October 12, 2007

Givenchy’s Diamantisimme Holiday Collection

Santa cutie, fill my stocking with a duplex and cheques! Sign your ‘x’ on the line! Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight!

Come and trim my Christmas tree with some decorations bought at Tif-fa-ny! I really do believe in you, lets see if you believe in me!

Oh my I got a bit carried away there! I was feeling the Christmas spirit as I ripped (and bit) through the fedex box that arrived on my doorstep from Saks today!

Inside was Givenchy’s Diamantisimme holiday collection! Oh my the very my! Just the pick me up I needed today!

I ended up getting all of the collection aside from the nail varnishes.

First off, which I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about, would be the Prisme Solitaire Precious Diamond All Over Powder.

What’s to say really?

It’s perfection. The box is too cute for words! It’s in the shape of an engagement ring box(could possibly be more exciting than a ring lol) and inside is the most precious, glittering, shimmering powder I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on.

It’s perfectly fantastic that it’s multitasking as both a face, body, and eye powder. I love multitasking products and this is no exception to the rule.

The powder is slightly grainy in texture and that, my friends, does not bother me one bit.

I think I can safely say this may not make it onto my face! Bit to discoball in effect but my eyes and cleavage will thank Givenchy for such a perfect powder full of gorgeous bits of silver and white shimmer!

The powder is of course pigmented so it’s not going to take a whole lot to make you look gorgeous!

The only difference with this palette is there is no where to store the brush it comes with. Givenchy palettes and powders always have that nifty little bottom chamber to tuck your brush under but this sadly lacks that. The brush comes in a velvet carrying case but can’t be stored in the palette or on top of the powder. I don’t really mind because the cute ring box is adorable and totally makes up for the fact that you can’t store the brush inside it.

Next up the Crystal Pop Gloss which is equally gorgeous as the powder and full of lovely shimmering bits and pieces to keep me delighted all holiday season long! Two colors are available which would be Pure Diamond and Fancy Diamond. I’m loving the Fancy Diamond the best of the two. it’s a lovely shimmering pink shade. The Pure Diamond is a clear gloss with silver, white, and tiny specks of pink shimmer!

Beautiful just beautiful!

According to my MA at Saks the Captiv’ Eyes Mascara is a hot seller and only three were left! It looks like an amazing mascara. It’s black with tiny specks of silver shimmer in it. Whether or not the silver will show upon application remains to be seen but it sure does look pretty!

I purchased the Rogue Interdit in Rose Desire as well but this purchase was a bit blind folded. I’ve only seen photos of the collection and this item looked the least appealing! But at the risk of missing out on something major I told my MA stick that in the bag too please. I should have waited and seen it in store because it appears it’s a bit too “mod” pink for me. It’s a matte pink color and it has that weird “mod” look to me. A la Twiggy. Anyone know what I mean? I’m in high debate whether to try it or return it. If you’re ordering online don’t bother with this until you’ve seen it in store to determine if it’s the right shade for you.

Last but never least would be the Lash Sparkles! Ok I’ve seen images of this as well and wasn’t sure about the application on it but assumed it would be like the Dior Lash Pearls from Christmas ’05 (Believe it was 2005 correct me if I’m wrong) and even thought I knew what to expect I’m still a tiny little bit disappointed. Application is a brush wand (instead of the plastic applicator like the Dior Lash Pearls) where you twist up and the product disperses on the brush. I always, always find these difficult to work with because too much product pushes into the brush and causes a major mess (and waste). I haven’t twisted it up so I can’t tell you how these are yet. I’m sorta at that stage where I’m being maternal towards the collection and whispering to it how pretty it is while stroking it lovingly. I don’t yet have the nerve to twist because I’m worried about product waste! As soon as I go to wear these, you my friends, will be the first to know and see what the product looks like!

The Lash Sparkles can be used two ways which would be brushing them on to encrust your lashes with sparkle OR applying from the brush onto the tips of your lashes to create a beaded look. This is a nice option as the Dior Lash Pearls only gave you an option to create a beaded look due to the applicator which is to say that the Givenchy Lash Pearls from last year allowed you to do both, brushing and beading!

Dior’s Lash Pearls (This too makes for tricky application! But I think that the Givenchy Brush could save me waste as compared to the Dior Lash Pearls because once it’s twisted the product has no where to go! At least with the Lash Sparkles it can be disputed on the brush and sort of saved!)

