August 7, 2007

Customizing Your Haircare

The sense of scent is a unusual and unique mystery! Different scents are appealing to different people. Some people find the smell of a baking pie very comforting, some enjoy the sweet scent of a ripe peach, others enjoy the smell of wet glass after a rainfall. The good news about your choice of scent is that you can have it and customize it to suit your haircare! Yes, indeed, I did say haircare! The internet offers wonderful shopping options and some very posh brands of haircare are available, believe me I know, as I’ve tried them all! But for the last few years I’ve turned to smaller companies that create a wonderful utopia of haircare products that suit my need for not only a good volumizing shampoo and a deep quenching condition but also a sweet smelling one or a foody scented one!

I’ve come across some wonderful small shops that offer wonderful customization for shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, hair gels, hair refreshers, and more! These small shops offer a wide range of scents that will suit any need! Scents range from fresh baked goods like cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, different fruits, and of course wonderful sweet scents to ease your need for sugar!

I guess some people would wonder why I have a need to smell like a cupcake or a peach but hey that’s another mystery that’s unique…it all comes down to being a girl!

Some scents I’ve come across in haircare that I’ve tried, fallen in love with, and stash in my washroom would be the following:

Bunny Hugs-A dreamy and creamy blend of sliced fruit, with oranges, marshmallows and whipped cream.

Cherry Cupcakes-Sweet, frosted vanilla & cherry cupcakes with light notes of almond & toasted coconut.

Island Girl-A cocktail inspired fragrance blending of lemon and lime with cherry and pineapple.

Violet Fairy Cakes-These little vanilla frosted, violet topped petit four cakes are perfect for a fairy tea party.

White Cake-Scrumptious white cake with sweet almond notes!

Banana Split Cupcakes-Chocolate banana cupcakes topped with strawberry cream and a cherry!

Sweetheart Cake-Fluffy mini cream puffs stuffed with a soft strawberry buttercream with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Pretty in Paris-Sweet summer strawberries, oodles of marshmallow cream frosting, cotton candy and vanilla cream makes this one sweet treat.

These are just some of the scents that line my bathroom cabinets. The companies I shop from offer a wide range of scents to suit every need, truly when I said wide range I mean it! Scent lists available from most sites go from 100-500 blends or more! Some companies are even willing to blend a custom scent to suit your needs if you happen to not locate one from the huge list they already have!

I find that many of the haircare products linger very long in my hair and give off an amazing throw which means I am constantly asked, “Wow what is that wonderful smell”…! I always love to smell sweet and gorgeous I guess it comes with the girl territory and when someone remarks on how wonderful my hair smells I just glow and feel very tickled they noticed!

These companies offer a wide range of items that can be customized but this blog entry is solely dedicated to the haircare line of items!

Some shops to check out:

Cherriflip An absolute favorite of mine hands down! Wonderful Shampoos, Conditioners, and Other great haircare products! Truly Uniquely blended scents available that cannot be located anywhere else! Cherriflip currently has a sale going on, 20% off your entire order! Take advantage of this great deal!

Skindazzles Another favorite and the home of my very favorite, signature scent, Bunny Hugs! Skindazzles has 10% off select items at the moment!

Make Me Smooth
A wide range of different haircare needs with tons of scents to choose from! Ongoing sales change week to week!

The Little Shop of Beauty Little Shop of Beauty is one of the few shops that offers hair gels and hair sprays in custom scents! Free Deluxe Samples with orders!

These are just some of the dozens of shops that offer customized haircare! Have a search and you’ll find a million more!

If you aren’t familiar with these forms of shops please keep in mind prior to ordering that they make your order upon your submitting it! This means that certain items do take a longer wait time! Some companies have wait times up to one month while others get products out faster! Basically your items are not sitting on a shelf and placed in a box for shipment, they are freshly made and then shipped to you! They are immensely popular as well which causes the wait time to go up accordingly, especially around the Holidays! Prices are affordable but some companies are Canadian which means costly shipping options! On the plus side some companies do run specials with 10%-20% off orders!

Personally I love the option of clicking on a bottle of Shampoo and asking for it in any one of 500 scents! Many of these small shops revolve the scent lists as the seasons change and the holidays come up! I love smelling like sweet, juicy fruits in the summer and gorgeous pies, cakes, and cupcakes in the winter! I like the scent of cool mints or warm cakes and baked goods in my hair during Christmas and possibly the smell of caramel apple or candy corn during Halloween! If that isn’t customized haircare I don’t know what is!

Some of the many haircare products that overflow from my washroom cabinets!


About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, the links you added on this blog cannot be open. Please check. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Thanks for posting your hair products. Just wondering if you tried every other products out there even non-brand name and of all the products these are the stuff that you liked best?
    I’ve been stuck with Pantene forever this is why I’m asking.
    Thanks… Love everything you blog and all videos.

