November 27, 2007

Lush NA and UK Perfume Party

For about two or three years now the UK “surprises” (I use surprise loosely because we know it’s coming before it’s even announced!) Lush lovers far and wide with perfumes.

Each year the lovely Hilary from Lush UK Mail Order ventures onto her soapbox on the UK Forum and asks everyone to vote on a few scents they’d like made into perfumes.

This year like any other year Hilary has again promised the delights of Lush perfume!

This is normally a UK event only and if you want to partake of the bounty of Lush perfume you have to pay a rather obscene amount of money for shipping!

But I’m happy to report that this year Hilary has worked with Lush NA and both UK and NA are having a perfume party!

Here’s what Hilary posted on the UK Forum

Posted:27/11/2007 10:29:13

Woo Hooooo !! Finally, I can give you news about our little ol fragrance round ! After begging our overstretched Fragrance Room, they have agreed to do 6 fragrances for us again this year. Everything has been checked out ,scrutinized and costed and we are able to offer the following:

Candy Fluff 30ml 17.50
Olive Branch 30ml 24.50
Snowcake 30ml 17.25
Black Pearl 30ml 19.50
Bathos 30ml 21.25
Lily 30ml 22.50

They will be on sale by telephone only by phoning our Mail Order room. The sale will be: Friday 29th Nov 9am 9 pm Saturday 30th Nov 9am 5 pm Once the phone lines are closed, we will add up the orders and will make the stock. We hope to begin despatching it by 12th Dec. No orders will be taken by UK Mail Order for fragrances for delivery to USA or Canada. Instead US and Canadian residents can order the fragrances directly from NA Mail Order who will mail your fragrance out to you from them. ( Please refer to the NA Forum for details of the sale, prices and shipping as this is being organised from there and not the UK, so we will not know the precise details ) There will be an online Party On Friday, whilst the phones are open. Staff from the NA business will be joining us online to take part in the fun and chat. This is a party that is going to span the pond !!! So set aside time in your diary to join us in The Salon section of the International Forum where there will be chat, competitions, prizes and chaos. Post and Packaging for the UK is FREE. Rest of World Spend over 150 and post and packaging is half price

P.S If there are any NA forum folk reading this at the moment there are no ordering details or prices confirmed for you yet. Poor old Stibbsy has been chasing us every day to get the info he needs in order to organise things his end but we were still trying to confirm our side of things so couldnt give the info needed. Everything is now ready but with Vancouver 8 hours behind us he is probably still in bed ( and having nightmares about having to organise all of his stuff with only about 24 hours to go !! ) So please bear with us the Stibbsy will be up and at it soon, and all the details you need will be online as soon as he can humanly manage it. He is very keen so I know he will not be hanging around !!

(Hilary your spelling is bloody awful but I still love you!)

Over the course of the years I’ve been collecting Lush I’ve scored all their perfumes and I will tell you that this is a very, very, very, extremely, very special event that is well worth your cash!

Lush perfumes are potent, strong, lingering and gorgeous!

Snowcake hasn’t been made in a perfume in about 2 years now and many people are falling over themselves to score a bottle!

The list is compiled of three scents that have already been made and three scents that are brand new!

Candy Fluff
Olive Branch
Black Pearl

Candy Fluff and Olive Branch were made for last year’s perfume round while Snowcake was made for the perfume round prior. Black Pearl, Bathos, and Lily (aka Ghost) are brand new and have never been made before! Black Pearl is sure to be a major hit as the much beloved bath bomb is no longer made as of this past year!

This event is happening this Friday from what I understand so as soon as I know further information I’ll post it here!

These will make wonderful gifts for any Lush lover in your life or yourself! I can’t begin to describe how truly wonderful they are!

I’m not partaking of the NA round as I prefer my Lush from the UK so I’m having a friend do my purchasing for me as UK is NOT shipping to the US this year because it’s caused too many problems in the past with bottles breaking, spilling, etc….

If you’re strongly keen on getting these from the UK, like me, I’d suggest stepping onto MUA and asking a fellow Brit if they might purchase them for you and ship them over!

If you live in Europe they may have a chance of ordering from UK just e-mail them prior to Friday asking about whether they’ll ship to your location!

My friends in Asia you may have to see if someone can CP you some so start checking with friends or fellow MUAer’s if you’re interested in scoring these!

Or you can get them from Lush NA by calling mail order on Friday if you’re within the US!

As soon as I know the prices and the details for Lush NA I’ll most definately share!

A big thanks to Hilary for always making the holidays extra special by doing these great things!

Some of my Collection of Perfumes from the Last Few Years

Silky Underwear, Sakura, and a VERY RARE Flower Market Perfume

Potion! One of the Muse’s favorites! (Smells like Holiday aka Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar)

A very handsome Simon (this image does nothing for his looks hehe), Mark’s Contantine’s son, on a label of Snowcake!

Snowcake and Candy Fluff Perfume


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  • the Muse

    not at all Ann!

