January 29, 2008

Spring Collections 2008 Round Up

Many of you are already in the know about what’s coming up in the Spring but I thought I’d do a bit of a Spring Round Up of the Collections that are popping up with a little commentary about each!

Do share your own thoughts and tell me how you’re feeling about these collections!

NARS was one of the first Spring Collections I seen pop on the scene with it’s Shanghai Lily Collection. It also happens to have set the theme for this year’s Collections with it’s bold look. As beautiful as the collection is it leaves me with a bit of a question mark hanging over my head as it’s not in keeping with my general look of Spring! The colors are very bold and dark reminding me of a Fall Collection rather then the light feeling of Spring. The star of the collection for me would be the newest eyeshadow in Abyssina which is soft pearl shimmer.

Overall, I really do love the look of the collection but it loses some of it’s appeal when the weather begins to warm up and I’m looking for a softer look! If they released this for the Fall I’m positive I’d be all over it like white on rice however this fails to wow me at the moment! I’ll definately pick up Abyssina but the rest I can do without until the colder weather sets in and the feel of Spring has left the air!

Smashbox hits another foul ball with it’s Green Room Collection. It consists of tons of bronzey shades and again it appears they confused seasons here. This look reminds me of a more Summer feel with it’s warmer, golden colors! Last Spring we got a rather nice surprise with the Tokidoki Collection however this too wasn’t worth your time. Aside from the gorgeous Tokidoki themed packaging the actual product and colors were a bit too sheer for my lighting thus this year we ended up with another dud. The Green Room Collection fails on all accounts for me and I can’t pick out a single item out of the collection that intrigues me. This one is can be skipped on all accounts.

For the sake of being an avid collector I did indeed purchase some of the Givenchy Denim Collection this year just because I’m so diseased but I can’t help but feel ripped off. Again, we have really dark colors for the Spring! I’m starting to get confused what Season we are heading into here! The collection has absolutely nothing to redeem itself and it consists of all dark, deep colors that I can’t even associate a Season with! I hate to say these things as I’m such a collector and fan of Givenchy but this collection leaves no lasting impression on me! Saks also happened to pop up with a new Prismissime for the Eyes which consists of colors from the Sweet and Decandent Chocolate Prismissime. It’s quite lovely and has since made it’s starring appearance on Sephora however again another disappointment. I purchased this even thought I already own the Sweet and Decandent Chocolate Prismissime palettes separately but it’s not an absolutely have to have for a few reasons. One would be the fact that again the colors are completely off Season for me and secondly if you have the original palettes you really don’t need to shell out the cash for this new palette unless you’re as sick as I am! After some confusion it’s finally been cleared up that the blue-purplish blush you may have seen as part of the Collection is an Asian Exclusive, Japan to be exact I believe so of course we got ripped off on that. I debated myself for a while whether I should have my friend get me the blush but I’ve since decided I’ve overindulged in this collection and I really don’t need more items I probably won’t even use!

Overall, the Collection is interesting but it loses points for it’s dark colors! If you’re a collector I, of course, recommend it for purchase. If you’re not, it’s safe to skip it!

After much debate I decided to get a majority of the Lavshuca Spring Collection! In keeping with the current theme Lavshuca decided to take the Fall road as well and introduce a ton of palettes that contain some bronzey, brownish looking colors with one lighter shade. Again, I’m scratching my head in confusion! A good friend of mine, Mayu, lives in Japan and isn’t so busy at the moment so I’ve had her do the Spring Collection Shopping Spree for me and I ended up getting the new Noble On Eye Palettes. Just call me curious but I have to see for myself what the drama is with these palettes. They intrigue me to say the very least. The new slim style lipshades have also piqued my interest and I’ve decided I must try these as well but if you ask me they just look like the same standard Lavshuca lipstick in new packaging but we shall see!

Overall, this too seems to be a disappointment but I’m eagerly awaiting the package which should be here soon so I can review these!

Majolica Majorca has my heart this season with their newest Majolook palettes! I cannot wait to get my hands on these! At least the colors are reminding me of Spring here with beautiful pinks, aquas, and golds! Thank you Shiseido for having a heart and gifting us with true Spring palettes! Click here to read more about MJ’s newest Collection!