Givenchy Lash Pearls Holiday ’06 (These are by far the easiest to use and I loved this entire package! I wish the new lash sparkles came the same way!)

Overall this collection is stupendous and just gorgeous!

If you’re on a budget I’d grab at least the powder, mascara, and lash sparkles. If you’re not I’d say grab it all!

Does anyone have the collection? What are your thoughts!? Comment box open and at the ready!


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  • Anonymous

    Hi Muse,

    Lucky girl! Your photos are lovely. I shall now be counting down the hours until my order arrives…I think it’s T minus 48…

    I am now happy to have gotten the Captiv’Eyes. I was feeling a little so-so about it but the silver sounds lovely.


  • A-Mused

    hello you!

    I was writing out a bible for you to read hehe 😉

    Go and check!

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1…!

    hehe any day now!

    I think you’ll love it! It’s a hot seller so even if you don’t use it, it’s good swap bait 🙂

    But I think you will use it as the silver is understated! Nothing too crazy!

    Hugs my friend!

  • petitez

    Great haul! I understand what u mean about the l/s being too ‘mod’! I’ll pass on this collection but looking/reading your blog entry has been fun! 🙂

  • A-Mused

    thanks 😉

    Ya…I’m debating I think it’s going back!

    can’t I even tempt you with the powder hehehe!

  • cuttibebe

    wooooo so pretty!~

    The diamond powder was smaller than I thought though. Because in the add it looked more like a body powder in a bracelet jewlery box, instead of a engagement ring box.

    I love the pink lipgloss, does it have a strong perfume smell? I received 2 lip glosses from Givenchy before and I couldn’t use it because the scent were just way way way too strong.

    The mascara looks amazing. I love glitters on the lashes, so sparkly, like twinkle stars.

    I agree the lippie looks a little too dark and Mod… I love bright and sparkling pink. The new Chanel winter collection has one called Pink Crystal. Thinking about snatching one up.

    LUSH update: I used Crash Course last night after I sticked it in the fridge. Felt really cool going on. Not sure if I’m supposed to do this, but instead of washing the mask off, I scrubbed it off. It’s sort of like a soft mud type, when you start scrubing, it will roll into balls. I think that cleared out my pores really well. No redness or itching afterwards. Overall, great mask. What’s you take on it?

    Freash Farmacy – Love it, just don’t like that weird dry straw thingy they put on top of it? Why do they do that? It’s in AOBS too, but I know those are lavender. But why do LUSH do this in general? Like putting these little “toppings” on top of their products. I personally don’t like it and think it gets in the way. Am I supposed to use it? Or just pick it out?

    My next victims in the LUSH family will be the Magnity mask (the only mask that you don’t have to use up in 2 weeks, heard it’s cooling.) and Sex Bomb, yummmm… do you put the bomb in after you are in the bath or while you are running bath water?

    This time I will take up your advise and order from UK site. =) No more nasty SAs.

    This is Stephanie by the way. I started a little blog too. Just for fun.

  • A-Mused



    I’m always shocked at how small givenchy palettes are! ALWAYS! lol! When I got my first powder I practically fainted at the size! I expected some huge compact! When I got my first eye palette the small factor again made me cringe in horror! $50 for something that tiny?! But now I’m so addicted that I’m not noticing the size anymore just the content of the product 😉

    How very sick.

    Givenchy always has a weird smell to it. Kinda old lady perfume type. Mmm..I think most major designer brands have that scent. so ya..sadly the glosses kinda sorta smell and taste perfumey!

    I do too! And here in the states not enough brands do sparkly bits for the lashes! Excited about this 🙂

    Did you see the new Anna Sui Glitter Mascaras? wahoo!

    I promised myself that I’d not venture into chanel and dior’s holiday collection this year so I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you say sparkling pink..lol!

    I don’t like the smell of crash coarse but it does wonders for my face in the summer in drying out my oily bits and also making me look very refreshed! Scrubbing is good! As it multitaskes as both a mask and a exfolilant! Nothing wrong with that 🙂 I love cupcake that’s a fav of mine and keeps my skin sparkling!

    It sounds like your skin is really adapting well to Lush! Some people aren’t so lucky and sometimes have breakouts and such!

    My skin pretty much absorbed and adapted right away to Lush so it’s always nice to hear a similar success story!

