October 16, 2007

MAC Antiquitease Color

Choices, choices, choices! It all comes down to choices this Holiday season 😉

Antiquitease is up and available at MAC for your purchasing pleasure and will be at your local MAC counter on October 11th.

The Muse hasn’t yet purchased her Alexander McQueen as of yet due to the fact that with so many MAC collections up and coming it’s difficult to decide on what to purchase and what to skip!

Have I mentioned I hate deciding and making a choice? I just want it all, NOW! But realistically I need to decide what I really want as opposed to the inner demon that demands me to get it all!

Soon after Antiquitease Color the rest of the line up will be releasing through October and into November which includes the brush kits, palettes, and lip sets.

So it all comes down to choosing what I really need and leaving what I know I won’t use 😉

Antiquitease Color consists of all of the following yummie goodies:

Your Ladyship
Gold Stroke
Sweet Sienna

Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo
Earthly Riches
Family Silver
Mi’ Lady

Her Fancy
Queen’s Sin
Budding Lust
Guilty Kiss

Red Romp


Fibre Rich Lash
All Black

Nail Lacquer
Vestral White
Gold Veneer

We already established the Muse is mad with want for it all 😉 So what are you getting ?

Might the Muse direct you to her favorite source for all good things MAC! Have a visit with Janice and check out all the news on this collection and upcoming collections at Specktra Blog!


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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • cuttibebe

    hey muse~! *wave*

    when i saw the mineralized eyeshadow duo in the ad, i thought it was MSF in blush/highlighter duo, i got excited for a min. then realized it’s too small to be one. but that’s a good idea for MAC right? i love NARS orgasm, if they can make a MSF with pink and beige shimmer, that’d be so cool. just a thought.

    I start to feel like lady Godiva is stinking up my bathroom, the smell is very.. weird.. i have a air fresher in the bathroom (a japanese brand), it’s suppose to smell like milky bath. ever since Godiva joined the bathroom, it’s just smells.. weird in there..

    at first I thought Daisy (my puppy) had an accident. Then after a couple of days, i realized it’s Godiva. do you have that problem? what is it to suppose to smell like???

    I used Honey I washed the Kids, prety cool. not used to use soap in the shower though, so I used my loofah with it.

    I broke out with 3 big zits on the side of my cheek… wondering if it’s too much LUSH at once… Since I need to use up Crash Course in 2 weeks, I used it again last night just to clear up. Didn’t think it helped much…

    If this is what it takes to train my skin to adapt to LUSH, so be it. I am definintely on path to become a LUSHer. lol.

    Is it Friday yetttt???

  • the Muse

    hey stephanie 🙂

    That’d be a great idea for MAC!!!!!!! I’d love that! I’m slightly wary of these shadows as the mineralized shadows aren’t always that great..I’m debating on ’em!

    Hmmm weird. I never noticed Godiva smelling bad but Lush does go bad so it’s possible that it may be bad? Or maybe it’s combing with the smell of the fresher and just smelling gross together? Have you let the bar dry out good before storing it away?


    I normally get a floral scent/jasmine from it. Nothing weird or off about it.

    I love Honey I washed the kids smells good enough to eat 🙂

    Hmmm your skin could be having a bit of an adjustment to the Lush. When I first used a mask from them I got a bit of a break out under my chin! I also had a period of being very oily for a while after switching from Philosophy Hope in a Jar to Gorgeous moisturizer!

    If I were you I wouldn’t do another mask until your skin clears up! Try again after and see what happens! If it still happens that mask might not be the one for you 🙂

    Hope this helps!?

    god please make it be friday soon 🙂
    or at least thursday so we can go binge on the MAC collection hehe!

  • the Muse

    i’m doing a bath on a budget post for you soon 🙂

    cheaper bath bombs 😉

  • cuttibebe

    YES! cheap bath~

    Yea, I’m already thinking about breaking apart the Sakura bomb into at least 4 pieces. But then again, it won’t be the sameeee… I’m saving it until my bf comes down again… plus i still have a whole lot of AHAVA bath salt left.

    do you remember the brand in CO Biglow, it makes these bath bombs too? the packaging is very kiddish, I think it’s called ME! but they’ve got some great scent over there too. Forgot how much they cost, but I bought Hawaii Lai (sp?) once and it was so yummyyyy..

    I wonder… what are the benefits of these bath bombs, bath salts and bath goodies in general, a side from smelling good, though that’s a good enough reason to buy them, lol.

