June 27, 2019

Oh My God I Need a Sephora Keep On Masking Face Mask Holder

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Dude, I totally need a Sephora Keep on Masking Face Mask Holder! I just ordered one! Seriously, this is genius! Will it work!? I hope so.

So, what is a Keep On Masking Face Mask Holder you might be wondering…?

It’s a silicone mask with ear loop holes which is meant to be used over your face mask to keep it from slipping and sliding off your face. How freaking cool is that? I loveeeeeeeeeeeee a really saturated mask but they can be messy and sometimes they slip and slide around your face if you aren’t laying down when wearing them. This handy dandy little gadget apparently allows you to pop it right on over your sheet mask and ensures it doesn’t move around as you wear it. Some facial sheet masks already have ear loop holes which is fab as they really fit well and prevent the mask from slipping down your face however, about 90% of masks do not have them and that’s where this gadget comes into play. Apparently you can also use it with serums, essences, and other treatments to allow them to absorb more easily. It’s completely washable and reusable!

I need to try it!

It’s $10 bucks so I won’t go too broke if it turns into a fail!

The Sephora Keep On Masking Face Mask Holder is Available Now!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Simone

    They have these for 99c on eBay!

    I have one from there and it works great. Just putting it out there for those who want to save a little money, from one sheet mask enthusiast to another.

  • Diana

    Daiso also sells a silicone mask to keep sheet masks in place for $1.50 if you are fortunate enough to live near one.

    • Isabella Muse

      omg really? I don’t but I get to CA often and love me some Daiso! I never saw these at Daiso! Gotta go! ;-D

      • Fong Jennifer

        The Daiso ones comes in diff colors and can be trimmed to fit better. They are also slit and contoured. It really helps to keep the essence from evaporating into the air. It “pushes” it into your skin instead. You’ll love it!

      • Mary

        I got mine at Daiso, too — love that store! I use it with every mask, and Daiso has a whole variety of different facial masks to try it out with, too.

        Amazon has the silicone mask for $4.78 now, and it ships free with Prime or spend $25. Enjoy!

        • Isabella Muse

          I never saw them at Daiso! When I’m in CA gotta check ;-D I have tried their face masks though! and of course the snack aisle gets plenty of love from me lol! that’s a crazy good deal!

  • Paige

    I got one of these wonderful things on Yesstyle for I think $1.50 and it works GREAT. I also use one of these after I microneedle my face, after rolling, I saturate myself with a thick coat of Algenist collagen and put this puppy over that like a warm cocooning mask. I just wish the sides were a little more coverage, the ear straps to the cheek and lower jaw area are pretty exposed.

    • Isabella Muse

      $1.50 damn that’s a sweet deal! I wonder if the Sephora one is a better fit?

      • Paige

        Think it looks the same, but if Sephora is more coverage I’ll be all over that.

  • Denise

    I just put my hair up in a Turbie Twist and tuck my face mask into the edges!

  • kjh

    Sounds as if it would also help with the notorious bad fit, by spreading the essence with a wee tad of pressure. I’m game.

  • Kish

    This is genius! I have a drawer full of sheet masks crying out for this.

  • marika ferrari

    Hi Muse! I got a similar one on Amazon months ago and I love It! The idea Is Great, I also use It to get
    a “sauna effect” with regular face masks in tubes and pots, which I use quite a lot. I would reccomend getting One for a more effective skin care!

    • Isabella Muse

      great idea ;-D I was going to use it like that too! and the Amazon one is cheaper 😀

  • Kitten

    Brilliant! As a glasses-wearer, I need this! I never use face masks because I feel like I have to keep my glasses off and be laying down the whole time!

    • Kimmyyy

      They’re great! I got one a few years ago and can actually wear my glasses now while I have a mask on, without getting goop all over them, and I can actually do stuff. They’re the best!

  • Tracie Warren

    I have one of these from Nurse Jamie and I love it!! I use it every time I use a regular or sheet mask! AMAZING!! Everyone needs one of these! I might get a couple more to travel with!