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NARS Temptalia Foundation Matrix Goes Live!

temptalia matrix

NARS launched their newest foundation for the Spring season which is entitled All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. This long wearing formula promises fuller, natural looking coverage according to NARS and is available in twenty shade selections.

You know me, I do so love a natural looking foundation! I’m hearing great things about NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation so I’m eager to try it out for size.

Problem though, I have no idea what shade I am in NARS foundations. No worries though as Temptalia has launched a NARS Matrix that went live on her site today! It’s pretty darn nifty as it allows you to upload your own photo and uses a color discovery technology that analyzes skin tones and undertones to recommend you a shade of the All Day Luminous Foundation.

The technology created by was developed over a three month period and tested using hundreds of different photos across many different skin tones to perfect the algorithm, logic, and rules of the Color Discovery engine.

Tthe Matrix can be used in one of two ways the first of which is by taking a high resolution photo and uploading it to the engine. When uploading your photo keep in mind that it must be a clear, high resolution image that does not have a busy background. Once you upload the photo you can use some tools to perfect the lighting of the image and other settings. Now the nice part is the engine works to either select and recommend a shade of the new NARS foundation or it’ll choose from other popular brands like MAC, Dior, Laura Mercier, and more!

The second option you won’t need a photo! Just select the foundation from a range of different brands, tell the Matrix about your skin and undertones, and it’ll recommend you colors in the foundation product you selected.

The Temptalia Color Matrix is something that Christine has labored over for several years and this new and improved version takes things to an exciting level bringing you an easy way to get a foundation color match without every leaving your computer.

You can try it for yourself now at


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What Makeup and Beauty Products Would You Bring Back?


I’m sure if I think really hard I could come up with a bible’s list worth of makeup and beauty products I would bring back after they have be discontinued by a brand. Eyeshadow shades, skincare products I’ve used and loved, lipstick colors that are no longer available, etc…etc…

One particular ALWAYS comes to mind when I think of what beauty products I’d bring back, take a look below and see if you agree with me on this one.

What makeup and beauty products would YOU bring back given the chance?


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