February 22, 2008

Vincent Longo C_Scope Collection Review (And a bit of Pop Lid Neon Too!)

Welcome to my combined review of the Vincent Longo C_Scope Collection that I babbled about yesterday PLUS the Pop Lid Neon Palette as well! Isn’t it fun to get a double dose of two brands in one post?

I was babbling quite a bit yesterday about Vincent Longo’s C_Scope Collection so if you missed it you can click here for a recap! I also babbled about (and swatched) Pop’s new palette Lid Neon if you missed it click here and here to get in the know!

Let me start by saying I’m quite in lust and love with the Vincent Longo C_Scope Collection! After swatching myself happy at Sephora with every single shade in the collection I decided, after much debate and deep thought, that I’d go with the mascara and liner in blue. Truly it was a difficult choice and I wanted to walk out of Sephora with at least three other colors but somehow, some way I showed a willpower I didn’t even know I possessed. Although I imagine the other colors will make a starring appearance in my collection soonish!

The blue I choose is a the truest blue I’ve ever owned. I don’t own any colors like it and I’d never have thought to pick such a color for myself but after seeing the promo images I was pretty much sold! It’s a solid, true, primary blue and might I add it goes wonderfully with the blue in the new Pop Lid Neon Palette I purchased.

I decided this morning I’d pair up the Pop Lid Neon Palette with my Vincent Longo mascara and liner. What I created is a bit scary and needs a bit of tweaking to look good but I think with a lighter hand and a bit more time I can do a sincerely awesome look!

I should mention that I hate liquid liners with a passion. HATE! They are so difficult to apply! Stick me with a pencil or a potted liner and I’m good to go, give me liquid and it’s like sending me to a hanging! I have no skill when it comes to lining with liquid (I have had success with Cenora Liquid Liner though! Yay me!)! I just suck at it, pure and simple. The good news is that the liners from the collection are so deeply pigmented. It’s like applying ink to your lashline and it’s impossible to screw it up. It just slides right on perfectly and personally you don’t need much talent for application. I dunno why but since the blue is so loud and outrageous it just makes it easier to apply for me. If I’m using black in a liquid liner I tend to notice if I screw up or if my line is messy and not so straight where as with the bright, bold blue I didn’t notice any such thing. I think the fact that the color is so very vibrant that you’re not noticing any minor imperfections. Any goof ups I did have, I corrected easily by gently following the line I made with a q-tip, reapplying, and again lightly touching up with a q-tip! Presto! Bob’s your uncle! Perfect line!

As I mentioned earlier I also picked up the blue mascara. This I didn’t like as much as the liner simply because I felt like it was clumping my lashes up during application. Pigmentation, like the liner, is excellent! It literally turns your lashes bright blue! So outrageous! But I didn’t enjoy the way it applied. The applicator is a comb applicator so no brush here which is good because you’ll get excellent coverage this way but I’m not loving the clumpy feel and look of my lashes after application.

More raving ahead after that minor rant…….

The collection also introduced a new product entitled Lip Vinyl. Four shades are currently available and I’m hopeful they’ll slowly add more. I got the color Fellini Red and I absolutely adore it. Wow. Super duper pigmentation. I can’t speak for the other colors but this is seriously some killer lip product here! A quick swipe gave my lips a very full on, drop dead red pout! I don’t normally like reds but I have to say I loved how awesome this looked on! It might be even too much if possible! I felt like Marilyn Monroe for a second there! The formula is strange because it does apply somewhat wetly but it’s dry on your lips and very matte which I don’t like. I’m not one for a matte lip color so a little gloss on top makes my lips very happy, VERY red, and very shiny! Gorgeous!

This morning I decided to pair my Pop Lid Neon with the Vincent Longo liner and mascara. Many of you had asked how pigmented the Pop Lid Neon palette was and I couldn’t truly answer without first trying it on my eyes. I’m here to tell you it’s worth your bucks! It’s very pigmented and the one color I used (blue) went on beautifully! All the colors are matte, again I’m not a matte lover, but I am happy to have this little guy in my beauty arsenal because the shades are excellent and you can get hundreds of looks out of one little kit! The shadow is silky and applies with ease and it’s very long wearing!

As I was saying I paired up my Vincent Longo blue liner and mascara plus the blue shade from the Lid Neon palette today and although the look was a bit overkill I think in the future I can definately work it a bit better! I went with very natural lips and cheeks because the blue was already loud enough in itself!