    I know! Totally annoying the weird bits and pieces lol! Like Honey I washed the Kids Soap has the weird honeycomb crap on top! I slice it off. I normally dont use the extra crap that’s on bars of soaps and face products lol! Like you, they annoy me! I really hate the chunky crap on Sultana Soap as well! Worst stuff ever. It’s chewy nuts and raisins and crap. I mean I know the entire concept is “fresh” cosmetics but jesus I don’t want nuts and raisins in my soap dude.

    I like Mask of Maganaminty althought it does nothing for my face hehe. It smells delish and you can store in fridge or cabinet which is great!

    Wish Lush did more masks like this!

    Sex bomb is MY FAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The big flower in the middle that bursts out is great!

    I normally run my bath water and when it’s full I slip in and plop the bomb in while relaxing! It’s more fun that way 🙂 I also adore dunking under several times! Makes my hair smell like the bath bomb afterwards yummie!

    I hate the SA’s with a passion 🙁 They are always looking to load my cart with stuff too! I really don’t like the over enthusiam. Please leave me alone I know what I want.

    Which is why I avoid BBW like the plague. If I want Bath and Body stuff I order it online to avoid going into the shop and for lack of a better word being molested by the SA’s trying to sell me everything and anything. Talk about forcefeed! I appreciate they are trying to do their job put slapping ten creams on my arm and spraying me with body splashes and slipping things into my cart while telling me I NEED this stuff is really irritating!

    You’ll see that if you order from NA’s site and compare with UK it’s about the same price! And you get a much fresher product from the UK!

    Texture is different too and the scent is far stronger!

    I just read your blog 🙂 I love it. Would you like me to link you?

    I seen your picture too and you are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Stephanie

    Hey Muse, Awww.. thanks for being the first one leaving a comment in my blog. I guess we can leave the linking out for now, as I haven’t developed a concept for my blog yet. But feel free to drop by once in a while to check in!

    You know, you probably know how to use make up to fix up the little flaws, but I used low pixel camera and strong lighting. I’ll spare you the acne scar face and large pore horror stories about my face, lol. But thanks for your compliment. =)

    I am so ready for a bath now. God, the cold and wet weather and just simply we’ve survived a work week, makes me just want to inhale a bowl of steamy hot ramen noodle and jump in the bath with my Sex Bomb, lol. Wait till I tell my bf about these cool stuff called Sex Bomb, bet cha he’d wanna join too. lol.

    Have a great weekend Muse! Don’t spend too much. It’s only October!

  • A-Mused

    yay! I feel special 🙂 First poster to the blog 🙂 I understand but do let me know and I’ll link ya up 😉

    Oh dear you look lovely no matter what! I’ll spare you the horror story of my icky clogged nose pores and how wonderful the flash from my camera makes me look hehehehehehe 🙂

    I personally think you looked lovely!

    gosh that sounds good. I haven’t eaten today and ramen sounds perfect. Do enjoy your gorgeous bath! lol I’m positive the BF will adore a bath bomb called sex bomb 🙂 I strongly recommend trying christmas pud! Smells like snowcake yummie!

    Did you see my article on basin? They have quite a selection of bath bombs some of which are floral!

    You have a fab weekend too my friend!

    and I will try really really really hard to refrain 😉


  • A-Mused


    you look about 15 in your pic hehe!

    yay for baby faces!

    I just had the pleasure of seeing betsy for the first time last night and she too has a baby face 😉

    God knows if we all try to go out somewhere one day we’ll not be able to get in they’ll ask for our ids 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hi Muse-y,

    I just ordered the Givenchy Prisme Solitare and the Givenchy Lash Sparkles! Your blog made me cave. I am a little worried I didn’t get the mascara :o- I passed on that because I wasn’t sure if the mascara itself has sparkles within it or if just the tube is decorated with sparkles? I decided on the Lash Sparkles because I thought I could get the same effect with any of my own mascaras instead- either way I am so excited! Holiday stuff- yay!

    Have a lovely day and thanks for the great pictures that made me cave on it. Also a HUGE thanks to Ms. Betsy who gave me the heads up on it. (I know she’ll read this). 😉


  • A-Mused

    hey sweets
    miss your lovely smile around here 🙂

    Great!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 It’s a great collection you won’t be disappointed!

    The mascara itself has small amounts of silver to it. I doubt you’ll be able to see that when it’s on though! I’d say you got the most important pieces the rest is just play time stuff! The mascara is nice but like you said you can achieve it with anything!

    You’re MOST welcome! Thanks for the comment 🙂

    Guerlain will be up tomorrow so don’t come visit otherwise you’re lemmings will get the better of you lol!

