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MAC Cult of Cherry Review

I’m really behind on my MAC posts lately aren’t I? I’m sorry about that guys! Forgive me? I still have to blog Cool Heat which was an absolute favorite! And of course Starflash! But today….today is reserved for something extra special. MAC Cult of Cherry! I’ve had a few items from Cult of Cherry for […]


Upcoming @ Musings!

Hello World! Well the weekend is upon us finally! Is that a happy sigh of relief I hear out there? How are you liking Beauty on a Budget Week so far? I fear most of my finds weren’t so fabulous! Sorry guys you can’t take the fabulous out of the Muse and replace it with […]


MAC Antiquitease Color Shopping Spree!

The Muse shall take herself to the mall this evening to purchase her lot of Antiquitease and McQueen 😉 I’m going to try to practice being good and only getting what I’ll need (how many times have I told myself this?). I’ll be posting the pictures, first impressions, and possibly a video (do you want […]