Much to my utter dismay Jill Stuart’s Seductive Eye Collection totally broke my heart. How do I dislike thee, let me count the ways! Matte shadows? My god the horror! Similar to every other JS Palette released? Check. More dark colors? Sheesh. I can’t believe I’m about to admit this but I skipped on all of the newest releases from JS this year and I plan on sticking to my word about purchasing these as they were just not interesting at all! Click here to read about the Seductive Eye Collection!

I believe I’ve bored you enough with my Musings about Spring Collections! I’ll be reviewing quite a few Spring Collections soon as I purchase them!

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  • Dalenna

    umm…i think global warming is getting to the cosmetic makers LOL i completely agree as i can’t choke down summer/fall shades in the spring either. what a way to start the new year – by fast forward through it!!! not cool. not cool at all.

  • the Muse

    Hey D 🙂 *hugs*

    Glad I’m not alone here because I’m way confused with these collections!

    So dark!!!!!


    Gimme some pinks, golds, and pastels for Spring please!

    Leave the purple lipstick and black eyeshadow for the Fall and Winter 😉

  • K.D

    What can I say? I do indeed adore my dark and smokey colors so I dont have too many complaints there. I ventured on down to saks last friday to have a gander at all the new goodies. Have you heard about the new guerlain limited edition palette? That looks absolutely gorgeous!

  • Row

    Hmmmmm not lemming much. I say that but somehow I end up with a ton of stuff?

    I always a mj palettes and my heart belongs to Lavshuca…but thats about it?

    RMK Dotty collection, baby, thats the way to go!

  • Taryn

    I love the NARS one, but definitely not for spring. It’s very 20s flapperish and gorgeous, but I think fall was the time to release that.

    I agree about spring being pushed on us too soon. Man, what is wrong with winter? Doesn’t anyone like crisp, cool air with no humidity? Sure it’s cold, but it’s invigorating and gives you a reason to wear great clothes! Summer clothing does nothing for me. 😛

    Then again, I prefer darkness to sunlight, so that proves my weirdness…

  • Haru

    Hey Izzie dear,

    You should check out the swatches of the new Jill Stuart palettes on this Chinese blog. Most of the shades are shimmery, not matte. But the review was a negative one as the blog owner didn’t like the chunky glitter in the extreme left shade and the poor pigment in the 2nd from left shade which is the matte base shade. But the other two shades on the right side of the palette have the same texture as the eyeshadows in the Brilliance Eyes palettes.

  • Angelique

    Me personally, I’ll take dark colors over the morass of beige any day of the week. What is it with this stupid country and beige?

    Sadly the Saks here hasn’t contacted me about the blue Givenchy polish that I want so badly–figures. This made-of-FAIL city never gets anything good. I did get the blue-violet mascara though and plan on getting the two lipsticks as well. The eyeshadow palettes however…. fifty dollars for something smaller than an action-figure base is bullshit. So no go for me.

    Honestly, Denim Fetiche let me down a bit as well. But I haven’t really liked any other collection released either. Chanel’s Aurora Blues has come the closest to pleasing me. I liked Guerlain’s Fleur de Feu collection but not enough to get anything from it.

    Oh and tell me this: why do blogs always report that Givenchy’s collections will be for sale on Saks.com? Because they never are. Pisses me off.

    Well, have a good morning my dear.

  • the Muse

    Hey KD *hugs*

    I like the new name 😉

    I do too but not for the Spring 🙁 I just like something lighter 😉

    I seen the new Guerlain palette 😉 and it looks quite gorgeous! But again it’s too dark! WAH!

    They also have new duos as well! But again too dark 🙁

  • the Muse


    I know. God I don’t lem but suddenly I end up with a buncha of crap! Wait till you see my sickening bobbi brown haul!

    Did you get the new Noble on Palettes? I got all 5 🙁 I told myself why bother because they are so dark but they made me curious with there weird color combos!

    YES YES YES! I got your email for the Dotty Collection! Is you be my personal shopper pleaze? 😉

  • the Muse

    Tarynnnnnnnnn! ‘ello love!

    I agree 100%! Very nice NARS haul but not for now!

    I know 🙁 and before you know it the summer collections will be forced on it!

