December 13, 2007

Majolook Eyeshadow Palettes in SV801 FOTD with a Bit of a Tutorial

I imagine many of you have the Shiseido Majorca Majolica’s Holiday Majolook palettes on your Christmas and Holiday Wish Lists!

I know I did!

I got my collection a little bit ago and finally got around to blogging about it, you can see that blog post by clicking here.

I’m about to show you what I created with this and I thought I’d do a bit of a written tutorial as well. I’m about to babble a bit so be prepared to be enlightened or bored silly if it’s the latter I’ll wake you when I’m done.

I cracked open SV801 today and did a very neat, pretty, and simple FOTD with it. You have to keep in mind a few things when you purchase and finally work with Majolook Palettes. For one thing these palettes aren’t top quality pigment they aren’t nearly as nice as the single shadows MJ has in the general catalog plus the texture of the shadows is completely different. Don’t expect eye popping looks when using this because that’s not what you’re going to get. These ARE going to give you a beautiful, simple look. Single shadows from MJ are far more pigmented and have a completely different texture while these palettes are more about layering for intensity. This isn’t a rant, it’s simply a truth.

Secondly, I find that the Majolook work best on Asian eyes. Dunno why but I think the colors in the palettes look divine on Asian eyes. My eyes are extremely big, buggy, and dominate my entire face and I hate it. Asian eyes are delicate, exotic, and unique and the shimmer in these shadows works very, very well with that. These are so light and pretty on that style of eye in comparison to my large set eye. So really while I’m layering this and layering it some more someone of Asian descent can simply sweep this on maybe twice and get a really subtle yet awe aspiring look while I need much more to get the awe part. Personally I think it’ll work beautifully with double lid or single lid eyes (if you’re Asian you know what I mean or if you have many Asian friends you already know what I am talking about!). Sometimes it’s difficult to wear the latest trend in eyeshadow when you have a single lid but these will work perfectly with either as they are soft shimmering shades that are just perfect for double or single lids (some girls have surgery to get a double lid! My god! Scary!).

So now that I’ve babbled a bit…on with the tutorial.

I’m working my palette from left to right which would be lightest to darkest shades. As I said earlier you’re not going to have to build this up too much if you’re Asian because it’ll look cakey as opposed to if you have huge eyes like mine and need lots of color to get that “pop”.

Sadly, this tutorial isn’t exactly going to work well if you’re Asian as it’s working the darker shade into the crease. And unfortunately I couldn’t do a good tutorial on how to work this particular palette on an Asian eye because I have no experience applying any eye looks onto anyone other then myself. Sorry guys 🙁 It’s especially crummy considering most of my gorgeous readers are of some Asian descent! I wish I could offer some sort of tutorial on the best way to apply this so hey if anyone wants to contribute that do give a yell! I’d be happy to post it!

I’m taking this in steps and I’m assuming you’ve already completely prepped your eye area with your cover-up, foundation, and primer of choice.

I find that working with the sponge applicator included with this palette is the best way to apply because the color just slips right off regular brushes plus you’ll be there all day packing on color with a regular brush so just use the sponge applicator and you’ll be done quicker and the color packs on really well with it. Dip the applicator in the first color, which is a sparkling white, and apply from your lid to your crease. You’re going to have to do this a few times to build the color up so keep going until your lid has a nice, healthy dose of shimmering white on the lid and crease area.

Now you want to move all the way over to your right and take the deepest silver color and apply it to your crease. Again, use the sponge applicator for application as it works best. Work the silver into your crease but refrain from getting any on your lid. Deepen the color as desired. I normally use about 3-4 strokes and that packs it on well. At this point you want to blend a bit so grab your blending brush of choice, mine happens to be the MAC 224, very lightly blend the colors. I normally blend the silver first working it back and fourth like a window wiper. Do it ever so gently. Why? Because the colors are delicate and not particularly pigmented which means they’ll slide right off before they have a sec to set properly. At this point you might want to pick up the same colors (white and darkest silver) and reapply a bit more color, again if you’re Asian you won’t need this much color.

Ok so you should have a nice contrasting eye at this point with a beautiful white on the bottom lid and a gorgeous dark silver in the crease. Pick up the middle silver color and work it gently into your lid on top of the white. Don’t overpower the white but accent it with the silver. You can use your blending brush if you want or use the sponge applicator.

Ok you’re almost done now!

Don’t, I repeat, don’t use the liner brush that this palette came with. Why? Because it’s rubbish and doesn’t work well. Use your own liner brush to apply the liner and you’ll find you won’t sit there triple dipping. I find the liner brush included smears instead of applies and I’m working hard to intensify the liner on my eyes when I could have just used my own brush and did maybe two coats without dipping 3-4 times to get a bold line. If you have the liner brush from the KATE gel eyeliner pack use that! It works a treat on the Majolook liner! Line your upper lash line, now your bottom lash liner and waterline. Don’t use it on your waterline without testing first. I personally don’t have sensitive eyes and have no problem using it on my waterline but if you’re sensitive or wear contacts maybe test first.

