October 4, 2007

Stila 20% Off Sale and Free Shipping

It’s a little early for the Weekly Beauty Steals and Deals but let me share this with you!

Stila’s website was down for a while but they are back and ready for business 😉

And to celebrate good times Stila is offering 20% off purchases of $50 or more plus freaking Free Shipping. Use Coupon Code WELCOMEBACK

I don’t have to tell you what an awesome deal that is now do I?

Not sure what to buy? The Muse’s cart is filled with the newest smoky eye palettes!

Go get ’em girls!


About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • A-Mused

    Hi Vonnie!

    me too!

    I already have the smoky and it’s sooooooooo pigmented! I bet the green is brilliant 😉


  • A-Mused

    hey Shauna 😉

    lol I know life or death if we don’t have it we NEED IT! Like NOW!


  • Stephanie

    I looked at every single product Stila has to offer, the lip glaze, convertibles, and the Kitten e/s. I don’t know… I just can’t like them. They are just so ordinary to me. I have this thing where if the e/s are too big, I won’t buy it, because I know (and we all know) nobody uses up an entire pan of e/s. So I like palettes, a little of this, a little of that, get my craving satisfied without the extra product laying around.

    I’m definitely getting the Benefit powders, love how they are so flattering. Also, Tarte just came out with this insane gift palette, like 10 e/s and 4 cheek stains, lip glosses and face powders for $50 (a $400 value, think it’s called We Wish Your Wealth), the e/s are all full sizes too!!! (I’m sure you’ve already seen it on Haru’s website, lol). I ran to sephora on fifth ave yesterday during lunch and they DIDN’T have it! argh! hate working in Midtown, the 2 closest sephora to me always run out of stock.

    Anyways, I have a question (hehehe..anoter one). hmm.. How do I say this without people gasping.. I hate sunscreens, even the newer formulas they claim is oil free and won’t clog your pores. I got the Sofina Milky Cut SPF 50 one, but doesn’t like the runny texture, I feel like I can’t spread the product over my entire face and it gets absorbed TOO fast. I have fair Asian skin and doctors told me Asians usually don’t get skin cancers and we don’t have to worry about that. Well, I’d like to protect myself from aging (I’m 23, I know I know, but you gotta start early right? or else how can we get skin like yours!!! so milky white~~).

    So, any suggestions? I was thinking about the Freeze 24/7 Sun shield face wash SPF15. It got me at the fact I can wash it off!!there isn’t many reviews out there regarding this product, but it is talked about in the newest issue of Allure (break through technology skin care section). I just want something light, non-greasy but still moistourizes, at the same time kind of mattifies my face a bit. Am currently using Cetaphil after all the hype about it, but still too greasy. I sucked it up for the summer and wore it every day, but I WILL NOT tolerate this kind of shine in the winter, as this season is usually my “good skin” time.


  • A-Mused

    LOL Stephanie 😉 I am loving these long comment posts 😉

    Stila used to have a edge for me when it was doing it’s cutesy Stila Girl printing on everything. But now it’s sort of standard packaging and it doesn’t blow my mind like it used too! However, I do have to give them props for having incredibly pigmented shadows! I really love the convertible color as well as it’s one of the few cheek cremes that stay on my face all day with no touch up!

    I agree. A little of this, a little of that is always welcome in my makeup world! I do collect single shadows but my heart is always with some brilliant palette or another that offers me variety 😉

    I love the Benefit Powders too! Dandelion and Georgia are a fav of mine and I’m trying hard to love Dallas and Hula 😉

    I did indeed see the new Tarte box! Sooooo yummie! Heck I’m not only Iris’s friend but I’m her biggest fan hehe! Visit her site 100 times a day 😉 Wait for November and get the friends and family 20% off at Sephora 😉 It’d be worth the wait to order $75 dollars online plus 20% off 😉 Plus free shipping! WAHOOO!

    All the sephora’s in Manhattan always run out of everything it seems 🙁 Herald Square is ok up about keeping stock up and I love the Times Square one but they also have a bit of nasty going on in the tester department eww!

    I always find that sun screen does indeed have a weird texture that does clogs my pores ;( I don’t blame you for wanting to start early (you’ll lovely for saying my skin is milky white hehe)!

    I’ve actually, just now, started using under eye cream as I’ve noticed some small lines under my eye area and to be vain, I am freaking out over them. I’m 29 and I’d love to keep my baby face a few years longer before having the wrinkles set in 😉

    But anyway that has nothing to do with this hehe!

