July 26, 2007

MAC Tendertones Review

MAC Tendertones Color Story

Sexier on the lips than balm. Silkier than gloss. More protective than naked. A lipcolour that combines soft shine, easy glide, and double-smooth satin finish with an everyday sun protective formula. To treat your lips…Love ’em tender.

That blurb is taken directly from the MAC website and it’s the biggest crock of shit ever! Don’t you love when I’m being right properly unladylike with my colorful vocabulary? I know you adore it!

I gotta say I’m not big on the lip gelees, the lipglasses, and the glosses in general from MAC. I’m a MAC whore but I’ll go right ahead and diss the glosses from here to Central America. They don’t rock my world. Sticky, gooey, and just gross come to mind. Do I use them? Yea. Do I buy them? Yea. Why? I dunno, I’m sick, we established that already.

I do give a hearty thumbs up to MAC’s plushglass but that’s another story for another day as I say!

Now when I first heard about Tendertones I was excited (when don’t I get excited at the prospect of new gloss?)!

I think I idolized Tendertones to the status of Lancome’s Juicy Gelee Gloss! I was thinking smooth, glossy, wonderfully sheer color, moisturizing, porn star lips! (Did I just say porn stay? I guess I did. Deal with it!)

Nope. None of those things apply to this gloss. I should have known. I ended up purchasing 4 of the colors and although, they are happily making friends with the rest of the glosses in my collection, they are in no way a favorite of mine.

They are sheer. Very sheer. I expected some color. I was thinking I could apply without lipstain under it. Not happening. I need stain under the gloss otherwise I get plain fleshy colored lips with some sticky gloss slapped on. It’s sticky. Again, I should have known. It doesn’t surprise me. MAC always has a special knack for putting out the thickest, stickiest glosses around. I feel like my lips are glued shut wearing this stuff.

They smell yummie and they taste equally lovely but that’s about the only thing going for them! The pot is huge for the price another plus. To be honest while I was browsing them I was somewhat in awe and was almost to the point of purchasing the entire lot, because, again, I’m sick like that. But I’m glad I ended up with 4 colors and didn’t get too crazy. To be honest if you’re considering purchasing any, my strongest suggestion is just go with one. They are so sheer that they all go on as the same color. So really, you may well be blinded with the array of colors on display but it doesn’t matter which you choose, all go on the same clear way! Boring Boring Boring!

Low rating for me. Not interested at all. They’ll end up in the bottom of my traincase and one day I’ll pull them out and sell them on E-bay or swap them away on make-up alley.

Not good at all.

Good try MAC but keep trying!

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