August 20, 2008

MAC Cult of Cherry Review

I’m really behind on my MAC posts lately aren’t I? I’m sorry about that guys! Forgive me? I still have to blog Cool Heat which was an absolute favorite! And of course Starflash!

But today….today is reserved for something extra special.

MAC Cult of Cherry!

I’ve had a few items from Cult of Cherry for a little over two weeks now but I’ve just been to busy to blog ’em however now was a good time to tug them out of my “to be reviewed” pile and post considering that Cult of the Cherry is live and kicking on the MAC website and should be at your counter already or coming to it shortly!

Leave it to MAC to take on the latest trend of rich, bold reds, purples, and black and add a tiny bit of unique flavoring to it to create a truly interesting collection that’s both bold and mysterious. The collection’s theme is the forbidden fruit of cherries and the decadence of chocolate to combine a cocktail of bold reds, rich browns, and plenty of kick!

Although some of the colors in the collection are definately difficult to work with it’s fun trying. One such item for me was MAC Matte Lipstick in Bing. I’ve been trying to use this in a look for over a week and still haven’t successfully completed a look where I didn’t look like a corpse! But I vow I will get this down! It’s my aim to look super glam sporting this lippie!

MAC Matte Lipstick in Bing

I created my look below using the MAC Tempting Eye Quad, Jam Packed Lipglass, and So Scarlett Lipstick.

The MAC Tempting Quad is a bit intimidating at first especially considering that the green is such a neon shade. But turns out it all rather works fantastically well together to create a rather wonderful Fall look!

The colors in the quad are Sharp which is a neon green, Next to Nothing a soft cream, Dark Edge a matte deep chocolate, and Temping a shimmering off brown.

Although I was a bit worried about mixing green up with brown after working with the palette I was impressed with how well the colors just melded together. The palette is really simplicity at it’s best and it’s truly easy to create elegance from four simple shades of shadow.

To begin my look I prepped my entire eye with the color Nothing, concentrating on my highbrow area. I proceeded to use Sharp on my entire lid and slowly blended it into part of my crease. After this I blended Tempting into my crease and topped it with Dark Edge. After blending upwards I added more Tempting for that added bit of shimmer and lined my lower lash line with it. I finished my look by using Dark Edge as a liner shade for my upper lash line.

It was really a simple few steps and I liked what came out of it. I’m wanting to purchase the other two quads from Cult of the Cherry so I’m heading over to my counter soonish to see what else catches my fancy as I didn’t attend the pre-launch party for the collection.

As mentioned I used MAC Lipstick in So Scarlett on my lips which is a wonderful burgundy shade with tiny touches of purple. MAC Lipglass in Jampacked completed my lips. Since Jampacked also contains both touches of burgundy and grape it combines wonderfully well with So Scarlett to create a popping lip look. I was slightly disappointed that you couldn’t see more of the grape in my completed look. It looks like I’m wearing more of a red lippie but still I think it’s rather a beautiful combination.

I have my eye on Cult of Cherry and of course Russian Red. I’m sure tons of people are excited about Russian Red making a reappearance!

MAC Lipglass Jampacked

MAC Lipstick So Scarlett

One other color I got to test out was Creme Cerise this is a taupe which has that off beat creamy brown look to it. I haven’t yet used this but I think it’ll look smashing with any of the quads released!

And finally, my favorite, Illegal Purple Nail Varnish! So goth! Totally appeals to my inner goth in a big way! It’s the deepest purple I’ve come across in a nail color and simply stunning.

All in all I think MAC Cult of Cherry definately has a little something for everyone as most MAC Collections do. I’m really enjoying the boldness of these colors. MAC does bold brilliantly well but this is possibly the darkest collection I’ve seen pop up since I began collecting. It’s definately extra special and trendy for the upcoming Fall Season! Look out for some of these looks on the runway during Fashion Week! I’m sure you’ll see some of these trendy looks pop up!

Have you seen the rather funky, cool video on the MAC website? Check it out!

Love MAC Cult of Cherry?

What are you hauling?

Tell the Muse!

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  • Decorative Diva

    I have the Russian Red lipglass and prefer that to the lipstick form.

