July 9, 2008

Summer Must Have Fragrance: Clean Summer Review

The Summmmmmmmmmmmer wind came blowing in from across the seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It lingered there and touched your hair………….

Sorry I got caught up for a second there! Sinatra does that to me!

What was I saying now?

Oh yea!

My review on Clean Summer!

Clean is one of my favorite lines of fragrance around. It’s one of the few lines of perfume that holds a wonderful linger, has a fantastic throw, and just contains unique, complex notes that just make me a happy Muse

Although Clean carries a rather hefty price tag you’ll be happy to shell out your hard earned money for some of their fragrances as they are Eau de Parfum not Eau de Toilette meaning long, lingering, gorgeous scent that lasts all day into the evening!

I own a majority of every single product Clean has put out thus far and I happily added the newest fragrance released from Clean to my collection recently entitled Summer! How fitting a name for a wonderful Summer fragrance!

Clean Summer is slightly different from previous Clean releases as it happens to be an Eau Frachie which means it contains almost no alchohol and is better for your skin and provides moisturizing benefits. Cool! A beautiful Summer scent that not only smells gorgeous but is also beneficial to my skin.

Although Eau de Frachie fragrances normally contain about 3% perfume oil this shouldn’t sway you from purchasing Clean Summer as the throw is quite good and the linger lasts throughout the day. I did three squirts on a humid day and I was left smelling yummie all day and well into the evening! I also happened to score about three compliments asking what I was wearing that day alone!

The notes in this are Crisp Bargamot, Rose Ice, Mirabelle Plum, Lily of the Valley, and Italian Limoncello. The fragrance is very complex and you won’t be able to pick out exact notes (unless you have a super sense of smell!) however I did find the dominant note was the Italian Limoncello. The lemon pulled through beautifully and just gave me that beautiful illusion of a fresh, cool Summer day. As humans we associate certain smells with certain events or times in our lives and Clean Summer happens to put me in the spirit of a lovely Summer day! It smells like sunshine in a bottle!

If you have a body chemistry that sucks scent and fragrance up you might want to consider layering Clean Summer with it’s matching Soft, Refreshing Lotion for added fragrance throw and staying power. The lotion has a gorgeous matching scent and has a light cooling effect on the skin!

I’m rather loving Clean Summer at the moment and I’m quite excited I got the chance to test drive it out. The Muse definately slaps a seal of Muse Approval on this one and adds it to the Must Have Summer Fragrance list!

I’ve only seen this on for sale at HSN so far. Click on over to nab it for $44.95 USD! This includes both the fragrance and the moisturizer as a kit! Not too bad a deal in my humblest!

Want more Clean? Check out the Clean Perfume website and see some of my favorite fragrances like Clean Lather!

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Stay tuned for more Clean Perfume reviews soon!

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  • Mizzx

    Oh Clean summer! You are a super lemming-maker.. My favourites are Shower fresh, Fresh laundry and Clean Edt, Lather is fine too. I tested Purity and Harmony, and don’t remember now which it was, but the other one smelled like basic Eau de Cologne= not good, like the scent was missing altogether.. oh well, but thanks for the news again : )

  • the Muse

    morning mizzx!

    Hehe 😉 Shower fresh is my fav too! And baby girl! I wish they had made Fun into an EDT do you remember that one? It was so bubbly and yummie!

    I just recently got Purity and Harmony but haven’t had a sec to squirt them. When I smelled in store both seemed good. One was lemony and one was minty as I recall!

    You’re most welcome =-)

    Glad you enjoyed the review.

    This one is a bit different for clean as it is a lighter scent but the linger was amazingly good for an edf!

    thank you for the comment! Hope to hear from you again soon!

  • Christina

    Oh yay! I can’t wait to try this! I LOVE the Clean fragrances! I have Shower Fresh, fresh Laundry and Clean Purity and I love them all and always get compliments when I wear them. Thanks for reviewing this, I will definately be getting this 🙂 🙂

  • Autumn Masquerade


    I hope you are well. Long time no talk.

    This set looks quite nice! I like the Clean perfumes too. The summer fragrance sounds promising. Have you ever tried Profumi di Pantelleria Aire? It’s like Clean Provence only much better.

    I also like your new website header.


  • the Muse

    hiya christina!

    Me too! people always stop and ask me what I have on when I wear anything from the line! They do really good stuff. it’s a bit pricey but well worth it in my humblest!

    Thanks for the comment 😉

    Do drop by if you get it! Like to hear your thoughts on this =-)

  • the Muse

    hey bets!

    REALLY long time. Sorry 🙁 I have trouble keeping up as you know!

    I haven’t tried Profumi di Pantelleria Aire…but I might not like it as Provence is the only one I don’t really like 🙁 Reminds me of Amazing Grace for some reason and just can’t take the smell of it! 😛

    aww thanks! changes with the season hehe!

  • Perfume

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