Almay Intense I-Color Bold Nudes for Spring 2013

Almay Intense I Color Bold Nudes

Almay Intense I-Color Bold Nudes is a new collection featuring the new Almay Intense I-Color Liquid Shadow + Color Primer. Intense I-Color Liquid Shadow + Color Primer appear to be a dupe of Covergirl’s Intense Shadowblast Eyeshadow as they are a cream shadow with a built in primer, same as Covergirl’s version.

There are also new Intense I-Color Defining Liners in this collection with are pencil eyeliners with a soft sparkly finish. And finally new Intense I-Color Bold Nudes Palettes in four new shades.

I ran across this display at Harmons a few days ago and picked up some of the Almay Intense I-Color Liquid Shadow + Color Primers. There are four shades total of these.


The Muse’s Too Faced Giveway: Have You Entered to Win?

IMG 0348

I’m giving a way a huge lot of Too Faced Cosmetics did you enter to win yet? Gasp! No? Hurry! It’s about to end! CLICK here and you’ll be magically whisked away to a post explaining the contents of this super giveaway and how you can enter to win them.

Good Luck!


Sephora VIB Reward Cards $20 off $50

Sephora VIB Reward Card

Last week I blogged that Sephora sent out VIB Reward Card as well as BI Reward Cards. This is for $20 off $50 or $15 off $50 depending on your VIB or BI status. I got the card via snail mail however, today, I also got an e-mail from Sephora confirming my reward card status.

You have from today until December 11th to use the card.

If you didn’t get it via snail mail double check your email inbox as well as your spam box and see if it arrived via email. Please, if you didn’t get one, don’t shoot me! *Holds hands up in fright!* I’m not Sephora, I don’t work for Sephora, I didn’t send these cards out, I am not affiliated with Sephora, etc…etc…etc…! I’d suggest calling them, tweeting, or Facebooking if yours didn’t arrive as maybe they can help. I don’t have insider information about the reward cards unfortunately.

Good Luck!

I hope yours arrived!

Happy Shopping!


Lush Big Conditioner Review

Big Solid Conditioner

Lush Big Conditioner you are so over due my dear friend! Many years of using Big Shampoo has taught me one thing, DON’T use it more than once a week or even once every two weeks. Fact, it makes my hair like straw. Holy cow it is so drying! But I love how it clarifies and gets my hair so damn squeaky clean.

Mind you, let’s not forget how BIG it makes my hair. It creates so much volume and fullness!

But for so long I had wished I had a conditioner that I could follow up with after using Big. I’ve used American Cream with it and the combo is great but I love the idea of a Big Conditioner.

Now Lush has one!


Sephora Mini Ultra Shine Gloss Set Review & Swatches

Sephora Mini Ultra Shine Gloss Set

Stuff stockings with Sephora Mini Ultra Shine Gloss Set ($15) and delight all your friends this Holiday Season! Packaged up and ready for gifting this little set includes four of Sephora’s new Ultra Shine Glosses.

Take a look!