    Here’s now what I’m thinking of grabbing:
    Lip Pencil – Currant – intense reddish purple
    Mattene – Bing – blackened eggplant
    Liptstick So Scarlet – Clean grape burgundy
    Tinted Lipglass Jampacked – sheer grape with multi-dimensional pearl
    Tinted Lipglass Cult of Cherry – clean red with red pearl

    I’ll mostly be using Currant to line my looks, though I do have Cherry liner too.
    I think using either So Scarlet or Bing as a base and layering Jampacked or Cult of Cherry over it will create a few pretty looks.

    Here are the lip looks I’m thinking of:
    currant – bing – jampacked
    currant – bing – cult of cherry
    currant – so scarlet – jampacked
    cherry – so scarlet – cult of cherry
    cherry – urgent! – cult of cherry

    This is the MAC release that I’ve been most excited about this year!

  • the Muse

    hey dd!

    Oh I don’t! Want! What collection was that released with!?
    Freaking awesome haul list!

    You’re a bit of a goth so I can totally understand how much you are digging this. This appeals to my inner goth but many of the looks I can’t pull off. You’re lucky to have such creamy skin, you can so work it all!

    Happy Hauling!

  • Decorative Diva
    It's in their Tinted Lipglass Line normally, if you mean Russian Red lipglass.

    I'm just so excited about this collection. I just called the Nordstrom's that I'm going to (instead of the actual MAC store), and reserved what I wanted so I can just swoop in and buy it tomorrow. I've put a lot of thought into the sort of lips I want to do with this line!

    I'm just trying to figure out what sort of eyes I'll pair with the lips, because I'll mostly want the focus on my lips. Though I was thinking of pairing a pale-ish smoky eye, using a light eye color like MAC Vapour or Aromaleigh Brocade or Fume paired up with a black.

    What do you think? Would that look good? Or would you go with more of a neutral/naked sort of eye with just dark liner?

    And yes, I'm a little bit of a goth/techno/anime girl 🙂

    Thanks for the compliments on my skin! I really try, especially considering how finicky it is.

    I'll be sure to let you know what I think and post about it.

  • the Muse


    I’m a total mac whore and never know russian red was in a lg lol!

    I heart having it all ready to go. It makes life easier 😉

    Sounds like you are hauling strong on this one!

    I’m always for loud colors as you might have noticed but I love your idea of using fume and a smoked out look with the lippies. Browns and naturals will definately work with any of these as well. But simplicity rules. A bit of heavy black liner with some killer bold lips totally rocks imo!

    Inner goth here 🙂 and always up for good techno, acid or trance 🙂

    and anime..I’m ALL over 🙂

    You’re most welcome. I’m envious of it! You’re lucky. Even if it is sensitive it’s still beautifully milky!

    My skin doesn’t know if it wants to be fair or medium 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear!

  • Phyrra

    Yeah, I was thinking a pale lid color like fume (which is a silver) or vapour (soft pale peachy-pink duochrome flecked with violet shimmer) would compliment the lips without taking too much attention from them. But, I’m also all for dark eyeliner and just something like Bare Study on the eye area. You know I’ll be doing FOTDs!

    Yay! Trance and acid and vocal here!

    If your skin can’t make up its mind, that leaves you open to more options, doesn’t it?

  • oldergirlbeauty

    Oh dearest Muse, this line is so freakin’ gorgeous! And I am so pale and ungoth that I cannot pull off most of this. But that does not stop me from just drooling in lust. It’s like the bad boy at school, he is sooo wrong for you but you can’t help lusting after him. LOL.
    But, I do think I am going to cave on one of the quads – Shadowy Lady. I love the mauvey colors with the pop of blue. I think it will make my blue eyes just glow.

  • Dancingal

    Those colours look great on you! I’m not sure I could get away with that striking make up like you always seem to be able to, but I do wish we could get some of those collections out here to Oz more quickly!

  • Asta

    I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve! I have an appt at my local MAC store tomorrow at 1 and I plan to get all of the quads, jampacked and cult of cherry l/g, and some as yet undetermined lipstick. I may get one or two of the long wearing duos that came out not too long ago instead of CoC l/s. But that’s why I have the appointment! I can try a bunch of lip stuff and finally choose some that look great. Eeeeeee!

