January 17, 2008

Benefit Thrrrob Review

I got my Benefit Thrrob Powder ages ago and I’m finally reviewing it for you! YAY! Click here to read my original post about Benefit Thrrob Powder.

I have to give this powder a big Muse approval for purchase as I’m in love with it at the moment!

At first glance I was pretty disappointed for a few reasons. First of all it looks all too similar to the other love of my life, Dandelion, however I soon find out they are quite a deal different from one another. The second reason I was feeling disappointed was the powder was quite sheer when I first opened the box. Huge sighs of grief left my lips when I seen that the powder wasn’t as vibrantly pink as I had hoped!

When I seen this on the site I thought for sure this was the answer to my prayers for beautifully flushed cheeks but upon seeing the powder I thought for sure it was another big disappointment from Benefit! However, I take back all my negative thoughts after using it!

The powder is a beautiful silky texture with a touch of shimmer but as I said it’s a bit on the sheer side when you’re just glancing at it! However, after applying it to my cheeks I was delighted that the shade is deeper on, very beautiful, and natural! I actually tried it sans foundation and I found it gave me a lovely little glow of pink that was truly perfect!

If you’re in love with natural looking powders and blushes this would be something you’ll want! A little foundation, a little gloss, and some of this will give you a truly fresh, glowing look!

If you’re scared of shimmers, glitters, or sparkle you can rest easy as the shimmer in this is very subtle and barely noticeable!

First thing I did when I got this was take out my Dandelion and do the comparisons. I have to say that I do get almost the same look from Dandelion however with Thrrob I noticed that the color is slightly deeper and a bit more pink where as Dandelion is pink yet not as deep. I normally apply Dandelion over my blush and let it work it’s magic however I rarely wear it alone where as Thrrob can be used both under or without blush! Although Dandelion can certainly be used on it’s own I found that Thrrob gives a much more brighter look rather! I’m not particularly certain that Thrrob is anymore pigmented then Dandelion however it is a bit more vibrant but not overly so!

Thrrob and Dandelion

Where as Dandelion is a soft pale peachy pink, Thrrob is more of a true pink. Thrrob goes on as a reddish pink to me so you’re getting that “just out of the cold” look where as Dandelion you get more of a soft, highlighted glow.

Thrrob is $28 USD and available now directly from Sephora or Benefit Cosmetics.

Overall, I can definately give this a go ahead for purchase! I’m really loving it at the moment!

Benefit finally got it right this time and I’m happy to see a product I’m loving by them as it’s been ages since I purchased an item that I wasn’t a tad disappointed with!

Good job Benefit!

Benefit Thrrob is most definately Muse Approved for purchase!

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  • the Muse

    yay! I hope you like it. I look forward to reading your review on it 😉

    I’m loving it right now!


  • Ivy

    hello Muse!
    thank you for ur review..i was wondering how the powder is ever since i saw it on the Benefit website a few weeks back.the thing is, im asian but im not sure exactly how to describe my skintone (quite noob at this beauty related stuff) but maybe im medium?or fair-medium but dandelion doesnt show on me. would like ur opinion about Throbb, do you think it will show more on me than dandelion? your advice is greatly appreciated 🙂 thanks ya

  • the Muse

    Hi Ivy!

    You’re most welcome! If you’re a medium skintone this might not work that great to wear by itself as a blusher. However it will beef up your blush when applied over a blush! If that makes sense 🙂

    I do this with Dandelion as Dandelion doesn’t show on me either but I love how it does wonders for making my blush more vibrant. Sort of highlights.

    The same can be said of Thrrrob. It looks very nice over blush you already have on! It’s a bit on the sheer side to be worn alone on a medium skintone!

    I wore it by itself and found it gave me a nice pink color but I’m finding I like the effect better when I use my own blush!

    I wouldn’t spend the cash on, especially if you’re out of the US (as it’ll be more costly), just to beef up your blush!

    Skip it and try something else 😉

    However, if you are wanting it badly and don’t mind using it as a highlighter..go for it!

    Hope this helps!

  • Ivy

    okay!it all makes sense now.yeah,i have a soft spot for anything Benefit comes out with..so..*maybe* hehe

    thanks alot for the info!

  • the Muse

    no problem 🙂
    I hope it was helpful!

    I admit I have a soft spot too but I’ve been burned too many times with their products so I practice a little caution as of late with anything they release!


  • Minttu

    Can this be used all over face powder after foundation or is dallas better? I have light skin.

    • the Muse

      i wouldn’t use it all over my face minttu. Just cheeks. Dallas you should prob swatch prior to purchasing as it could apply muddy on very light skin.

  • Zenobia

    Wow..everywhere I look I read the same thing – that Thrrrob is too sheer and not suitable for medium skin. The box is sooo pretty, can’t seem to give up on this 🙁

    Thanks for the swatches

  • Adriana

    thrrrob looks amazing!!!! but i have a deeper skin tone so would it show? i also love the packaging!!!!!!! im a sucker for cute things ;/ its a dilema