The Lorac Ultimate Pro Collection Launches at Ulta

Lorac Ultimate Pro Collection

The Lorac Ultimate PRO Collection Launches is now available at! I told you about this set in my Lorac Holiday 2014 Collection but I thought they’d wait until a little before or on Black Friday to launch the Lorac Ultimate Pro Collection but I’m happy to report it is now available.

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Napoleon Perdis Greatest Hits Cheek Palette for Holiday 2014

Napoleon Perdis Greatest Hits Cheek Palette

If I had to make a list of Holiday 2014 Makeup and Gift Sets I love this year I’d probably be here all day! But here’s one (of a million) things I do love, the new, limited edition Holiday 2014 Napoleon Perdis Greatest Hits Cheek Palette!

Six blushes, one palette?

Yes, please.

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Enesti Bijou Bijou Lipstick Review & Swatches

Enesti Bijou Bijou Lipstick

I got this Enesti Bijou Bijou Lipstick in my recent Memebox Superbox #58 Lipstick. This is available in six shades and I got #36 Edge Red. Apparently Enesti Bijou Bijou Lipstick has a huge Korean celeb following…it’s a weird thing but I follow a lot of Korean celebs and I see them wearing red lipstick but not quite this shade of red, shrug…! Also a quick Google search reveals little about Enesti Bijou Bijou Lipstick, it’s not even on sale on E-bay….!

Truly Memebox gives out some of the most obscure brands, I, as a Korean beauty lover, have never really heard of…!

But it does in fact exist and even has a website!

So what’s it like?


Guerlain Rouge Parade Rouge G Lipstick Review & Swatches

Guerlain Rouge Parade Rouge G Lipstick 2

Guerlain Rouge Parade Rouge G Lipstick (820) is a new stunning shade of bright red with a luminous finish that’s launching with the Guerlain Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection.

This isn’t a traditional Holiday red lipstick but it sure is gorgeous none the less!


NYX Simply Red Lip Cream Review & Swatches

NYX Simply Red Lip Creams

The NYX Simply Red Lip Cream is a new chubby lip pencil that NYX has added to the permanent collection in six different shades of gorgeous red. These are such a great pick up because all the shades are super pigmented and it gives you a chance to grab your most perfect shade of red at a great price ($6.49 and they are Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off at this week)!

Take a look!