Ok one more step and you’re done!

Take your MJ Snow Carat Powder and remove the powder puff applicator as you won’t need it right now. Place your pointer finger on the stopper in the middle of the powder and tip it upside down an shake a little. Remove your finger and it should be nicely coated with some shimmer. Take the shimmer and pat it onto your complete eye look. Pat, Pat, Pat and keep building up the shimmer. Finally take a slim brush and dip it in the powder and work the shimmer onto your highbrow as a highlighter. I use my MAC 213 for this.

Spray your lash curler with stay, curl your lashes, apply your mascara, and you’re done! Silly me forgot to apply the Lash Freeze! But definately don’t forgot to apply your Lash Freeze after your mascara!

That’s a really, really long tutorial for such a little palette I know but many people always ask me how to best apply the Majolook palettes and which colors go where and I found that this is the system that work best for me!

Hope it helps!

Soooooooooooo I’m asking a big favor now! I want your MJ Majolook looks! Send ’em to me and I’ll feature them on an upcoming blog entry!

I love seeing what others create using these palettes!

You can e-mail them to me at [email protected]

And finally here’s my completed SV801 Look (I look like an idiot in most of these! I guess I was tired and doing my Zoolander Magnum Looks this morning!):

What I Used:

Majorca Majolica’s Majolook Palette in SV801
Majorca Majolica’s Snow Carat Powder
Bourjois Paris Yes to Volume No to Clumps Mascara

Bourjois Paris Blush in Lilas D’or 33

Aube Gloss Fruitina in Frozen Berry 14


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  • Betsy

    Hi Muse,

    I hope you are well! Your post has inspired me – I will do a MJ FOTD and send it your way this weekend!

    Hugs & Cheers!

  • Millie

    Hi Muse (again) lol,
    I love the look with the Majolook eyeshadow that you created. I have asian eyes and I find that I do need to layer the Majolook e/s otherwise I won’t even notice the color much, especially with the middle color.
    Your eyes aren’t buggy haha I wish my eyes were slightly bigger, but thank goodness I have somewhat of a double lid and I’m not completely “lidless” haha. I’m tempted to buy the pink or silver LE MJ e/s and you’re make it very tempting for me to get the silver one haha. But then I already have the silverish and the black single eyeshadows from the Beauty in Black so I’m sure it’ll be quite pointless. Do you have any tips on how to create that look with the Beauty in Black e/s that I have? Because I find that the black e/s tends to be too dark and it’s hard to lighten it up. I have the T’estimo pure layer blush in WT so I’m not sure if that would help. Maybe I’ll send you a picture of one of the looks that I can do with the VI343 Majolook when I have time =)
    P.S. Lash enamel glamour is failing in its staying power!! @[email protected] after working 4 hours at Starbucks I found a dark line under my eyes!! EEK! So I guess it’s back to good ol’ DejaVu Fiberwig.

  • fleckenschnitte

    That’s absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could pull of the palette so well but it totally washes me out =( But it works really well for you!!

  • the Muse

    Bets 🙂

    Hello my dear!

    Tired, busy, but ok 🙂

    I can’t wait =)

    I’m positive it’ll be gorgeous!


  • the Muse

    Hiya Millie 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

    I’m surprised you need to layer. My friend is japanese and she says it cakes if she layers so she sticks to doing two strokes. I’m always fascinated at how great it looks with that little bit of product on her eyes. I really have to pack it on for it too look good!

    The middle color always seems pointless but I think they stick it in mostly as a highbrow highlighter or something to dab on your bottom lashline!

    Oh they are. They are terribly big and dominate my face 😛 I can’t stand it!

    single or double lid is always very exotic and beautiful to me 😉

    I’m fascinated that some girls are obsessed with getting surgery to get a double lid! I’d be so scared to even attempt it!

    LOL that’s why I am here to tempt and do a little evil enabling 😉

    Ah yes I have both the silver and black from Beauty in Black! I’ll tell you that the silver, black, and pink from that collection all work together to create some unique looks!

    You can definately lighten the colors up. Do you have any white in your collection? You can apply some white first, then the black, than some silver on top and that should give you a bit of a lighter color and layer the t’estimo highlighter on top!

    I’ll do an FOTD and Tut for a look soon and maybe it’ll be of some help for you!

    You can’t get the exact same look as this palette with those colors but you can get something pretty and glam with the colors you do have 😉

    I’d love to see! Send anytime 🙂

    Lash Enamel confused the hell of me. It seems almost the same as extender but doesn’t go on as well and sure doesn’t last as well!