    They are really heavy duty bottles and everytime I’ve ordered from the UK I never had a prob but a few people complained bout leakage, problems with customs, etc…so UK decided not to ship to the states this year!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Muse,

    Ooh! That sounds lovely. I may have to partake…

    Clarins is offering free shipping with the code “THREEDAY” (exactly as spelled, it’s cap sensitive).

    Not sure about you, but I am now totally lemming most of the Kanebo spring collections. Thank goodness for Iris!

    Hugs & Cheers,

  • Anonymous

    Hi there, It’s me Abigail. How are you my dear! So am I reading this right, if we want to order from UK, we can ask you???? (smile)Please tell me YES.. he he he..
    I would love to own all the new perfumes since I do not have one and this would be my first to participate. Thanks my love,

    Abigail from Cali!

  • the Muse

    Morning Bets my gorgeous friend 🙂

    Of course! You need snowcake perfume hehehe!

    Oh thanks!!!!! I was wanting a palette! Thanks for the tip *mwah*

    God yes. Everything looks amazing! Amen for our angel 😉

    She’s gotten her MJ lot too and it looks fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummie! Can’t wait to get mine!


  • the Muse

    Hi Abigail!

    I’m great! If you want to order these I suggest going through NA 🙂 It’ll be way easier for your Muse 🙂

    I’d offer the CP from the UK but it’s coming from my best friend in London to me and I don’t wanna stress her out by tacking on more to my already huge order *blush*

    I hope that’s ok!

    You won’t miss out since these will be available stateside come Friday morning 🙂

    Hope that’s cool!


  • MandyPandy

    You’ve seen Simon Constantine? Well, to hell with him, I say! Give me Mark Constantine any day! Yes, I know he’s old enough to be my grandfather; so what? LOL! He’s a silver fox, just like that Alan Radcliffe! Ergh! So wrong, so very, very wrong…

  • the Muse

    *bats lashes*

    I’ve seen both my dear hehe!

    Mark’s a total god, sweet and generous as hell 🙂

    LOL!!!!!!! Mandy you make me laugh 🙂

    I’m off to your blog right now to enjoy your wit hehe!

  • Maria

    Hi i just wanted to know what you think about the snowcake and candy fluff perfumes.

    Do they smell just like the soap / dusting powder? Is the candy fluff really nice and sweet or is it kinda overpowering with alcohol?

    I really like snowcake so im hoping it would have a very similar scent to smitten and the soap.


  • the Muse

    Hello Maria

    I’ve heard one or two people remark that they had a bit of an alcohol smell to the fragrances but I’ve never experienced that and they all smell very true to what they are scented with!

    Snowcake smells exactly like the soap!

    Candy fluff smells exactly like the dusting powder although I have heard people imply that it smells of snowfairy but I don’t get that. Candy Fluff, Rockstar, and Snowfairy or smell very different to me as each has a distinct note that is different!

    The candy fluff almost has the “powder” scent to it if that makes sense and it isn’t overpowered at all my alcohol in my opinion!

    The snowcake is amazingly gorgeous and probably my favorite! I’ve collected SO many bottles of it and I think I’m going to order a few more this round =) It’s beautiful!

    I personally give them a big approval for purchase! But you can always see reviews on MUA of the perfumes from past rounds the last few years 🙂

    Good luck!
    Let me know what you get and if you like them!

  • Maria

    Thanks soo much for your comment, it is very helpful. Im thinking of getting both the snowcake and candy fluff.

    Also i was wondering how long each bottle lasts for you? i was thinking of getting 2 bottles of snowcake if the bottle runs out kinda quick (like using it 2x a week or so.

  • the Muse

    Hi again Maria!

    You’re welcome! It’s my pleasure! I hope you’ll be happy with your selections! Both are favorites of mine!

    I’ll be completely, embarrassingly honest when they do these releases I stock up big time. I got five bottles of Candy Fluff last year *blush*

    I’d say a bottle will last you quite a long time. I’ve never tried perfume from NA before as they never did it but I can speak for the UK ones. They are very strong, lingering and potent so one spray (or two) will last all day long! I’ve been using the same bottle of snowcake for a year (but I don’t use it everyday only once a week or so).

    If you plan on using them daily, two sprays, I think you’ll get about 3-4 months from one bottle!

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • alli

    do snowcake and candy fluff smell very different? i feel like they would smell kind of similar… is it worthwhile to have them both? or are the similar enough? so ahrd to decide….

  • alli

    oh really? i don’t know why i was thinking that they smelled similarly… hmm… since i’ve never smelled snowcake, how would you describe it? is it sweet smelling? i know they describe it as an almond marzipan, but i’m not sure what that smells like either… you said that you realy like dotd too, right? i;m thinking about those 2, but i jsut hate that i can’t smell them and don’t know what they smell like. i would really appreciate any thoughts you have…thanks, muse!! i really need some help!

    • the Muse

      not at all alli. That’s exactly what Snowcake smells like, almond marzipan 🙂 I’m not sure how to describe it other than that. It’s a creamy, dreamy soft scent. Very soothing and comforting like a warm sweater but not a linen or fresh laundry scent. I like Day of the Dead yes. Hope this helps.