February 18, 2014

Heading to Palm Springs with this Prescriptives Lip Trio

Prescriptives Palm Springs Lip Trio

I think I lost my way and forgot how much I adore Prescriptive! But no worries this Prescriptives Palm Springs Lip Trio will help me remember!

This trio contains 3 shades of Colorscope Lipcolor in sparkly, shimmer shades for Spring!

You get:

  • Chutney (sparkle)
  • Resort Pink (shimmer)
  • Coral Belle (shimmer)

They come housed in a limited edition bag and are valued at $58.50 but get ’em now for $38 and free shipping at www.prescriptives.com.

I figure in this snow we can all use a little bit of the Palm Springs.


Spoilers ahead..

Christ! Walking Dead is getting so good! Carol and Tyresse hook up in the book so I do wonder if that’s where they are headed but poor Tyreese is clueless about Carol’s involvement in killing off Karen! Hey, she did us a favor because we need her on Teen Wolf at the moment to play mom to poor lost Stiles!

Either way I’m glad we are done with the Prison. Being stationary in the zombie apocalypse is boring! ACTIVATE SURVIVAL MODE!


February 18, 2014

Got Six Bucks? Spend It On The Sonia Kashuk The Vanity Cup

Sonia Kashuk The Vanity Cup

I do so keep my brushes in decorative cups! How about you? That’s why The Sonia Kashuk The Vanity Cup ($5.99 at Target) is coming home with me!

Organize and display your makeup brushes in this cute cup featuring a black and white makeup brush print! This actually released before but was available for a limited time! Now it’ll happily be apart of Sonia’s permanent collection at Target.

Fun times!

How do you store your brushes?


February 18, 2014

Laneige Sold at Target


Yup, you read that right! Popular Asian beauty and skincare brand Laneige is now sold at Target and Target.com! As a long time fan of Laneige it’s with great delight I share this news today! No more E-bay, no more online shopping, no more airmail, no more long waiting to get your favorite Laneige products from Asia! Now you can hop, skip, and jump your way to Target and load up on all your favorite Laneige beauty and skincare products.

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