    I don’t bother myself much in the fall and winter months in regards to sunscreen. But summer I normally mix in some Stila Sheer Color (SPF 15) with my normal foundation and I believe that works well for me. It doesn’t feel greasy by itself but it doesn’t give me enough coverage on it’s own. So I normally squirt about a dime size amount into my cream foundation in my palm, mix and apply with a foundation brush!

    I haven’t tried the freeze 24/7 but I’ve heard various reviews about several products and it’s always been good. I’d definitely go into the store and try a swatch on your hand or smooth it between your finger tips and just get a feel for the texture. You’ll pretty much know by that alone if it feels right for your skin or if it’ll end up being a grease fest!

    Skin Shangri La is legendary for making my face look like a mirror which is why I stick to using it in the winter.

    Gorgeous is a fantastic matte moisturizer but it has no SPF sadly!

    I’d go for a tinted moisturizer with SPF that you can mix with your current foundation. That works for me. But if you’re more of a powder foundation user that might present a problem!

    eep I sure hope this helps some 🙂

    Hugs 😉

  • Stephanie

    Hihi, it’s me again~ Just dropping a note before I head home (waitting for the boss to leave, sssshhhh…)

    I don’t like liquid foundations. I have no idea why I have all of the most expensive liquid foundation out there, since I really don’t use it. Sitting in my make up bag are Giorgio Armani LSF, Chanel Double Perfection (or something close to that name) and Revue (4 years old perfectly untouched foundation, shame on me).

    I am a truly mineral foundation believer. Bare Mineral started it all. And I recently made the jump over to Everyday Mineral, so far, we are still in love. =) See, with liquid, the feeling of actually sitting there blending endlessly with a brush or sponge really strikes me as being girly. I’ve always read Japanese magazines, Ray and ViVi are my fav.! So watching the masters at work with those foundation to give those pretty girls the most beautiful poreless skin in the world made me feel like liquid and loose powder is the only way to go.

    Not until it makes me feel like I’m walking around with lard on my face. Seriously, it’s just so thick and heavy and I feel like my face is going to suffocate! Also hate it when I blow my nose or scratch my face, I need to touch up and retouch up, argh, the work!

    Powder calms down my face and absorbs the shine. But BE and I got into a fight because she decided to go orange on me in midday. Now, who does that? So for a while, I was lost, I wore no foundation on my face, just concealor. Blotchy doesn’t even begin to describe my face. but then again, going foundation free made my skin really luminous, I guess the foundatioin-fast worked?!

    Anyways, excuse my blabbing. But Everyday Minerals are awesome and I feel at ease using her, because she feels even lighter than BE and she’s cheap! I envy those who can wear liquid foundation, but I’d have to deal with MMU for now.

    Oh the sunscreen fiasco, I guess I will go to Nordie to check it out this wknd, maybe ask the SA to make a sample for me *uh oh, that means I’ve got to wear make up and dress up in heels, because they won’t talk to me if I’m in my flip flops and going au naturale*.

    5:34pm!!!! gotta go girl. Enjoy your wknd~ *hugs and kisses*

  • A-Mused

    Hey Stephanie 😉

    lol! Viewing beauty blogs at work! For shame 😉

    I wish wish wish I can love bare minerals but for some reason it just doesn’t work for me! It’s very difficult to work into my skin and I’m left feeling like I have used sandpaper all over my skin after application 🙁

    Oh my gosh funny you mention that. I hate sneezing in the morning after gloss application because it’s so darn difficult to blow my nose lol! Gloss everywhere 😉

    I use Morgen Schick’s Hide and Highlight Palette and the whipser set powder for years and it works wonderful! I feel almost bare skinned!

    I got the BE starter kit but I just didn’t like it 🙁 Maybe it needs a second look!

    I’m not sure if I can count the Morgen Schick palette as being a foundation it’s more of a concealer and I skip the foundation part 😉 So really I’m in the same boat as you..conceal and go!

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which Nordies are you going too? Come to the Westchester everyone is super to me there! I walk in sometimes in sweats and sneakers and everyone drops at my feet to help me 😉 Let’s go shopping together 😉

    I do hate going to the MAC store though. They treat me awful in there. “Yes what? Do YOU need makeup? Why!?” lol!

    And sephora the same ugh! they follow me around like I’m going to nick something! ew!

    enjoy yours too!

    many huggies and kisses back 😉