    My normal looks are very classy/neutral for days, and smoky or bold colors at night, so I’m super excited about all the eye colors. This will be my first MAC purchase ever! *insert bad popping cherry pun here*

  • Nell

    Hi Muse,

    thanks for that review! Iīm all over Cult of Cherry and went a little crazy and hauling majorly! (all three quads, So Scarlet, Lightly Ripe and Creme Cerise lipsticks, Bing, Choc-ful and Kirsch Mattenes, Jampacked and Liqueur lipglasses, aaarhg)
    A great collection, the colors are too sumptous to pass up.
    MAC will surely be my downfall!

    What else will you be getting?

  • nilla cookie

    I love the lip combo!

    My fave right now is Jampacked until I see the rest of the collection in person. I was hoping that you’d wear Bing. It’s so dark that I’m really intrigued!

  • Helena

    rawr musey you made me lemm for the lipsticks! when i saw the ad for the collection months back, i knew that i wanted all the lipglosses, and now you make me start wanting lipsticks too. Are these cherry scented?! *grips edge of chair* –> is in love with anything cherry* your lips are so rockin' btw. (woo is an inner goth chick too, and i love anime so much i refuse to watch tv, i actually burn and collect my titles)

    Mac should seriously send you sample pieces (of the whole collection ya?) , they'd serve an even better advertisement than their own =D

  • the Muse

    hey dd 🙂

    I love fume. It’s comparable to UD uzi 🙂 Very silvery and shimmery!

    Sounds like a fab combo!

    Can’t wait to see what you create 🙂

    I’m a total geek for dutch trance/acid.

    Absolutely true! I can’t even begin to understand your dilemma with sensitive skin 🙁

  • the Muse

    hi there oldergirlbeauty 🙂 Missed you around here!

    Agreed!!!!!!! HEY no don’t say that 🙂 Pale is GOOD!!!!!!! 🙂

    LOL! You’re too cute 🙂

    Shadowy lady I’m leaning towards myself 🙂 I bet you’ll look gorgeous in it!


  • the Muse

    hello dancinggal!

    Thanks honey! Don’t say that 🙂 I think everyone can get away with bold shades 🙂 just about finding the right ones!

    Aw poo I understand 🙁 It’s always so crummy when collections are released later! If you need anything email me I’d happily send it over. Plus cheaper by leaps and bounds here!

  • the Muse

    hello ann!

    😉 It’s gorg isn’t it? If you need anything give a yell!

    Still waiting on your tarte to arrive le sigh!

  • the Muse

    hello asta 🙂

    LOL! totally can relate 🙂

    The long wearing lip duos are ridiculously pigmented. I have two I need to review 🙂 good stuff!

    Nice haul of goodies you got planned 🙂

    OH MY GOD AWESOME! LOL! Have fun!!!!!!!!! Oh lord I fear for your wallet lol! MAC is an addiction. A lifelong addiction! lol I’m hear for you if you need support lol!

  • the Muse

    hi nell!

    You’re most welcome! Oh my god so jealous of your awesome haul 🙂

    I’m going tonight likely.
    Lord knows I make my month donations to mac lol!

    I’m leaning towards all the piggies, the other two quads and some lippie stuff but first have to see colors in person before dishing. I’m curious about the matte lippies but I can’t pull them off so well!

    We shall see 🙂

    Enjoy your awesome haul!

    Maybe you’ll do an FOTD for us!

  • the Muse

    hello helena!

    LOL! 🙂 Thanks!

    No such luck lol same old mac vanilla blend yucky 😛

    cherry chocolate would be nice 🙂

    Thanks honey!

    Oh lord anime is a really serious addiction for me. I collect as well but it’s a pricey hobby! At the moment I’m kinda smitten with Emma. Have you seen it?! oldie but goodie.

    LORD lol! I’ll appeal to mac for the entire collection! Please mac can it be whole collection time now lol!

  • Asta

    We should have a crazy off topic Muse forum for anime and musaks! I’m currently watching Soul Eater because my friends are huge fanboys and girls. They draw all the time and have made up their own characters for this show. I wish I could draw. =(

    My most recent fave is Lovely Complex though. I’m rewatching it now. Does anyone like J dramas?

  • snb-the glamourista

    this collection looks great on you! i don’t know if i’m ready to pull off the green shadow but the lips intrigue me for sure. thanks for reviewing this!

