May 13, 2018

Morphe Launched $20 Blush Palettes and $12 Blushing Babes Blush Trio Palettes

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Morphe Blush Palette ($20) arrived today in two shade selections and Blushing Babes Blush Trio Palettes ($12) in seven! How freaking affordable are these!?

The Morphe Blush Palettes are available in a warm or a cool shade selections and each palette holds eight shades for $20 each. The Blush Babes Blush Trio each hold three shades and are available in seven shade options for $12 each!

These are available exclusively online at but let’s hope they move them in stores as well at some point!

Morphe 8W Warm Master Blush Palette (as seen above)

  • Sweet (matte apricot)
  • Babe (lustrous peach)
  • Witty (gilded grapefruit)
  • Beat (glitzy coral)
  • Goals (matte pink punch)
  • Unapologetic (matte burnt ginger)
  • Mua (matte toasted amber)
  • Provocative (matte poppy)

Morphe 8C Cool Pro Blush Palette

  • Sexy (sugared peach)
  • It Girl (matte ballerina pink)
  • Free (cotton candy sheen)
  • Hot (matte fuchsia)
  • Driven (shimmering rose)
  • Ego (gilded copper)
  • Drama (twinkling amethyst)
  • Queen (matte raspberry)

See more below!

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May 11, 2018

New Skincare Picks at Sephora and Deadpool’s Apology to David Beckham To Start Your Friday!

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The weekend is here! Not quite but almost. You know what else is nearly here? Deadpool 2! A week away and I’m holding my breath through it. As we wait you can enjoy the latest silly teaser video featuring David Beckham below.

Good news for skincare lovers you don’t have to wait for these new picks which are now available at Sephora.

Take a peek!

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May 11, 2018

20% Off By Rosie Jane

I know By Rosie Jane just literally landed at Sephora but you can catch the fragrances on sale at! Everything on site is 20% off, just drop it in your cart and the discount is reflected at check out!

By the way, secret hack, if they charge you shipping at check out you can customer service and tell them you did a small order and they will sometimes waive the shipping. Anthro is all ABOUT customer service!


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May 11, 2018

The Ordinary at Ulta Could Be Happening Considering It is Gone from Sephora

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beauty news

Rumors that the Ordinary was pulling out of Sephora and being sold at Ulta in the near future might just be true considering most of the line has disappeared from and hasn’t restocked.

According to rumors there was some issues with payments being received from Sephora. Whether this is true or not or just the ravings of Brandon Truaxe remains the be seen because no official statement has been made by Sephora.

I do wonder if it has anything at all to do with the fact that Brandon has been on an Instagram rampage for several months posting a variety of weird, wild, wacky, and sometimes highly inappropriate videos and comments. I mean let’s not forget his wild adventure at the airport that sounded like he was being murdered but in truth he apparently just lost his luggage which was in the car all along. And of course, there’s also the late night hotel videos featuring “mystery rooms”. God love him there’s always some new and dramatic happening in Brandon’s life you just have to be from another planet to decipher what exactly he’s talking about.

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