    We love Betsy We Love Betsy 😉


    Many Hugs!

  • Angelique

    Hello there!

    This is my first time commenting on your blog–I found it by way of Google when I was researching some sort of Givenchy makeup last night due to insomnia and so I stumbled across your rundown of their Christmas collection. After dying of envy, I went to Saks.com and noticed that it wasn’t there. I checked Sephora–nope, not there either. Do you know if Saks is going to upload it online or is it an in-store only thing? I’m disabled and getting out to the Galleria where our Saks is (Houston) is going to be rather difficult.

    (i have to buy the lash sparkles or i’m going to clock myself with a fireaxe, seeings how i missed dior’s version and givenchy’s older version.)

    Anyhows. Congrats on getting the whole collection! If you can find the Captiv’Eyes mascara in Moire Black, I absolutely recommend getting it! It’s beautiful–dark carbon black with interference bright, cool green glitter in it that just lights up whenever you’re in direct light. I actually like it better than the plain black which I’ve also got. I had to get a back-up of the Moire Black because when I like something, I go through it like it’s some sort of addictive substance.


  • A-Mused

    hello there angelique!

    Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

    lol! Saks.com doesn’t quite have it up but if you call your saks in Houston I bet they will happily ship you what you need (free shipping).

    Sephora has added the diamond powder up, the lash sparkles, and a few other things. Here’s a few links lovie:




    there ya go 🙂 that should help!

    lol! The lash sparkles are great and not so expensive at $22!

    Oh my dear I do know how it is when I love something 😉 Believe you me!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the rec on the Moire Black! I will most definately be getting some after such a rave review 😉

    Many hugs!
    Hope to see you back soon!

  • Angelique

    My dear Muse,

    Oh good lord I’m so happily incoherent– I just ordered me some Lash Sparkles from Sephora RIGHT NOW (was very tempted to get the ywo new sparkle-overdosed Pop Glosses but seeings how I’m on a budget I couldn’t quite do it, but SOON, since if it’s glittery and goes around your eyes it WILL be mine) and I’ve got you to thank for it! I remember missing Dior’s Ice Pearls and wanting to kick myself for it and ahaha, now I’ve got Givenchy’s! I can’t wait till they get here! So thank you thank you thank you for the links! When everyone else at Sephora notices that the Givenchy section is updated, they’ll be gone in under an hour! I remember getting myself the Moire Black mascara at three in the morning (I’m insomniatic quite frequently) and about two hours later it was cleared out. In fact, I think it’s still sold out…but if I’m not mistaken Saks.com has it. So joy! Absolutely get yourself a tube–you’ll adore it!

    So again– THANK YOU! I’ll finally be able to go nuts with the Lash Sparkles! I hope they get here soon. And damn, I wish I could buy a backup of ’em. I really wanted the diamond powder, too, but I’m actually saving up to buy the Arty Color nine-eyeshadow palette from a few months back. eBay might be sadistic but if it’s pure bright neon color–particularly eyeshadow–then I’ve gotta have it.

    I’ll most definitely be back to your blog! You’re one of the only people I’ve seen on the web who actually knows of and uses Givenchy and I’m a big Givenchy whore.

    Shall talk to you soon!

  • A-Mused

    Hello again Miss Angelique 🙂

    I am SO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it’s safe to say the pop glosses won’t sell as fast as the lash sparkles so you’ll be safe until you are ready to order them my dear 🙂

    I think you’ll also be happy to know that the lash pearls from dior are easily replaced by the revlon’s lash pearls (and cheaper) if you need help finding them let me know 🙂

    Plus the Givenchy lash sparkles are way better than the dior 🙂

    You’re so welcome! It’s my pleasure to help out! I’m so excited for you! Do let me know what you think when they arrive!

    I agree! They sell out so fast 🙁 and never come back in stock for ages so I’m happy you nabbed them for yourself love!

    Givenchy is legendary for selling out and staying out of stock on sephora! I sure will nab a bottle at my saks here in the city 😉

    Thanks for the rec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awww lol I’m so pleased you’re so happy and excited! makes my day!

    LOL I love the arty palette!!!!! I have it and just adore it 🙂 If you check back on my links you can see it. If it’s kidney price on ebay check on MUA maybe some poor soul would be willing to swap 😉

    AWWWWWWWW thank you!
    I’m looking forward to your return and your lovely insight and comments 🙂

    Happy Weekend to you!