  • ~*MC*~

    I've already sent my man out with an order to get me the two lip colors since I am going out of town this weekend and have no chance to stop at the MAC Counter:

    – Cult of Cherry Lipglass (can not resist that gorgeous red)
    – Bing Mattene lipstick (I so love a dark dramatic lip and so glad they are back for fall this year)

    LoL..and as soon as I get back into town Sunday before he and I head to to the beach for an overnight getaway, I will be picking up:

    – Spiced Chocolate eye Quad (OMG I am DROOLING over the colors every time I look at the Cult of Cherry page)
    – Jampacked Lipglass

    I already own Russian Red,so that makes one less thing to buy lol. The blush shades scare me a bit and as far as the nail shades go…OPI has their fall line coming up with almost identical shades, so I will be nabbing from there.

    I LOVE your eye with the Tempeting quad. It looks AWESOME. <3


  • the Muse

    hey asta!

    We’d totally rock the off topic forum 😉 hehe!

    I have to admit I’m a bit of a fangirl when it comes to Soul Eater. Good stuff.

    Oh my cutes. I can’t draw so well either. I actually grew up believing I’d be an artist 😉 My career path turned quite differently lol!

    omg Lovely Complex is so freaking cute. Love it.

    I’m more of a Kdrama girl but I def like jdrama but I’m particular to Japanese Horror flick and I’ll occasionally indulge in ridiculous hentai like La Blue Girl. Prevy but too funny not to watch!


  • the Muse

    hey there snb-the glamourista!

    oh my gosh thanks *blush*

    I gotta say the green and brown I thought was weird but it works.

    The lips are definately a highlight of this collection!

    you’re most welcome, it’s my pleasure, thanks for the comment/compliment!

  • the Muse

    hey mc!

    I think this one is gonna go fast so good you got your guy on the case 🙂

    I want CoC lipglass too! must HAVE!

    I’m trying hard to make bing work but damn girl it’s hard!

    I need both of the other quads too hehe!

    The blush scares me too so I think it’s safe to skip!

    Thank you mc 🙂 I’m glad you dug the FOTD! Appreciate the compliment!

    Cheers mate.

    Happy Weekend whatever you do!

  • the Muse

    oh asta beautiful haul of goodies!
    Light and Ripe looks amazing!!!!!

    Cream Ceris isn’t turning out well for me but I’m definately trying 🙂

  • Dao

    Hi Muse,

    Ooh, you got Cult of Cherry ahead of time? Tell me where you got the hook up, I want some 🙂

    Anyways, my experience with dark lips took me to this conclusion: if you want to look less ghastly, make sure you apply some bronzer on your face. Do you have those Cargo cheek palettes? Well, break it open and apply to your cheeks girl!

    Do you have Kirsch lipstick? I think I like that one.

  • Decorative Diva

    Here’s my MAC Cult of Cherry Blog entry:

    OH MY GOD.
    I am just SO in love with these colors!

    Lip Love!

  • Decorative Diva

    So, I didn’t like Jampacked!
    I was shocked!
    I swatched all the colors I was looking at on my arm, and just didn’t like it. It’s too much like another color I have, Oversexed, in my eyes.

    I LOVED Cult of Cherry. It’s OMFG perfect bright red to me. I almost wanted to buy a 2nd one.

    I hauled:
    Currant Lipliner
    Bing Mattene
    So Scarlet Lipstick
    Cult of Cherry
    Pink Poodle.

    I didn’t have any really good pinks, and since I didn’t like Jampacked, so I checked out a few pinks and liked this one. It’s described as a bright pink fuchsia with pinky-gold shimmer.

    I’ll be posting about my haul soon, and doing lip looks 🙂

  • Asta

    My secret plan is to bring my mom to MAC this weekend. She told me she wanted my help looking for a new lipstick that wouldn’t dry her lips out. *GRIN* I’m dragging her to the mall!

    Then, in a shower of thanks she’ll buy me a lipstick, too. Haha!

  • the Muse

    morning dao!

    I did indeed 🙂 hehe!!!! It was a PR kit that was sent with the last two collections 🙂

    Oh no sniff no cargo cheek palettes but bronzer..good idea..hmm..I’m always for white, white, white face 🙂 Obsessed with being pale but a bit of healthy color would look great for a loud lippie!

  • the Muse

    hey dd!

    No kid!? It’s my fav so far 🙂

    Looking at your fotd now! Gorgeous!