    I love Winter and Fall myself so I’m with you! Plus out of the harm of the sun! Hate what the sun does to my skin!

    You aren’t weird 😉

  • MandyPandy

    Ugh! Lydia Hearst. First Sephora, now NARS?!? Bitch doesn’t deserve NARS, she deserves SARS!

    And no, I’m not loving the Shanghai Lily collection. The lipstick is calling my name, but I know from experience that NARS lipsticks are absolute rubbish.

    Don’t like Smashbox either; nothing they do ever really impresses me and the Tokidoki and Green Room collections are no different. Tokidoki was overhyped and overpriced ($35 for a tiny compact mirror?) and GR is too warm to pull off with my pale winter complexion.

    I may be weird, but I really do associate denim blue with Spring and the Givenchy palette on the bottom left is calling my name.

  • the Muse

    Hi Haru love of my life *hugs*

    Thanks! I just checked ’em and now I hate you for making me want them lol! I thought for sure they’d be crummy but looks like lots of chunky shimmer and glitter. I likey!

    But seriously I don’t think I need these as I agree the colors are quite similar to the Brilliance Palettes 🙁 I wish they’d do something new!

    I like the colors on the left hand side but the darker shades look all the same! BLAH!

    Thanks for the linkage honey!

    Love ya lots and lots and lots and lots!

  • the Muse

    hi Angelique!

    I know beige stinks. Although it is sometimes flattering on my buggy eyes!

    Saks actually got a new burgundy mascara so that might be right up your alley!

    I got the denim palettes and I agree $50 is a bit insane plus the colors aren’t as fab as I had hopes for 🙁

    It let me down too! I loved the Arty Collection and had hopes for something similar this year or at least something as vibrant!

    I couldn’t bring myself to venture into more blue so I skipped on the Chanel!

    Again I’m with you as much as I like Guerlain’s newest lineup I’ll be skipping!

    Saks.com never carries the full line. Just call your local or the one in Manhattan and they’ll give you free fedex if you drop enough cash or get a good SA!

    You have a fab morning too!

  • the Muse

    LOL SARS Jesus you’re brutal!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t think I’ve tried a lippe from NARS yet only blush and shadows and such!

    The tokidoki was totally overpriced but I was in lust with the very sweet packaging!

    I got the Givenchy palettes but I’m somewhat disappointed with the line this year 🙁

    I dunno!

    It’s all kinda meh!

    I’m still waiting for the Cargo to pop up in stores as you’ve totally made me lem it!

    Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaz!

  • MandyPandy

    Err…the Cargo blush…

    I have to post the review of that as I received it a couple of days ago, tried again and again and still don’t love it (on my face, at least. Looks lovely on the back of my hand, though). I should have tested it on my actual cheek and not swatched it on my hand back in Sephora. Things are not looking so good… Review forthcoming.

  • the Muse

    oh no! don’t feel bad as ever cargo blush I ever purchased was rubbish 🙁

    I was so hopeful it’d be good 🙁


    I always swatch stuff on my hand and get it home and end up hating it 🙁

    Oh well at least we live in the US and it’s easy enough to return it 😉

    Can’t wait for the review!


  • Angelique

    Ahhh, I’ve already got that burgandy mascara from Givenchy! All I really want is that goddamn blue nail polish. FIENDS. This city is honest to god made of fucking FAIL. lord how i wish i could move.

    Alls I got from Chanel was the Blue Satin polish. Plan on getting Azur to go with it sometime since Blue Satin looks just like Black Satin when it dries. Bitches.

    And I may yet get the Fleur de Feu lipstick from Guerlain. It’ll be my second ever Guerlain purchase: the first was their delightful blue-green gloss from their Emilio Pucci collection. My only complaint on it is that they don’t give you near enough. So I never wear it.

    I really should stop rambling. Here’s hoping.

  • the Muse

    hey Angelique!

    Sorry about the delayed reply 🙂


    Have you tried searching for the nail varnish online or calling saks new york to ship to you!?

    I haven’t gotten blue satin 😉 I was curious and had a lem but now that I hear it looks like black I’ll skip as I already own black satin!

    I firgure that I might as well use stuff before I die lol! So I stopped worrying about quantity lately!

    Not rambling at all!
    Comment away!