October 14, 2007

The Ghosts of Christmas Past Collections

From year to year as collections come and go and change and rearrange I like to look over what I’ve stashed away over the years and compare price increases, quality, quantity, etc…

Some of my most favorite cosmetic possessions are from Holiday Collections and every year I am always excited to see what new items will be introduced.

Allow me to take you back on a journey into Christmas Past Collections! Maybe some of these are in your own personal stash, maybe you remember when they were released, and maybe you are still lemming them and hoping to find them on MUA or E-bay or some out of the way place that may still carry that particular item that has been on your wish list since it’s release from a Christmas that’s since past.

I’ve only taken on a few select pieces from my Holiday Collections! Hell if I did them all it’d make a bible of an entry 😉 Do enjoy the ones I’ve included in this post!

This year Smashbox hasn’t a single item that I’ve been tempted by but I remember being quite excited about last year’s Holiday Collection that was entitled Winter Nights.

The collection consisted of two parts, single cosmetic items plus kits and palettes named after legendary nightclubs.

Smashbox The Winter Lights Series

Consisted of two double-ended mini eyeshadow and shimmer duos. The picture of Avalon can be seen above on the far right hand side of the group photo!

Spider Club

Consisted of a white leather carrying case which included a double ended palette (one side lips and one side shadow) plus three brushes


Consisted of a similar white leather carrying case as the Spider Club and included a lipgloss trio and lip pencil

The Derby

Consisted of a cream eyeliner trio and a flat end liner brush

The single cosmetics collection included a soft lights powder in Smashing Halo which was a soft shimmering white that showed up pink on your cheeks! It’s gorgeous and remains one of my favorite items from Christmas Past Collections! Also released was a shadow duo in shimmering shades of white and brown, a duo cream liner which included a shimmering gray liner and a shimmering white liner, and finally another of my favorite items, the Lux Shimmer Overlay which is a shimmering gold gel that can be apply to lips, eyes, and face.

Smashing Halo, Dual Liner, Dual Shadow and Lux Shimmer Overlay

Smashbox, in my opinion, has not released a nicer collection than this in a long time.

I can’t recall a time that Stila has introduced a Holiday collection that I have actually wanted. It’s been too long a time that I’ve really had any hard lemmings for a Stila holiday collection! This year is another year of snore and thankfully so because it saves me money in the long run for other more interesting collections.

I believe it was two years ago (or last year I can’t really recall which) that the Stila Star Studded Event All Over Shimmer coffret was introduced. This consisted of four shimmers in a gorgeous box with a draw that pulled out to reveal four brushes! Really a lovely set!

Stila Star Studded Event All Over Shimmer Set

Stila also did the grand collection which really needs no introduction from me. As you can see with your eyes while it was titled so!

The Stila Grand Collection

Benefit has since resorted to just throwing together gift sets that include age old favorites. They take a little dandelion, a bit of bad gal mascara, a lipgloss or two and slap it in a brightly wrapped bag, mark down the price and Happy Holidays! Not that there is anything wrong with Benefit’s version of Holiday cheer but a special product or two is always appreciated by the masses. Two years ago (again I believe it was two! I have so many collections I tend to forget when items were released) they had introduced two pretty little kits one of which the Muse happened to pick up which was entitled Dancing Darlings. The kit included 4 mini shimmering lip glosses in gold, pink, bronze, and white! Benefit I speak for all of us please do something like this again!

Tarte introduced a quad of four shimmers in a hard plastic case which was lovely! I believe this was around 2-3 years ago and I remember happily being able to purchase this at such a nice price because the shimmers are normally expensive and here was a little kit that included not 1 but 4 shades! The glistening powders you received were cute little pots that could stack into the plastic case all together!

Tarte also graced us with the Glitterati set which contained a mascara, silver glitter mascara, and silver glitter liner!

Tarte’s Glitterati Set

Tarte’s Glistening Powder Set

While in jolly old England last year around the middle of November I went to Pout and purchased three palettes from their very interesting Holiday lineup! One of which I don’t believe was introduced here in the states. Masque de Jour, Masque de La Nuit, and Spoilt Senseless each included a trio of shadows, a cream blush, a gloss, and a brush for application! I have high hopes that Pout will do a similar style palette this year!

I believe, correct me if I am wrong, the Limited Edition Gold Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown was introduced last holiday season! However, I purchased mine in the summer at Nordies who still had one lonely palette in stock. This year I’m actually kind of excited to see the pink limited edition Shimmer Brick they are putting out!

Ahhhh Givenchy. I remember going nuts searching out the Prismissime palette all over this bloody city. It was sold out virtually everywhere but by some chance I got it around the first week of January when it popped back in stock at the Times Square Sephora plus I happened to nab the elusive Lash Pearls to go with it!