    I hate that. I’m always wanting two of everything when I know it’ll be a while before a re-release or maybe never one 🙁

    That happened to me with Barbie Loves MAC I so wanted two of everything yak!

    Freaking awesome haul!

    Pink Poodle is funky! Love it!

    Great blog entry 😉 Commenting over yonder in a sec 😉

  • the Muse

    hey dd!

    Over there now browsing around 🙂

    Can’t wait to get the rest of my CoC haul 🙂

  • Phyrra

    I’m just completely in love with Cult of Cherry. It’s gotta be my favorite release that MAC’s ever done.

    And yes, I wish with some of the previous releases that I’d bought 2 of things. I love my Glitz Gloss and they’re about half gone! I don’t know that MAC will ever release them again.

    I did a FOTD with Bing today, let me know if you likey 🙂


  • the Muse

    hi dd!

    All the reds are totally doing me in!

    Love it!

    I liked your FOTD! Gorgeous!

    I didn’t see the bing FOTD!?

    I’m always so tempted to indulge in two!

    Believe me I know the feeling 😉

  • Phyrra

    The one you commented on 🙂
    MAC Cherry lipliner
    MAC Bing Slimshine
    MAC Cult of Cherry lipglass

    I based my entire look around trying to make Bing look fabulous!

  • DivaShop

    Oh my, I’m sooo loving the “So Scarlet” lipstick! Looks great on ya sweetie!

  • the Muse

    hey dd!

    well duh it didn’t even look like you had bing on!

    Very nice and subtle! likey 🙂

  • the Muse

    hey gloria!

    Thanks hun! These are def something you need to check out 🙂 all the reds will look great on your skin tone 🙂

  • ???

    Jampacked lipglass look lovely! And want to ask, how does the blush, i think it’s called “Plum de Pois”? fares? Have you seen it or swatch it? Thought of getting it, i think I miss the Grapefruit lipglass already~ you think it’s still in stores?


  • the Muse

    hey plue!

    isn’t it!? It’s not so good. I swatched it and it’s really a dirty muddy shade. No likey 😛

    LOL I love your new profile pic! Sheesh you like 12 in it! hehe lucky you!

    someone mentioned that pink grapefruit is actually regular catalog I think!? Or maybe a repromote. Sadly it’s gone here but ask and see if it’s available in the normal black packaging 🙂

    Love ya!

  • ???

    Ooh~ Tat's bad, I thought it would be a nice plummy red shade… >_<

    I think I will go try find Pink Grapfruit, I don't mind the normal packaging though, cuz I think orange is so not me! 😛

    And thanks for the compliment! 😀 It's all cuz of the haircut!


  • the Muse

    mmm naaa not to me 😛

    I didn’t like it.

    It’s gorg! I hope you find it!!!

    You’re most welcome 🙂 You’re lookin’ cute as always!


  • Helena

    Argh musey. Don’t freak out, but i have to tell you that i.didn’t.purchase.anything.from.this collection.

    I am serious, i started out wanting like all the lip glosses, blooming blush and mattenes but hey, mattenes are not sold in my country?! byebye Bing.
    Blooming was this sweet frosty pink in the pan which looked plum on my cheeks- a tad too dark for my nc20 skintone, sigh another miss.
    Then ok, the lippies- i very much wanted cherry blossom, rich and ripe and jam packed, but i found that these were really duapable.
    Cherry Blossom is almost an exact replica of Fafi’s Sugar Trance which i already have, then i’d MAYBE get jampacked because i like the finish, but it’s not all that a unique colour.
    Considering that mac glosses have this sticky slightly tacky texture, there are many other glosses that are a better investment; and in my country they marked up the prices to almost $20 usd per gloss and $18 for an eyeshadow single, when you grab a handful of items the cost really starts adding up. =[ If the cost was the same i wouldn’t mind buying more stuff.

  • the Muse


    you have to forgive me, I’ve been terribly swamped and I owe you this comment reply plus email etc..I apologize!

    Don’ hate me too much!

    Awww shucks you really hated it didn’t you? I’m so sorry you weren’t loving this…it’s understandable as some items were awesome while others were just meh! I did find some gems in the selections but others to me, were blah as well!

    Just chalk it up as a good way to save money for the next collection hehe!