Yerp Ya’ll Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel Gets Some Sparkling Limited Edition Packaging

Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel 1

Someone texted me “yerp” yesterday….

I texted him back “?”

I had to Google “yerp”….Am I getting too old? Has my grasp on youthful slang slipped through my fingers? It’s like waking up to a gray hair and yanking it out by the root.

I have to contend with the fact I didn’t realize yerp was some sort of greeting…





I’m obviously getting old, old but still good I’d say.

Speaking of oldies but goodies Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel has always been such a fond favorite of mine plus it doesn’t text me greeting that I have to look up in the Urban Dictionary. Y u confuse me for?


Cheap Thrills with Four Fabulously Natural Shades of Eyeshadow from NYX

NYX Eyeshadows Pure Gold Golden Amber Golden Dune Gypsy Swatches 1

Every try NYX single shadows?


Some folks like to compare them to MAC Eyeshadow and they’d be right. The formula is postively dreamy on some of these shadows and they are only around $4 or $5 bucks each.


Here are four of my favorite shades of bronze, brown, khaki, and other naturals that work great on brown eyes.

For cheap thrills jump ahead.


Say Hello to the Dial Hello Kitty Collection

Dial Hello Kitty Collection

You can lie right through your little teeth and proceed to tell me how immature a Dial Hello Kitty Collection is.

But chances are you’d be the first person in line buying it. It’s ok, when you get to the register, just start a convo with the sale assisant proceeding to tell her HOW cute the collection is for your little girl, niece, or little sister! Shhh I won’t tell anyone it’s for you.

Dial has teamed up with Sanrio to create this delightful fruity collection of shower gel, hand soap, and body soap.

I think I pretty much need all of it!

Particularly the Hello Kitty Soap….I wish I was a little bar of soap! Bar of soap! I wish I was a little bar of soap! Hello Kitty Bar of Soap!



Too grown up for this collection?

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Learn more at


H2O Plus Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover

H2O Plus Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover

Let’s see, my very frugal aka cheap azz self really doesn’t adore the idea of spending near $30 bucks on Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover.

Ouch, y u hurt my feelings like that Lancome?

Perhaps the new H2O Plus Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover will be a better option with a cheaper price tag.

I want to try!


Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer & Cosmetics Bag

Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer Cosmetics Bag 1

Sometimes you gotta ask yourself, what would make a bronzer more tempting? I’m not a bronzer person myself so I don’t get very excited about new ones that release.

How could I get more excited about bronzer?

Put it in a cute bag…that works WONDERS at getting my attention.

Clinique Super Balanced Powder Bronzer + cute bag = Happy Muse!