    I actually don’t like Fiberwig. Too many fibers falling into my eyes 🙁 and gives me raccoon look!

    Thanks for your great comment 🙂

  • the Muse

    Flecks!!!!!!! Hello and hugs! Happy Holidays 🙂

    Good to see you here!

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

    Well you skin is such a gorgeous peaches and cream so I think the white and silver wouldn’t be such a fab color but you always look so beautiful in all your pictures it surprises me something doesn’t work for you!

    They need to do a beautiful peachy, gold, beige to flatter your skin :)))))))))))

    Thanks for your comment!

    What’s your latest hauls!? Do tell!


  • fleckenschnitte

    Hehe, thanks! I am more cream than peaches LOL so those super light colors look horrible on me =(
    Anyways, my newest hauls? Time to brows my MUA pic gallery =P I got quite a bunch of stuff the previous weeks =O

  • the Muse

    aw 🙁 I understand! Some things just don’t work on me either 😉 but hell I still want them anyway hehe!

    OH MY just went to see your hauls and damn girl you got tons 🙂

    You got the JS Coffret! Awesome! Where did you end up grabbing it from!?

    I was looking for that maquillage brush where did you get it on adambeauty? Got a link? It’s a great brush!

    Also loving all the christmas sets you got!

    Off to see if you did any new reviews 😉

    How are your babies? Ready for the holidays I bet 🙂


  • the Muse

    flecks beautiful job on your FOTD’s! You always look so posh!

    And I love the new reviews! Sorry to hear how much you disliked the Majolooks and the snow carat powder 🙁

    I was excited to see the JS Coffret look you created as I wasn’t sure the best way of using these colors but you’ve inspired my look when I try it!

  • helly

    WOW. this looks VERY beautiful on you, seriously, but then, i cant really imagine anything not look good on you, your eyes are sooooo open and big, and it just screams out “COLOUR ME WITH BEAUTIFUL SHADOWS” lol whereas i’ve got inner double lids and i just see this palette not working on me 🙁 but i think i’ll get the pink one though, just because it’s so beautiful 🙂 and yup, i’ll def. get the lash freeeze!! 😀

    and thanks for the very detailed tute 🙂 it was very useful 😀

  • Humming

    Hi Muse
    Its my first time I put comment on your blog since I got obsessed reading your blog a few weeks ago.
    I originally searched for Visee CM on Youtube
    and somehow ended up watching your clip in there
    and stalked you and found your blog.
    Having seeing your cute majolook, I had to leave a comment here.You look so cute!!!
    I got a sliver palette as well and I was so disappointed by their eyeliner brush!!! I feel like it is gonna tear
    my skin kkkkk. The pigment is so subtle it does
    not last very long on my eyes either.
    Since I am Asian, I know how asian skin differs from Western Skin. But I can confidently say that western skin shows the color of eyeshadow more visible and stronger than it does on Asian skin.
    I remember I applied my eyeshadow to one of my English friend.
    And I was stunned how visible the eyeshadow looked on her skin. When I applied the eyeshadow on me,
    the color seemed hardly noticeable and weak whereas
    her skin could allow the eyeshadow color so much
    strong with same amount of strokes.
    Anyway Majolook does have damn pretty color combination on this holiday palette.
    I will try again with this today before I go out
    but i don’t think it would create the same cute look
    like you did. Hehe
    I will pop in again soon…Take Care~~

  • the Muse

    Hi helly!

    You’re too sweet thank you so much *blush*

    Thank you for your lovely comments!

    I’m positive this will work on your eyes. Sparkling whites and silvers look amazing on Asian eyes!!!!!!!! The pink palette is too lovely 😉 And even if it didn’t work on me I’d still be wanting it. I’m glad I picked it up hehehe 😉

    You’re most welcome! I hope it helped somehow!

    Many thanks for your kind words you totally made my day with your sweetness!


  • the Muse

    Hello there Humming 🙂

    Thank you for posting and reading my blog 🙂

    I’m happy you found me!

    Thank you so much for your compliment *hug*

    I agree. The liner brush is rough and feels like it tears across my lashline! It’s horrible!

    I normally use tons of primer and powder my eyes prior to apply the shadow and that makes the shadow stick for about 8 hours before it starts to rub off a bit!

    We are reversed here as I really do feel like my best friend looks way better in these colors then I do 😉 (She’s Japanese).

    I have to really layer this shadow on where as with her skin she used about two strokes and looked brilliant 🙂

    I guess the grass is always greener on the other side hehe!

    Aww you’re so sweet thanks so much for your compliments! I’d love to see what you create with the palette!

    Thanks again for the comment!
    Many hugs!