xmas goodies with every purchase 😉

  • the Muse

    hi Christie!

    Do let me know if it is and what you think of it 🙂

    I’m absolutely loving it at the moment!

    Thanks for your comment!

  • MandyPandy

    Well, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you anything salient, but you get the point: OoTP > DH.

    Wah? The latest OoTP movie was only 120 minutes? Then why did it feel like an eternity ? Oh yeah, ’cause it blew.

    Snape’s also my favorite character, and Alan Rickman as Severus Snape is pure genius.

    On Daniel Ratface: I’d concur that the older they are the cuter they ain’t, but as you can see with Alan, that clearly isn’t the case. IDK, maybe the fact an 18 year old just purchased a $4.4 million NYC penthouse is making me bitter. Like, break-up-your-happy-home bitter. Who am I kidding, I was gonna do it anyway.

    Yeah, Orlando Bloom as Legolas was just plain awesome. Who do you think provided the hair for his wigs? Scandinavians? Albinos? Unicorns? All I wanna know is: what shampoo and conditioner does he use? I’m guessing Kerastase and fairy-jizz…

    If it involves freebies, I suppose my Lush order can wait until after Boxing Day. And I do loves me some foodie scents; right now I’m obsessed w/ Lavanila’s Pure Vanilla Perfume.

  • the Muse

    Talk about slow. Just getting around to replying now Mandy 😉

    Sorry love!

    UGH! STOP! You’re killing me here hehe!

    Was about 2 and 20 I believe. It was short put it that way lol!

    Alan Rickman is amazing hands down fantastic!

    I’m noticing a trend here. You’re really digging on the old dudes lol!

    Wait which one brought the penthouse?!


    You crack me up!

    I also have a 15% off coupon I’ll be able to share with you guys soon as the link is active so it’s worth waiting 😉

    Lavanila’s Pure Vanilla Perfume is sinful! I love foody blends mmm!

  • MandyPandy

    Yes, Alan Rickman is a GOD amongst men, but I was actually referring to Alan Radcliffe. That’s not to say that Alan Rickman as Severus Snape isn’t sex on legs, just that A. Rickman himself doesn’t do it for me.
    Sigh, and yes, I totally dig the old dudes (amongst others).

    Radcliffe Jr. is the one who purchased the $4.4 mil penthouse; when I was 18, I couldn’t even afford a subscription to Real Simple (and I’m still upset they canceled it. Bastards!).

    Yeah, Orly really upstaged the unicorns they stole that weave from; so delicate…so graceful…
    And no, I don’t have a thing for him either (he’s too young for me).

  • the Muse

    oops my bad Mandy!

    I read Alan Rickman not Alan Radcliffe 😉

    I kinda lust after Alan Rickman with or without Snape 😉 hehe!

    LOL You’re so cute!

    HOLY COW he did?! I didn’t know that! He’s always so reserved about what he spends $ on!

    LOL OB too young for you eh? Interesting! You little perv with the old men 😉