January 22, 2008

Majolica Majorca Spring 2008 Collection: Website Update


Praise Jebus!

Majolica Majorca’s Website has been updated with the new Spring 2008 Collection!

This is something many of us have been waiting for very patiently with much anticipation (or is it only me?)!

The site is currently a bit slow as I’m sure it’s getting major traffic so I’ve taken a few screen shots for you!

In order to view the new Collection you have to “catch the butterflies”! So scroll around the page and you’ll locate a few little surprises!

The Spring Collection consists of:

3 New Majolica Majolook Trick On Palettes

These are slightly different from the standard Majolook Palettes as they don’t have a liner or a cream base! I think all the colors are powder! All the palettes will be part of the general catalog aside from one that’s LE which is the GR741 Variation and the most beautiful of the lot in my opinion!

3 Honey Balm Lipglosses

I’m not entirely interested in these to be honest as they are just a retake on the current glosses in the general catalog however you might want to pick them up as they are all LE!

And finally a new Lash Enamel was introduced as well!

This is your standard Lash Enamel! All the releases always seem the same with little differences but I still want it as I like trying each formula they release on the Enamel and the Extender!

I was happy to see the promo images were in English however the instructions for the palettes are in Japanese so we’ll have to wait for our little angel to translate it for us!

Overall, I’m impressed! I’m loving the palettes and want one of each plus the Lash Enamel! I’m skipping on the glosses as I’m not all that impressed with the regular Honey Plumping Glosses!

How about you?
Loving this collection?
Want it?

P.S. Remember to scroll around the site to locate all the little surprises! There are two very nice wallpapers available for download of the new promo images featuring the models!


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  • helly

    i actually saw this in the VoCE mag, but the palettes didn’t really seem to spark me, it just seems a bit.. (shhhboringshhh). the shadows may be great but the layout of it.. gahhh, i dunnoooooooo!! i’ll look forward to your review when you get it!!

    hahha, i’ve actually never tried anything from mj apart from the mascara :S haha, so saddddddd 🙁 but i’ve read enough reviews to feel like i’ve used and own every single one!! hahah!!

    Oh btwwwww, i was just quite surprised!! it seems like you haven’t tried lunasol’s skin modelling palettes!!

    looking forward to more updatessss!!!!

  • millie

    oh muse…how could you do this to me…i was just starting to swear off buying unnecessary makeup to save up some money then you post this up *shakes fist* of course i can’t resist MJ hahaha. the green and pink palettes look like the other palette that’s got a green and pink in it..i’m not sure if you know which on i’m talking about. it seems kinda silly to get the new palettes when there’s already a MJ palette that looks like that, but of course it’s MJ haha

  • the Muse

    Hi Helly!

    I have to say at first I wasn’t so sure about the palettes but upon seeing the promo pictures and the models I was very tempted and wanted them all *blush*

    The layout is quite different for the Majolook and they are probably somewhat sheer but I’m kinda liking the looks created 😉 I’ll definately review when I get ’em and do some FOTD’s!

    I was a total MJ mascara whore prior to trying the makeup and soon afterwards was a total addict once I started collecting the palettes and later the single shadows 🙂

    If you’re in singapore the price shouldn’t be too different from Japan so you should try at least one palette to get a feel for them and see whatcha think 😉

    I actually have a love hate relationship with Lunasol 🙂 I love it but I also nitpick it apart !

    I did love the recent releases and picked up all of them! I actually have a review on it 😉 Check it out!

    Thanks for your great comments! I’ll keep the updates coming and you keep the comments flowing 😉

  • the Muse

    Hi Millie!

    LOL! I can’t either 🙂 I swore to myself I’d be good come the spring! That flew right out the door with all the latest Japan releases! GRRR!

    I actually do as I have them! But I’m still darn tempted by these as the layout looks interesting!

    I’m so diseased even if I already have the colors I still want to get them as I collect MJ!

    GRRR so sick and addicting 😉

  • helly

    awwwwwww, first of all, i doooooooo hope you get better soon!!! when i get a sore throat, all i do i drink water and nothing else … and eat mint 😀 and yessssss, soooo looking forward to your reviewsss!! hahhaha and about lunasol, hahah hope i dun sound stalkerish..but i’ve actually read ALL your jap reviews .. at least twice 😀 hahhahahahhaa XD they’re all sooooooo brilliantly detailedd!!

    and i live in sydney, so the prices are at least double the rrp, its so gayyyy, it should be illegal to sell mj mascara for $30. honestly. 😐

    but thankfully, my fd lives in tw. i doooo hope he buys everything on the list, hahahhaha, but since he’s a guy and everything..hmm 🙂

    anyways, as i said, dooooooo look after yourself and drink plenty of water 🙂

    take care!

  • the Muse

    Hi Helly!

    Aw thanks sweetie. I’m doing a bit better! Got it..lots of water and mint 😉 hehe!

    Oh my gosh not stalkerish at all! I’m absolutely flattered you read them twice *mwah*

    I’m getting my Spring Collections very soon so I’ll review those! Lots of Japanese goodies! WAHOO!

    ugh! Sydney is so so far! Are you studying abroad or live there permanently? Are you a native aussie?

    That’s ridiculous! Why not buy it from Adam Beauty? He should ship your side I think!?

    $30! Unreal!

    LOL can’t count on men for cosmetics 😉 unless they are gay that is 😉 Then they are totally reliable! My friend Jai is absolutely a expert on cosmetics!

    Thanks Helly! I’ll be better soon I’m sure. I’m looking forward to resting up for the weekend. It’s been a crummy day so far but I have hopes I’ll feel much better come Monday!


  • Ivy

    hello muse!
    oooooh i love mj stuffs but i didnt realise how great it actually is when i went to japan..and i only brought back a few items.loved it only after i tried using it!! the spring collection looks pretty (or is it the background..haha)

    i hope u get well soon! do take care and rest more

  • the Muse

    hello ivy!

    me too me too!

    When I went to Japan it was one of the 1st items that I got hooked on! I love it so much! It’s so cute!

    lol the background is beautiful isn’t it?

    thanks so much for your get well wishes 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi there,

    I love your reviews. I’m crazy about Japanese cosmetics as well. I was in Japan for 3 weeks. All I wanted to do was to go to the drugstores to checkout the cosmetics…crazy!! Have you tried the ‘Aube’glosses? I love them. They are pigmented and shiny. Anyway, can’t wait to try new MJ mascara as well.. please do some MJ reviews again…

  • the Muse

    Hi Anonymous!

    Thanks so much love! I lived in Japan for a few months and spent a majority of the time in drugstores LOL!

    I have indeed. Did you mean the fruitina LE ones? if so I love them!!!!!

    I sure will do MJ reviews 🙂

    I’m getting the Spring stuff soon I hope as a friend of mine is grabbing it for me so I’ll be listing my thoughts very shortly!

    Thanks for the comment!

  • ‘ * : . b | u 3 . : * ‘

    i was thinking of getting the honey pump glosses…but i don’t want to waste money if they aren’t any good. what are the reasons you don’t like them? i’m asking a friend to buy some stuff for me so i can’t actually see it in person 🙁

  • the Muse

    hi ‘ * : . b | u 3 . : * ‘!

    They are nice but don’t do what they say. I got no plumping from them at all!

    They are simply gloss! Very nice gloss but just gloss! I get better plump from Sony CP Curvy Lip Silicon or Lip Venom then I do from these!

    I have these featured on my blog 🙂

    If you look around you’ll see images of them!

    They are also not full size tubes but tiny mini tubes so that was disappointing as well!

    Maybe get one? To try it? They aren’t too expensive so it’s kinda worth it 😉