  • A-Mused

    hi there!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Were you looking for anything in particular? Haircare? Body scrubs? Body washes? I’ve tried MANY many products and can recommend some really great!

    I understand being stuck with one shampoo all the time and it gets boring after a while, especially the scent!

    If your hair is dry to combo skindazzles conditioners and shampoos are very gentle and give nice shine, bounce, and condition to your hair! My hair behaves quite well with any of the products I’ve purchased from these places as you can see in my pics it’s not too bad! I have dry/combo hair!

    Glad you love ’em!

    If you need any more help give a yell!

  • Mag

    MMS does some of the best b&b stuff. Their scent list is amazing too!

  • A-Mused

    Agreed Mag! Have you tried any of the others I have listed? They are super too! Especially Cherriflip!

  • Anonymous

    HI again,
    I’m looking for hair products.
    Not sure what type of hair I have. But it gets oily the next day if I don’t wash it. So everyday I wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

    And I also blow dry everyday. Is there a treatment that you put on your hair so it does not get ruin. As everyone says, we take care of our face daily from cleanser, toner and moisturizer and we should do the same for our hair.
    Thanks again for all your help in advanced. (smile)

  • A-Mused

    I normally wash mine in the morning and again in the evening. I don’t blow dry my hair though I let it air dry because my hair is kinda dry anyway so blowing dry it out will make me look like a french poodle hehe!

    I’m sorta anal about taking care of my hair, reason being is if I let it get away from me it’s frizzy as hell which I hate!

    If you have curly hair I would strongly recommend jessicurl!

    This totally maintains my hair!! Without it I’d be a frizz head!

    I also use a drop of scented oil that skindazzles sales. It keeps my hair in great condition and makes my hair look shiny and pretty! No frizzies too!

    Do you have straight or curly hair? I can recommend something depending on the type of hair you have 😉

    Hope this helps some!


  • Anonymous

    I have a straight hair. I get it colored and highlights once a year (only). I’m scared with all the chemicals and it can be so expensive getting it done all the time. If you know what I mean. Lol.

    Ok, again you said for hair use, shampoo and conditioner – you said to try skindazzles and for treatments is the scented oil from skindazzles too????
    Sorry if I’m sounding like a broken record. (smile)

    But on your picture, you have other brands also. Hmmm…


  • A-Mused

    hello there 🙂

    Ok. sadly I don’t color my hair which means it’s difficult for me to recommend a solid haircare product for you! Reason being colored hair is very sensitive to treat! You may want to check with a few places prior to using their conditioners/shampoos to be sure that it’s safe for your color treated hair!

    If so…I always recommend skindazzles shampoo and conditioner…for one thing the throw is amazing! Everyone will be asking what that wonderful smell is and you’ll happily sit and say it’s your hair hehehe!

    The consistency of Cherriflip’s Conditioner is a bit heavier than skindazzles and it’s also doesn’t detangle my hair as well as Skindazzles!

    These products contain fragrance oils so that could or could not be a problem with color treated her! The owner, Candy, is a lovely lady and will answer any and all your questions about whether or not her items are good for treated hair!

    Broken record? Not at all! I love helping out 😉

    In my picture are a buncha different hair refreshers. Lots of folk aren’t familiar with these and if you aren’t here’s what they are…basically it’s a body spray for your hair hehe! After you finish styling you can use this to freshen your hair with scent. Stick it in your purse and refresh when you do a makeup touch up! I love these! They also give me some much needed thirst quench for my dry locks as the day progresses!

    Some of these shops offer a little grab bag of different items! It might be a good idea to buy a grab bag or a smaller size from each company to get a feel for them! Cherriflip is offering 20% off orders through friday which is a great deal and I believe it’s 10% off at skindazzles this week! MMU always has some new sale going on but the wait time is double Cherriflip and Skindazzles!

    Hope this helps you!


  • Anonymous

    Thank you my love!!! Greetings from California btw. (smile)
    Never been to NY but I know one day I’ll see NY.

    Ok I’ll check the websites right now. Take care…


  • Anonymous

    If you don’t mind can you break it down your hair products like on your skincare LUSH products.
    Say, shampoo – this is what I use, etc. etc.
    Thanks a bunch.
    Only if you have the time, I know you’re busy too!

  • A-Mused

    Hello Miss Sunny California 😉

    I adore CA! It’s one of my fav locations for shopping 😉 Lucky you to live there year round!

    You can visit with me when you do get around and we can shop of course 😉

    Let me know what you get! and How you like it!


  • A-Mused

    I will do that in my new few entries 🙂

    Breaking down product sounds great and I’m sure people might be interested!

    😉 Thanks for the idea and the comment!