September 26, 2018

Kat Von D Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette for Holiday 2018

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Kat Von D Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette for Holiday 2018 arrives today at ($43). Kat’s not exactly a popular topic of conversation after anti-vac gate 2018 but I realize a lot of people are still a rather big fan of her makeup so hopefully my posting this brings some joy to someone and doesn’t piss too many people off.

That being said I am doubtful this will sell out even though the brand is very, very fond of calling their releases “ultra-limited edition” (someone is trying to stir up FOMO to hard).

The palette includes three Metal Crush Extra Highlighters two of which are exclusives shades as well as three satiny matte Everlasting Blush shades.


  • Everlasting Blush in Bathory, Salem, Coven
  • Metal Crush Extreme Hightlighter in Roseshock, Telepathy, Magick

Kat Von D Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette is available now!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kjh

    You know, if SM didn’t encourage every ‘presence’ to broadcast everything about their personal lives, we wouldn’t have written off so many brands/products due to the incredibly inadvisable things they post. Much as I disagree with Kat’s decision, I guess (still iffy, because it is a dangerous thing to do for society) that I support her right to decide. Guess. But boy, is that irresponsible. These are interesting colors, and I love the idea of blush with a coordinated HL. But, bye, Kat. And good luck getting your little one into preschool or any other public institution. Not that she ever will have to….

    • Isabella Muse

      thank you for saying that, I am in total agreement. amen, preach sister. Not at the risk of others I don’t. I am all about freedom of choice but not if it endangers others!

    • Saoirse

      I support people’s rights to make decisions about their lifestyles, but I think it’s different when their decision actually endangers the lives other people. I’ve bought a lot of Kat Von D products in the past, but I’m done with her brand because of her misinformed and dangerous decision with regard to her child.

  • Kish

    Yeah, I doubt it will see out. She tried to act like her highlighter palette last year was super limited edition and now it’s on sale lol. I’ll be passing.

    • Isabella Muse

      I really hate the use of ultra limited. Please stop, you’re embarrassing yourself lol!

  • Carol G

    Ok, I must be the only person here who has no idea what you’re talking about as far as Kat Von D. Believe it or not, I’m not on any social media so I am just curious as to what transpired with her.

    • Isabella Muse

      she posted on Instagram she would not be vaccinating her child and the choice obviously pissed off a lot of people!

  • Mary Brenner

    Here’s the thing. I don’t find her makeup to be all that great. Frankly it’s really overhyped and I’ve had better stuff from the drugstore. Her choice to not vaccinate her child is stupid and moronic and endangering her child as well as the general public he comes into contact with.. I just can’t support her in any way after that announcement because I disagree with her so strongly. I am a vegan (most of the time) and her excuse for not vaccinating her child because she and her husband are vegans infuriated me. The health of your child should come first above anything else in my opinion. She is demonstrating how selfish and self centered she is and I am just disgusted by her . Ok end of rant!!

    • Isabella Muse

      her makeup is hit or miss for me! ITA! and I def do not support her choice to not vaccinate!

    • kjh

      She deserves every rant she gets. By vaccs, I assume she means all. But the key/initial one is smallpox, of course. Is it incubated in an egg, or like the tetanus shot they used to call ‘horse serum,’ because of some connection to horses in the mfg? I really don’t get the connection between veganism and vaccs. It’s also very annoying that she thinks she is anointed in knowledge, when she is flat.out.wrong. in this case. I’m choosing not to get the flu or pneumonia shots, based on my immune issues. If needed, I will wear a mask. You have the right to choose for yourself, but not for others.

  • Cindy

    I wouldn’t worry about if posting this would piss off your readers! The blog is for posting info about makeup right? And that’s exactly what you did. I love how you take how people feel into account though. Personally I’m off Kat Von D because of her BS and how she went about the whole vaccination thing on social media to influence people not to vaccinate their kids but that doesn’t mean I’d get pissed off that you post about her new products. It’s information. We can choose to buy or not to buy (and she made sure lots of people aren’t going to buy, LOL).

    • Isabella Muse

      aw I do care 🙂 and yes, def makeup! But important to take everyone’s feelings into the situation as well. I don’t want people thinking I’m shoving things like this at them to buy, buy, buy! I know people that are interested and others that completely boycotted her because of her lack of responsibility as a parent. It’s a hit or miss situation! I don’t want people to think I support the wacky idea that not vaccinating is a good idea! That’s how the zombie plague will start people lol! ;-D ITA! I’m not really one to completely boycott a brand because of stuff they do/say! I mean I’d never buy TF if it was for that because I think Jerrod is a bit of a jerk! So, yeah, I’m not really one that boycotts stuff for stupidity but some people take this stuff very, very seriously and I totally get that and why they feel that way!

  • Amber

    Her beliefs aside, I feel like her brand flip flops with quality and lately I just haven’t seen anything from her that I want after swatching.

    • Isabella Muse

      def. I’ve always had hits and misses with her. Some stuff I’ll rave, other stuff doesn’t live up to the hype!

  • jel888

    You must be a happy camper with this one since you like blushes a lot! On the other hand, I don’t too much and these would make me look like a clown, so no go here! But they are soooo very pretty to look at! 😉

  • Margaret Jackson

    Not pissed off at all by your review – you’re doing what you do so well and there are for sure still people who will be interesting in and continue to purchase her products. I, for one, am totally done with Kat Von D and her brand. She has a huge audience / platform and it is completely reprehensible to me that she is using it to contribute to the anti-vax movement and endangering the lives of others by spreading her misinformed, irresponsible, ignorant BS.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh this isn’t a review! 🙂 Haven’t purchased! Just a post telling about the launch! and thank you for understanding! ITA. I respect her views on animal cruelty, being a vegan, etc…I do not respect her choice about vaccinating her child. it’s asinine.

      • Margaret Jackson

        Oops, my bad!! I totally knew that… Not enough caffeine yet this morning, apparently…. 😉