February 21, 2008

Gene Simmons on Ugly Betty

So Gene Simmons has been whoring himself on telly lately….This is off the topics of cosmetics so you might want to turn away while I babble vintage rock.

I couldn’t sleep last night so around 3 am I found myself sitting up in bed with my ultra awesome sweetest softest blanket from Bath and Body Works (I love that thing) and powering up the Tivo to catch up on Ugly Betty. It’s been weeks since the last episode and I just now got the chance to have a watch!

Much to my delight Gene Simmons popped up during the last 2 minutes of the show. Dontcha love that Gene Simmons whores himself all over TV lately? Celebrity Apprentice, Ugly Betty, Family Guy, and even SpongeBob Square Pants!

You think maybe 30 years ago Gene Simmons thought to himself “Hey when I’m 60 I think I’ll lend my ultra awesome voice to a kids show about a Sponge that lives under the sea in a pineapple! ROCK ON!” Or even better yet wouldn’t it be awesome to hear Gene sing the theme song? Holy cow I’d rock out to that.


Gene also has his own reality show on A&E called Family Jewels. As I watch Gene and his slightly dysfunctional family the thought crosses my mind of how the mighty have fallen! I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Gene Simmons, God of Rock, has a reality show. Wow. Just Wow.

I think I was 5 and my cousin Joe, was about 17 or 18 and he’d pump up KISS on his very low end car stereo (the height of technology in our hay day) in his pimp’ed up Monte Carlo. Yup, my cousin was the Fonz. That’s right. He drove a pimp daddy, deep red Monte Carlo, wore a leather jacket, and had all the girls swooning at his feet. To this day my dad always looks back on Joe with fond memories and is in awe that he’s a family man now! Who would have thought all the grease in his head would lead to a beautiful wife and kids (sadly he doesn’t have much hair left to grease which the Muse is fond of reminding him of).

Anyway my deep appreciation for vintage rock is due to him I guess. Mostly my blog stems from the fact that I miss Joe alot lately (he hasn’t been doing so well but that’s a story for another day).

As I was watching Gene Simmons wag his tongue around on Ugly Betty last night I couldn’t help but think it would crack Joe up that this is where Gene Simmons has ended up circa 2008!

The moral of the story is we love you Gene but less cheese and more rock please! You’re killing your image!

If you’re any kind of a fan of KISS you might be tickled to know that it appears the writers of Ugly Betty have even infiltrated Paul Stanley as he’ll be on the show too shortly! Lord…what is the world coming too?

I’m predicting the future and I’m seeing Paul and Gene on Home Shopping Network next year selling anti wrinkle cream that goes on white and black and gives you the alluring charm of the Demon or the Starchild! I can’t wait till I’m 60 so I can buy it 😉

Discuss (I imagine everyone is thinking shut up get on with the cosmetics already!)?


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  • Sminkan

    Still have a poster of Kiss in full make-up in my closet. For inspiration, I guess? 😀

    I was horrified when Gene showed up at a reality show in some school teaching kids to play in a band. This sounda even worse. But, Kiss lost it before I even turned ten. Wasn’t it 1982 they took te make up off? No matter what, the mystery is kind of lost now.

    All I can say is:
    Headlines jungle is the only rule,
    front page roar of the nation cool
    Turn it up, this is my attitude, take it or leave it
    Loud, I wanna hear it loud! Right between the eyes!

    Gene was a hero! Past tense…

  • (g)ezebel

    gene simmons… now HE makes me feel old.

    trivia question: what’s the name of the movie that KISS made?

  • Liz

    Hahaha, I actually enjoy reading posts on non-makeup subjects more. 😉 I was never a Gene Simmons fan, but I know what you mean by ‘less cheese and more rock’! Talk about a fall from grace!!

    But you know what? Maybe these guys have it right… whatever pays the bills, eh?

  • the Muse

    hey sminkan!

    Rock on \m/

    I won’t admit I have the dolls…nope..I’d never admit that!

    Ugh lord I didn’t see that! Terrifying….! I find it distrubing he does voice over work for cartoons…that really makes me sniffle a little in disappointment!

    Even with the makeup off they still had that fabulous headbanger allure ….but ado…all good things must come to and end!



    Ah Gene still holds a special place in my heart for awesomeness even though the downward spiral is nearing a severe breaking point!

    \m/ rock on gene! go on with your bad self and take reality tv by storm!

    work it baby work it!

  • the Muse

    hey gez!

    I feel my age everyday lately 😉 Gene Simmons just brings it to a head (he isn’t even in my general timezone).

    they have been associated with alot of movies but I assume you mean the exposed docdrama? They actually wrote that. They starred in alot of crap 😉 Awesome vintage crap like Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park! w00t! You know you made it when you’re in a film like that 😉


  • the Muse

    hi Ash,

    Here here! True! But back then the cheese had a certain appeal 😉 Now that he’s aging he has no excuse for cheese!


  • Sminkan

    I happen to own Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park on VHS…

    Well, that is ancient history now. I must have been 10 years old when I bought it…