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MAC Cult of Cherry Review

I’m really behind on my MAC posts lately aren’t I? I’m sorry about that guys! Forgive me? I still have to blog Cool Heat which was an absolute favorite! And of course Starflash! But today….today is reserved for something extra special. MAC Cult of Cherry! I’ve had a few items from Cult of Cherry for […]


Upcoming @ Musings!

Hello World! Well the weekend is upon us finally! Is that a happy sigh of relief I hear out there? How are you liking Beauty on a Budget Week so far? I fear most of my finds weren’t so fabulous! Sorry guys you can’t take the fabulous out of the Muse and replace it with […]


MAC Antiquitease Color Shopping Spree!

The Muse shall take herself to the mall this evening to purchase her lot of Antiquitease and McQueen I’m going to try to practice being good and only getting what I’ll need (how many times have I told myself this?). I’ll be posting the pictures, first impressions, and possibly a video (do you want a […]