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Prevent Oily Lids From Ruining Your Makeup

Makeup Hacks

I don’t have oily lids but in order to prevent them from ruining your makeup there’s a simple trick that might save your eyeshadow and eyeliner if you’re prone to oily lids and eyes!

Take a look at this helpful trick to save your oily lids!


Lush Valentine’s Day 2015 Collection Arrives

Lush Valentine's Day 2015

Snow is in the air or is that love? It’s love because the Lush Valentine’s Day Collection for Spring 2015 has arrived! With plenty of goodies that bring romance and love to your bath!

Take a look!


Bath & Body Works Spring 2015 Candles Preview

bath and body works spring 2015 candles

Some of the newest Bath & Body Works Spring 2015 Candles are previewing today such as Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade, Sparkling Limeade, and Vanilla Bean Marshmallow! Excited? I know I am.

I’m also relieved. I see a few repromotes and also see a few aquatic fragrances I can skip. Phew! Because I’m honestly running out of room to store candles at this point and I’m so not ready for more as of yet but who could resist Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade, I mean seriously?


Dita Von Teese Erotique Eau de Parfum Review

Dita Von Teese Erotique

Dita Von Teese Erotique is one of FOUR perfumes that I had NO IDEA about. I must be clueless because I didn’t realize Dita Von Teese had released a range of fragrances. Eh? When!? Did I miss the memo!?

And on HSN no less.

Some background info…

As an avid reader and collector of Heavy Metal Magazine for many, many, many centuries it’s hard not to run into Bettie Page a time or two. Olivia de Berardinis appeared in at least 26 issues, maybe 27, don’t quote me, of the magazine. Olivia and Bettie Page go hand in hand whenever I think of pin up girl fantasy art.

Obviously Bettie very much reminds me of Dita Von Teese. Although Dita always seemed even more glamorous to me! She’s such an icon, so glamorous, so beautiful, so very vintage!

I’m telling you all this because, honestly, I have very high expectations for Dita so when I heard she had a range of fragrances I expected FIREWORKS! I’m talking amazing packaging, super high prices, etc…etc…

I didn’t expect HSN.


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