Bare Escentuals gave us the lovely Rose Gossmaer Gift Set which the Muse uses daily and adores! This year they bring us a new set entitled Precious Diamonds which is virtually the same style kit with a new exciting powder.

Bourjois Paris gave us thee most gorgeous shimmering shades of gold and silver loose powder shadows with it’s Suivez mon Regard Eyeshadows.

Dior gave us a few backstage items that the Muse had trouble locating and finally, bless her weak heart, she was able to locate both at Nordies. The coveted Lash Pearls and the limited edition Glitter Top Coat in Gold for lips (they have since released a silver version as well).

I can remember a time when Dior was a bit of a funky, fun brand. It’s since been introducing more elegant, couture themed palettes. The Diorglam palettes were on of the few items that were released in both colors something us statesiders are not used to getting!

Prescriptives got exciting one year with it’s Startlight Shimmer Powder and Brush set! I can remember lemming this little set quite hard 😉

Around this time last year MAC surprised us with it’s anticipated Couture collection and the masses ran to the stores to snatch up these highly coveted items! The Muse only happened to get four pieces from the set. Those were the Richmetal Highlighter and believe you me she regrets not nabbing more from the collection!

And finally MAC introduced us to it’s Formal Black Holiday collection which included gorgeous palettes in lovely black compacts with a swinging beaded tassel and the elegance of a compact that made you the envy of your friends when you whipped it out for a touch up!

I hope you enjoyed this look at Christmas Past I’ll bring you Christmas Present in a future entry. It’s only October but already the shops are filling up with an array of treats to tempt and tease your credit card and cash right out of your very wallet. Heck, you don’t even have to hand over either they will gladly walk right up to the counter for you and make their own purchases 😉

What are your favorite Holiday Collections from Christmas Past?

Have any of these? Love them?

Tell me what you miss or want back!

My ears are always open.


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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Angelique

    Awww, I have most of these! From Smashbox’s Winter Nights collection I’ve got all but the lipstick, the Halo soft lights and the Spider Club since none of those things are my colors–I wear cool colors only since warm colors look odd on me. I actually bought two of the Troubadour because I adored the clear gloss with red glitter so much. The bronze and red glosses I gave to my mum.

    I have Tarte’s Glitterati set and the best part of it is the glitter mascara1 I love glittery stuff.

    Let’s see…I really wanted Givenchy’s awesome Lash Pearls but if I’m remembering correctly I don’t think Sephora.com got ’em when they came out. The Prismissime palette was pretty but I don’t wear much powder–don’t even wear foundation unless I have to go to some sort of formal event and even then I don’t wear much. But I did like the colors.

    Didn’t get the DiorGlam palettes for the same reasons; you already know I missed Dior’s Icepearls but I did snag their Glitter Top Coat and I adored it! I wish they’d put it out again.

    (speaking of which, do you remember a few years back, Dior’s Backstage Lip Glosses that came in white with blue, green, yellow, fuchsia-magenta, coolish lavender and orange? I missed ’em and was only able to get the fuchsia-magenta and the coolish lavender. I missed the blue and green, dammit! and those were the ones I wanted! grrr. Were you able to pick ’em up?)

    Have all of the MAC Couture collection save for the silver Rich Metal highlighter and I WISH I hadn’t bought the pink lipstick…it looked cool but it turned out being a neutral warmish pink that looked ungodly on me…so I gave it to my mum yet again. And I really wish I had bought a backup of their Red no. 5 lipstick– it’s a beautiful cool raspberry-alizarian red lipstick that looks just killer on me. You asked what I wish that they’d bring back– bring back Red no. 5, dammit! Fiends!

    Have all of the Formal Black Holiday collection save for the Viva Glam palette because yet again–warm colors and the bright eyeshadow color palette because I wasn’t fast enough to snag it. And I adore the Pret a Portier brush set from Formal Black–tis probably the highlight of my collection. I got my best friend the Five-Brush Set that came in the black satin box; don’t remember much else about it, though.

    My favorite from last year had to be MAC’s Couture collection. I bought one of their Mystery Powders just for the beautiful casing. And I cherish the Red no. 5 that I do have remaining (which is surprisingly a lot). Though looking at previews for their Antiquitease (SILLY-ASS NAME, oh lord) I don’t think I’m going to be quite as impressed this year. But eh, you can’t win ’em all. So far my favorite holiday collection has been Givenchy’s. I loved your preview of Guerlain’s but I’m not a gold person.

    I do wonder what Dior’s holiday collection will look like.

    I shall go and quit rambling on as such.

    Have a good day!

  • A-Mused

    hello again 😉

    Loving your comments!

    I loved last year’s smashbox collection in a major way! Even the really red lipstick that was released! I actually didn’t picture in the photos!

