December 21, 2017

Kat Von D Plans to Beat Makeup FOMO With Crushes Collection

Kat Von D has plans to unveil a new Crushes Makeup Collection that will apparently break through the makeup FOMO trend. Her idea is to release special palettes and makeup pieces when the whim hits her. Instead of creating new seasonal collections or constant releases to drum up sales she’ll instead be doing one-off products that don’t fit into a particular collection but are stand alone products with a focus on quality.

She wishes to eliminate the “makeup pokemon disease” that we all have a mild or major case of where we need to collect every single palette that launches just because it’s the latest, greatest thing. I find this every so slightly ironic because recently when her Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette launched the PR e-mails I received called it a “super limited edition” palette. This may not be Kat’s fault as perhaps she doesn’t realize that was how they were promoting it however, on Sephora’s site the description even reads, “A super-limited highlighter palette with three metallic shades for light-catching dimension.” So, she must know about it right?! You can’t be that clueless about your own releases.

So, wait, you want to eliminate FOMO yet your marketing is creating it? Yeah, some irony there. I do like her idea about eliminating FOMO but she needs to take a tiny step back and look at her own current marketing and hopefully apply what she is preaching about to her new Crushes Collection versus doing special releases and proceeding to promote them as SUPER LIMITED EDITION BUY IT NOW OR MISS OUT.

Anyway, see the quote from Kat Von D’s Instagram account below explaining the Crushes Collection!

Finished up some lettering for packaging for this upcoming @katvondbeauty “Crushes” idea I had. Instead of just pumping out products for the sake of making sales during seasons every year, I thought it would be better to release these special, one-off products that don’t necessarily belong to a particular collection, and are just great products that stand alone on their own. My plan is to release these “Crushes” randomly throughout the year, once a formulation meets my [extremely high] standards, and just let you guys enjoy these special pieces as they come – without the pressure of an industry dictating when I should launch products. In my opinion, I don’t believe we should feed into this consuming culture, where we just buy, buy, and buy stuff for the sake of having the “latest” product. I just want to make high quality, #crueltyfree + #vegan products that are missing in the beauty word – even if it means missing out on competing sales. Sometimes, less IS more. 🖤 #KvDcrushes #katvondbeauty #comingsoon

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  • Christina D.

    To be fair, Kat did post this after the release of the new palettes, and maybe it was a reaction to seeing the aforementioned “super limited edition” copy on her brand. But I love the idea of beating the makeup FOMO and I hope she does it. Her brand is one of my favorites and I think she’s probably sincere in wanting to stop the craziness.

    • Isabella Muse

      Maybe but she must have some idea how they are marketing her products right? It’s her own brand, she has to have some sort hand it how things are being handled! But if she can eliminate FOMO more power to her because I’m a little tired of GET IT NOW BEFORE IT SELLS OUT and a week later hey, look 75% off our super limited edition palette!

  • kjh

    Tell it like it is, Musie! The kvd comment does speak with forked tongue. It SSDT, same shit, different timing, and does not in the least reduce FOMO. It simply positions her LE products at a time more conducive to less competition. Self serving, to say the least.

  • Susan

    So… she’s going to release a bunch of palettes to “fight” the idea of people seeing and wanting a bunch of palettes. OK then.

    Add this to the growing list of reasons I loathe the KvD brand and will never, ever buy anything from it. (Hey, she did kill FOMO for me when it comes to HER stuff!)

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL! I like the idea of releasing special palettes but yes, I’m hoping it doesn’t go all crazy FOMO wrong.

  • MJ

    I hope other brands follow suit. The market is so oversaturated with new releases and limited edition products. Can anyone keep up? I mean, everything goes on sale almost immediately nowadays. Pumping out tons of collections seems to make overall product quality suffer in my opinion.

  • Agona

    To eliminate FOMO, brands could just stop doing LE…

    I remember the days when brands focused on their Core Collection and the only real season release was the holidays and they were targeted towards gifting purposes!

  • Rachel

    I’m confused as to how this is helping FOMO. She doesn’t say these new products are going to be permanent, so there is still some urgency to buy before they are gone. Just on different timing than before, so now you don’t have to just worry about the seasonal collections, you have rando whenever she feels like it times to be buying too. Good thing I don’t usually purchase her stuff, I won’t have to worry about it!