    What are the skin benefits, what are you rituals? Do you shower first, put conditioner in your hair, or bath first, then scrub in the shower? I’ve never figured out a good way to bath. My normal routine is bath first, then hard core scrub, because that’s when all that dead skin is all loose. but I don’t think my skin’s softer afterwards.

    also.. any bath tricks? i’ve heard of milk bath, sake bath.. I’ve tried milk bath, definitely works, it makes your skin softer. Japanese are known for their bath rituals, when I was in Japan, I had the pleasure of enjoying it, but I can’t read Japanese, so I didn’t both bring any bath goodies back to test.

    Oh my, Muse, you’ve got yourself in trouble.. This is another LONG LONG entry about bath you just signed up for!! =)

    Would be great if you help us out though, it is October and getting chilly outside, nothing better than a bath and an Allure magazine at night time.


  • Taryn

    Oh no, Muse. You just had to post this. To my dismay, my local MAC counter won’t get the McQueen collection in. The girl says, “You can always order it online!” Yeah. How do you think I learned about it in the first place? 😛

    Anyway, so I went over to the site and browsed through the McQueen stuff, never once noticing that Antiquitease was up. And then I came here and saw your blog. *sigh* How can I say no to more mineralized shadows??

    Disappointment over McQueen aside, I did a little damage at the mall today. I got that Vanilla Ice Cream B&BW body spray (heavenly and delicious over the BPAL Candied Apple scent!), the Cherry Pie lip gloss duo, a pumpkin shower pouf, Iced Tea body wash (not the right name but I’m too lazy to look it up) and then from Sephora, the Philosophy Baked Goods set – Cinnamon Buns and Red Velvet Cake 3-in-1s. I mainly bought it for the Red Velvet Cake. It’s so heavenly!!! Oh, and a Tarte/Borba lipstick too!

    Now you have to apologize to my wallet for causing so many lemmings! Hee hee. I guess I’ll make one big MAC order.

  • Shauna

    oooh i looove lush!! my bathroon is full of that!!

    i dont think i cud live without haagenbath!!

    cheaper bath bombs? always good!!!

  • the Muse

    hello shauna 🙂

    Another lush lover wahoo!

    I love the mint in haagenbath yums!

    and yes bath on a budget entry will be up soon 🙂

    As cheap as $2.99! wahooo! and smelling great too! 😉

  • the Muse



    it’s officially my job to make you lem and buy these items hehe! I should get commission here!


    Yes some counters didn’t get it sadly 🙁 Nordies has it for sure and free standing MAC stores as well! or like they said order online! Free shipping all year with the code GLOSS special thanks to betsy for that code!

    I want the shadows bad but the palettes are out next week! GOD! I hate MAC lol!

    Damn you got a nice little haul there 😉

    I can’t wait to try the Vanilla ice Cream yummie! And I want the lippies! They have ’em in pumpkin too yummies!

    I love the Ice Tea! I actually just store it away as I was feeling it in the cold weather but this summer it was yummie!

    I sort of got out of my philosophy stage and into the bath and body works tempations line because I thought they smelled stronger plus cheaper 🙂

    Wahoo nice haul sweets!
    Enjoy all your yummie goodies!

    I’ll talk to your wallet for you don’t worry! it promises to open back up and let you order MAC if you’re extra nice to it 😉


  • the Muse

    hey 🙂

    the sunshine of my blog!

    I gotta admit I indulge and throw the entire bomb in! I know people who split them but I don’t have the heart! It’s basically like lighting a match for $6 but it sure does smell great lol!

    Wahoo! Bath, Boyfriend, Sakura, this could be romance 😉

    I do remember that brand called ME! They still have them actually! They smell yummie as hell!

    Don’t you worry I have some might fun tricks up my sleeves for good smelling jumbo bath bombs for around $2.99 each in about 250 scents of your choice 😉

    Stay tuned 😉 Keep your eyes on the horizon for budget bath goodies the blog!

    Some do moisturize but aside from that no real good benefits aside from a great smelling body and hair (if you dunk like I do).

    I normally shower in the morning and in the evening I soak in the tub. After I’m done soaking I sit there and scrub with a good bath scrub. I don’t wash my hair because I had already done so in the AM. So I scrub away since the hot water has loosened up any dead skin! I then rinse off and hop out. My hair smells great due to my dunking so many times 🙂 (prior to the scrub that is as I don’t wanna get any scrubby bits in my hair).

    Sometimes I do slather on a deep conditioner while relaxing in the tub and (don’t laugh) put a shower cap on my head to let it sink in a bit.

