December 29, 2007

Japan’s Spring Collections 2008

Many of the Japanese Spring Collections are popping up soon and if you’re a fan at all you’ve most definately been visiting with the Muse’s most gorgeous mate Iris. If not why are you still here reading this? Click here to see what juicy gossip Iris has on the Japanese Beauty front!

I see several collections I want something from but I’m pretty shocked that I don’t see more! I think I may be over-eating on the cosmetic front lately because I’ve been quite picky about what I purchase as of late.

Jill Stuart Spring Collection 2008
Click here for complete details on this collection!

My First Impression: Good news we don’t have to jump on this bandwagon to quickly as Iris reports the palettes are all permanent, no limited. My humblest opinion is the colors are staring to bore me. God I can’t believe I said that. I love JS as much as the next girl but why do they keep releasing similar shade palettes each collection!? They’ll be a matte version as well which is horrifying for me as I detest mattes with a passion! Facts are facts I’ll end up purchasing these because I’m a collector but I just want something new and exciting from the line and lately that hasn’t been happening!

How about you? Want any of this collection? Love it?

RMK Spring Collection 2008
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Now this interests me. It’s rather different for RMK and I’m already jumping around begging our mate Row from Mostly Makeup to purchase me some of this! The shadows remind me of Rimmel’s U Stir It Up Cream Eyeshadow except these are powder! I’m not too excited about the shadows those are kinda take it or leave it but I’m loving the blushes!

Paul and Joe Disney Collection
Click here and here for complete details on this collection!

Here’s another that I’m racing around in circles for! As soon as I seen this I was emailing Iris about it! I’m definately wanting a majority of the collection especially the face powders! How cute!

Visee Spring Collection 208
Click here for details!

Another I’m quite excited about! The Metallic Loose Powder is definitely on my wish list! And of course I’m wanting the new Jewel Crush Eye Palettes!

Lunasol Spring Collection 2008
Click here to read up on the new palettes being introduced!

I’m on the couch about these. They look nice enough but I’m not so thrilled! I know many of you are extreme followers of Lunasol and as much as I adore it I have to say a no on these possibly as I can think of a few other items I want far more!

Lavshuca Spring Collection 2008
Read more by clicking here!

Lavshuca has some interesting new eye palettes out that are shaped like our beloved Eye Color Select palettes. The difference? These colors are not particularly fabulous and are limited to three shades instead of four. These are entitled Noble On Color Eyes. Perhaps these are nicer upon viewing them in person but they all look the same aside from the middle color! So muddy and beige…not very spring like really. Hmmm. You know I’m a devotee of Lavshuca and of course these will be in my cart but I’m slightly worried how great they’ll actually be when I get my hands on ’em!

KATE Spring Collection 2008
Click here!

I’m all Glam Tricked out so I can do without any of KATE’s new collection. Nothing even makes me blink an eye! Although I’ll be excited to see the new video on the site when it’s up! I love the KATE commercials 🙂 Click here to visit with Eru to see some of KATE’s past commercials (The Muse finds Eru’s passion for all things kawaii quite enchanting)!

I believe that’s about it right now. As I said earlier I must be getting picky or the collections just aren’t that brilliant! I’d really kill for a little wow right now but the Japanese never fail me and I’m positive Summer will bring something amazing! Or I’ll change my mind once I have some of these items in my hands!

How about you?
What are you wanting from the Japanese Spring Collections?
What are you loving?

Tell the Muse!

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  • Millie

    Hi Muse!
    So I finally decided to get the Sweet Japanese Girl from Lush since you said it worked quite well and it’s for blackheads. Anyway, I just walked into the store and the sales lady told me that everything was buy 1 get 1 free. Lucky me! She told me that one side is exfoliating and the other is just regular without so much “roughness” and I need to use it without water etc etc, but I forgot to ask her if I use it before I wash my face or after I wash my face. Help me Muse please!
    I’m hoping to see results after 1-2 weeks as the lady told me, then I think I’m gonna start visiting Lush some more!

  • the Muse

    hi there millie 🙂

    Great for you! Indeed it’s the Cleanslate sale:) Everything is on sale from Lush! Good deals to be had 😉 Wahoo! Glad you got there at the right time to get yourself something free!

    I normally use SJG wet. I find it works much better but you can try it out dry. I normally make sure to have a clean face prior to using her. All makeup off. So definately wash your face before using it. I normally like using it in the shower in the morning as it’s nice and steamy and the bar melts fat on my nose plus the steam has opened up my pores! You can use her all over your face if you like as she’s good for dry skin 🙂 I just stick to my nose because she does a fab job getting icky blackheads out YUCK!

    After you’ve scrubbed your nose (and face if you choose) wet a washcloth with hot water and wipe your face!

    Done 🙂

    I hope this helps! I seen a big improvement within a day of using it!

    By the way she’s definately weird filling and she’ll leave your face a bit sticky as it feels like you’re applying shea butter all over your face. It’s a heavy feeling. So have that hot washcloth ready to rinse with after you use her!

    Do tell me how it works out as I’m really curious if you love it!

    Happy New Year!