Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist Review

I’ve said it before…

I simply don’t need another bottle of facial mist. I’m terribly addicted to them. Spritz here, mist there.

I remind myself of Peter O’Toole as Zaltar in Supergirl, “Spritz?” You either totally remember these geeky things or you don’t, it’s a gift.

But I do have an excuse this time. Just look at the Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist and tell me how you could resist?



Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Swatches

Cheers to the reader (sorry for forgetting who it was) that told me the new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters were on sale at Walgreens for Buy One, Get One 50% Off. That super deal pushed me into the realms of hauling nearly every shade.

Here’s a few swatches to whet your appetite.



the Balm Girl Lipsticks

Always wanted to be a Bond girl?

I wanted to be Kissy Suzuki. No great surprise right? Mie Hama who played the character was such an incredibly beautiful woman.

I’ll tell ya what’s better than being a Bond girl though, being a Balm girl.

the Balm Girl Lipsticks releasing mid November from the brand are a pigmented, conditioning lipstick in stealthy packaging that will fit in even the smallest makeup bag!

Chose from:

  • Amanda KissMyLips (sheer maroon berry)
  • Anita BoyToy (cool pink frost)
  • Mia Moore (rich creamy red)
  • Mai BillsBePaid (velvety nude)
  • Ima Goodkisser (soft shimmering coral)
  • Foxxy Pout (bold metallic bronze)

Which Balm girl are you?

I can’t wait for these!

Be on the look out at


Bobbi Brown Starlight Night Lip & Eye Palette

Starlight, starbright the first star I’m wishing on tonight is the new, limited edition Bobbi Brown Starlight Night Lip & Eye Palette.

Bobbi’s latest gem of a palette is available at QVC and includes:

  • Matte Eye Shadow in Black Charcoal (black grey)
  • Matte Eye Shadow in Navajo (creamy pink white)
  • Matte Eye Shadow in Shimmer Eyeshadow in Petal (light pink)
  • Matte Eye Shadow in Shimmer Eyeshadow in Eggplant (deep purple)
  • Matte Eye Shadow in Sparkle Eyeshadow in Pink Granite (dusty rose)
  • Matte Eye Shadow in Metallic Eyeshadow in Brushed Granite (medium gray)
  • Matte Eye Shadow in Lip Gloss in Rum (purple raisin)
  • Matte Eye Shadow in Lip Gloss in Naked (rosy brown)
  • Matte Eye Shadow in Lip Gloss in Pink Beige (rosy beige)
  • Matte Eye Shadow in Glitter Lip Gloss in Blush Pink (nude pink)
  • Two Brushes

This is $60 and available now at


Tarte QVC Exclusive Sets

Heads up!

There are two new exclusive sets appearing on QVC from Tarte for the Holiday Season. I can’t tell you about them yet but just wanted to tease and tantalize you. One set is for eyes and one for lips and both are under $30.

I think you’re going to love them!

More to come!