    If I’m really in a bad mood and want a long pamper. I have a shower, shampoo, condition, scrub, than I fill the tub after rinsing off (hair, body, etc) and relax with a bomb.

    To be honest my skin doesn’t feel softer after a bath. I guess because the water is so warm it kinda prunes me up and even after a scrub it just doesn’t feel all that smooth. So I slather on lotion and that helps!

    Bath tricks hmmm….I don’t add anything to my bath but I did hear some people add a bit of baking soda for hard water areas to soften the bath water. I normally let the bath bomb or bubble bar to the work for me 😉 If I want a really moist bath I normally combine a bomb and a bath melt. Or a bath melt and a bubble bar. That way when I hop out I don’t need to moisturize at all! My skin is slippery enough with the bath melts help 🙂

    The Japanese do some amazing bath products that I am always impressed with! Sadly I can’t read japanese either so it’s difficult for me to bother getting anything 🙁 I really enjoy the skincare as well but again I can’t get anything because I don’t know how to use it! I’m especially impressed with the many products they have for clogged nose pores (not to be gross sounds all weird) but the japanese do an array of products to clear out pores on the nose! We have biore strips and that’s bout it but the Japanaese (and asian brands in general) have a TON of ways to rid yourself of clogged pores!

    LOL see my entry is just as long lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I must agree now that the weather is cooler it’s so much nice to sit in a tub of warm water with vogue, allure, or in my case pc world LOL! and just laze a bit and enjoy a minute to ourselves!

    I’ll be doing that budget bath guide very soon and I guarantee you’re going to be big time impressed with what I have up my sleeves 😉

    Many hugs!
    Love ya lots!
    and your awesome comments 🙂
    keep ’em coming!

  • Taryn

    Oh Muse, I tried out the Cherry Pie gloss tonight and the cherry side is pure heaven. But the Vanilla Ice Cream end is so rancid that it’s sickening! It’s the most artificial smelling vanilla I’ve ever smelled. I wish I could break the gloss in half and just keep the cherry! So be warned before trying the vanilla end!

    BTW, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time – check out the new UD liquid liners. I think you thought they were just new bottles and no new colors, but the colors are new! They brought over some old favorites and also added some back in, like Gash. That one was out of the lineup for awhile. I was browsing them today and thought you’d really enjoy some of the bright colors!

  • the Muse

    hi darling!

    Yummie cherries! Oh no! I hate dual glosses for that reason! Darn! I’ll wait for the semi annual hehe that way I won’t feel guilty not using the Vanilla Ice Cream side 😉

    I got gash I think….purple with silver overlay but I haven’t used it yet! I actually was confused whether colors were new or the same! Thanks for clarifying!

    I also got one matte shadow and promptly returned it. UD is for glitter, frosted shadow but matte shadows are awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the heads up 😉

  • Angelique

    Well, since my comment is late (my spine’s giving me crap again), the collection’s already gone live so you know what it looks like.


    Arrrgh, it’s all GOLD. …..I look absolutely positively ridiculous in gold.

    …well, at least the one thing I’ll be able to get from it and not look like some sort of alien will be the cool red lipstick and the cool red lipgloss, provided that they don’t sell out before I have a chance to buy ’em.

    And this way I’ll have more money to drop on Givenchy’s holiday collection. I really truly am a huge Givenchy whore. I haven’t bought a single thing from them that I haven’t liked. Well, aside from the whole ‘limited edition’ bull but everyone pulls that, even Urban Decay.

    And this is completely off-subject, but have you tried Givenchy’s Eyelashcolor? I adore the stuff but yet again, it’s limited edition! fiends.

    Well, off I go before I incur the wrath of my spine. Have a good day, my dear Muse!

  • the Muse

    Hello Angelique (I know I’m going to so start cutting your name down to Angel soon hehe)

    Sorry to hear about your back 🙁 Take it easy ok?

    I’m going to pick this up tonight so I’m curious how it is!

    Aww don’t say that! I’m sure you’d look gorgeous in gold! I find gold is interesting on all skin types!

    See you’re lucky because I am unable to wear red and that gloss and lippie are on the want list but I might look a fright with them on lol!

    I think the gloss will be around a while and the lippie. It’s mostly the shadows people go bonkers for!

    The givenchy stuff is so amazing. If you can nab it during the friends and family discount at sephora that’d be a steal too!

    I haven’t tried the eyelash color! Was that the mascaras they introduced with the arty palette? green and blue? They look pretty cool but I remember at the time skipping it to just get the palette!

    Much Love honey!

    Thanks for the great comments!