Pacifica Enlightened Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

Pacifica Enlightened LipGloss

The Pacifica Makeup Collection launched earlier this Spring and with it several shades of Pacifica Enlightened Lip Gloss ($12). This is a luscious little budget friendly gloss that gives lips a touch of color, shimmer, and shine.

Take a peek!

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Maybelline Plum-Setter Color Whisper Lipstick Review & Swatches

Maybelline Plum-Setter Color Whisper

Maybelline Plum-Setter Color Whisper Lipstick is one of several new, limited edition shades of Color Whisper Lipstick that popped up late this Summer in drugstores. I’m now seeing these displays everywhere which is a good thing because Maybelline Plum-Sette Color Whisper Lipstick is thee perfect vampy shade of purple for the Fall season!


Villainess Apple Soap Collection for Fall 2013

Villainess Apple Soap Collection

Contrary to the misguided belief we are headed into the Holidays we are just starting the Fall season. Don’t let K-Mart or my blog fool you! This isn’t the Holidays, this is Harvest! It’s Halloween! It’s time for pumpkins, spice, everything nice, and oh yes, apples!

And to celebrate that wonderful season I bring to you today a selection of fine soaps from my VERY FAVORITE e-tailer, Villainess.

Take a look especially if you love apples!


Makeup Compact iPhone 5 Case & Pumpkin Flavored Everything!

makeup compact iphone case

Check out this cute Makeup Compact iPhone 5 Case from Fred Flare! Not that you want to cover up your iPhone 5 especially if its the new gold edition everyone is going ape $h*t over but hey, if you have to cover your phone it should be beauty related yes? This is $24 and available now at

P.S. Brace yourself, pumpkin flavor everything is coming including Pumpkin Pop Rocks! Remember that old myth about drinking a Pepsi with a buncha Pop Rocks in your mouth? I believe your head would explode if you tried it or something..

Pumpkin Pop Rocks

I debunked that one in Freshman year of high school!

What’s your favorite pumpkin flavored treat for the harvest?


Ardell Disney Villains False Lashes Collection for Halloween 2013

Ardell Disney Villains False Lashes Collection

Have you peeped (and entered to win) the new Ardell Disney Villains False Lashes Collection popping up at Walgreens for Holiday 2013. Dude, I’m not even into false lashies nor do I know how to apply them without poking an eye out but I want all of these for my very own!

See close up of the sets below!