Sephora Steals and Deals

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On with the makeup!

I see some of you are getting your VIB and Beauty Insider Coupons from Sephora eh? Cool beans. I got mine too! I got $20 no minimum purchase but Beauty Insider’s (non-VIB’ers) are getting $15 off $40 and some $20 off $40 so it’s a few different coupons.

Wondering how to spend your hard earned beauty bucks?

Check out these killer sales at Sephora, one of which might surprise you!


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Sephora VIB Gift Cards 2010


Thanks to Nicole who told me about this yesterday. Sephora VIB Gift Cards are back! Yay! I know some of you asked about this but I didn’t have any info at the time.

Well, now I do.

Nicole said she got hers but sadly I didn’t get anything so I was kinda crushed but this morning I opened my e-mail and there it was, a shiny gift certificate worth $20!

Best part?

I didn’t have to spend a dime! It was $20 bucks free of stuff! The card is good for in store or online use and starts today and ends December 13.

Be sure to check your inbox today, if you don’t see anything, don’t be disappointed, mine took a hot second to arrive.


Stila Adventurous in Aspen Travel Palette

What I tell you?

Didn’t I say that Stila is not yet done with the $10 palette? Yes, the Stila Travel Girls are done but $10 palettes are still on the horizon!

Check out the new Sephora Exclusive and the latest budget pick from Stila.

Stila Adventurous in Aspen Travel Palette includes:

Eye Shadows

  • Snow Angel (shimmering heather gray)
  • Icicles (blue)
  • Glisten (shimmering gold)
  • Ajax (black with gold sparkle)

Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip and Cheek Cream in Rosy (rose pink)

I either lack imagination or I’m spot on when I say the colors, again, are a bit mismatched here. I love Glisten but I’m wondering how I can pair it up with Icicles and Snow Angel……

Regardless, I’ll buy it.

Adventurous in Aspen Travel Palette is available now from Sephora.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this palette, curious how you feel!


Clarins Barocco Eye Colour Trio and Clarins Rouge Prodige Barocco Review, Swatches, Photos

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Anyway, I apologize for the problems and hopefully I’m back up and running smoothly.

Now, last of the Clarins Holiday Collection 2010 for you today. I’ve already reviewed the highlighter and the powder which I simply adored and now for the eye and lip products.

Check ’em!