    I adore glitter stuff too! Did you know they actually had a gold version for a little while that was being sold on QVC!

    The powder on the Prismissime is gorgeous but I find that I don’t use it as much as I should! Oh well 🙂

    Lash Pearls were at Sephora but sold out each and everytime I tried to purchase online UGH! So maddening!

    No I didn’t get of those Dior glosses I remember at the time that I had gotten the eyeshadow palette though! I bet the glosses are on e-bay for a million each hehe!

    I didn’t get Couture aside from the highlighters I believe at the time I was sorta thinking that I’d best save cash for the Formal Black sets! I remember purchasing the evening bag/box and returning it because it was such an absurd purchase at $80 when I’d never use the darn thing! I thought this year they’d do something similiar as Couture but it doesn’t appear to be anything as elegant!

    I loved how the mystery powder came with an extra powder. I thought that was fab and worth the cash! I didn’t buy any of the lippies at the time either. Ugh! Now you’re making me want them hehehe!

    I sort of buy MAC out of habit I guess and a love of the collections and they aren’t so AWE aspiring but they can be good and the color pay off is supreme for the cash!

    So far I’m leaning towards Guerlain being my fav…YSL second fav (I didn’t buy any of it!), and Givenchy third.

    Dior’s collection isn’t wowing me all that much! I’m not bothering with the neck charm or the palettes.

    MAC is definately on my wish list thought as always lol!

    Ramble away I love it 🙂

    Happy Weekend!
    Enjoy the rest of your sunday!

    PS PJ from A Touch of Blusher read your comment and told me to tell you Versace is still alive and kicking UK side so if you have friends on England they can maybe purchase it for you 😉

    Also it might be getting the axe as it’s often discounted PJ said!

  • Angelique

    My dear Muse,

    This will not be a ginormous series of paragraphs like I usually do: I’m pretty much testing my back at the moment and am expecting to get banhammered by it any second.

    FIRST! Dior’s collection. That necklace is silly. I’m not too impressed with their palettes either. I somehow never am.

    SECOND. Haven’t seen YSL’s stuff yet, but now I’m going to go hunt it down.

    THIRD. Dear god I know absolutely no one in England! I used to have a friend there, Kate, but I haven’t talked to her in so long…oh this sucks! And the fact that Versace’s often discounted over there probably means that it’s soon to be banhammered from existence which is evil and unfair. I guess I’m one of few people who wear bright, neon, unusual colors and looks good in ’em. But hell, since Versace’s been gone since my junior year in high school–2003–I don’t even know if they still have the same insane range of colors that they once did.

    Well. This means I’m going to cherish what little I have left of my Versace stuff! I’ll probably wear it at my wedding (whenever me and my wife decide on it) and then the rest of the time just protectively store it away.

    and FOURTH. MAC’s silly evening box clutch! My poor mum ended up getting me that for Christmas last year and I just didn’t have the heart to return it. So now I just keep my action figure accessories in it (yes, I STILL collect action figures. as a matter of fact, I can’t wait for NECA’s new “Aliens v. Predator: Requiem” figures to come out, even if the original AVP film sucked and I know that the sequel will too: it will still have my beloved xenomorph in it and I’ll watch/buy anything with a xenomorph!) .

    …okay, this is a lot longer than I intended. I’m going to go lay down and watch some sort of silly horror film to placate my spine because I can feel it gearing up to bitch at me.

    Have a good day, m’dear!

  • the Muse

    Helllooooo again love!

    Hehe I do so enjoy your long comments 🙂 I’m hoping your back is fit and well today!

    The Dior “jewelry pieces” are sort of something that collector’s take seriously. I adore Dior palettes but the “jewelry” haven’t nabbed me completely!

    UGH the YSL collection is fantastic and I’m so gagging over the price!

    Hehe that’s ok if you’re realling lemming you can head over to MUA and get someone to CP with England side 🙂

    I like unusual colors myself 😉 hehe!

    if I were you’d I’d ask around on MUA and see what folk say about what’s available over yonder!

    LOL you’re worst than me! Saving it up for your wedding! Just use it lol! I’m one to talk because I arrange my collection and say gee I’ll wear that for this special day and that for this party but I won’t it before this etc..etc..!

    I sold my evening clutches off lol! I did save one which I store necklaces and crap in it but I never took it outside the house hehe! This year’s clutches look a bit more elegant and user friendly! The white wool is going to get dirty fast though!

    LOL action figures eh? I can’t judge lol I collect Doctor Who figures!
    SHHHHHHHHH we must not admit what geeks we are on a beauty blog hehehe!

    You have a great day too and I’ll speak to you very soon!


  • mag

    You are awesome! Thanks for this trip down memory lane! More, please? Especially older collections! 😉

  • the Muse

    LOL hey Mag 🙂

    Sure I can do more older collections 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!