On a side note the color lasted all day on both the shadow, liner, and mascara. No smudging, no flaking. On the upside of this I’m happy to report that the liner is pretty easy to remove. If you’re a MAC lover I’m sure, like me, you avoid Liquidlast Liner like the plague! Seriously does anyone buy it? You need gasoline dipped cotton balls to remove it from your eyes! It doesn’t budge! It terrifies me! It’s like applying tattoo ink to my lashline! The good news is you get the same incredible lasting power and pigmentation with Vincent Longo’s liner but the ease of removal that MAC Liquidlast liner fails at!

So here’s what I created, don’t laugh, it looks kinda crummy and needs alot of work! My favorite part is the liner which is why I’m showing you this! It’s so very beautiful and has that wonderful “wow” and “pop”! I’m eager to try the liner on it’s own and maybe smudge it up some and see what kind of effect I can get! By the way don’t mind the fact that I have a huge stain of blue in the inner corner of my eye, it was removed after taking the pictures! I noticed it and was like UGH!

UPDATE: Sorry guys but I’m removing the FOTD pics. Totally feeling bummed after getting some crummy comments but the good news is the review is still here!



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  • Ann the Queen

    pls show the red lip colour!!

    my blog is now at myvanitybag.vox.com if you want to view the biteki FOTD!

  • the Muse

    awesome thanks ann! Coming to visit right now!

    You said you had emailed me but I didn’t get anything wanna resend?

    Off to visit you!

  • Haru

    woah, that’s BRIGHT, girl! But you rocked it as usual 🙂 I’m getting too old to pull off bright blues although I still do the occasional emerald and teals.

  • the Muse

    LOL thanks Iris 🙂 Major nutty 😉

    I should no better as I’m way too old for this stuff too 😉 but I do like to have a bit of fun!

    Hey as I recall you purchased the LM blue shadow palette 😉 You’re just as daring!

    We are the same age but I think I might be just a bit more immature makeup wise hehehe!

    love ya 😉


  • Critty

    Love it!! I need that mascara … I have a thing for bright blue mascara. My first mascara was a bright teal from Cover Girl, it was 1987 what can I say?!

  • Taryn

    Muse, all I can think of is when I was a kid in art class and we got to use oil crayons. The first one I always went for was the cobalt one and your makeup is the exact shade of it!

    It’s a compliment, BTW, because I love the color cobalt. It’s not something I can wear very well as far as makeup goes, but I just think the hue is gorgeous!

    I need to go to Sephora today and maybe I’ll have a look at this C-Shock collection…

  • Adina

    The lemming bug has bit me. I now HAVE TO HAVE all of the longo collection including the liners, mascaras and vinyls. Oh and im seriously considering the pop palette too. My goodness, my addiction is like a disease!

  • the Muse

    hiya Critty!

    LOL! I vaguely recall CG having a green mascara 😉 Hey in ’87 I bet you were the height of fabulous with your teal mascara 😉

    Thanks for your comment 😉
    Happy Weekend!

  • the Muse

    hey Taryn!

    LOL YES! I remember the oil crayons 😉 this matches that particular color you’re speaking of perfectly 😉

    Hell I can’t wear it either. I look nuts in this pic but I couldn’t resist going nutty 😉

    I think the yellow and white would look fab on you with your gorgeous hair and fair skin 😉

    Check out the lip vinyls too! they are very cool!

  • the Muse

    Hi Adina,

    Oh you are going to LOVE it! So yummie! I’m seriously considering going back for the yellow, white, green, and red!

    I didn’t like all the vinyl colors aside from the red so I’m hopeful they’ll do more colors b/c I dig the formula big time!

    LOL I love to feed the addiction 😉

  • KC

    If you want to save some money when purchasing the VL products you can get them at bath and body works and use the bottoms of the receipt. The 10 off 30 coupon!!
    You could use the same routine over and over and save alot of money!

  • Taryn


    You know, nowhere in this post did I see you asking what everyone thought of today’s look. Why do people feel it necessary to offer up their useless, unsolicited opinions? Nobody cares! We’re here because we like makeup and like following your adventures. Why these people lurk and criticize is beyond me.

    As Kevyn Aucoin said, there are no rules with beauty. It’s about taking risks and trying new things. The best part of it is that it washes off! We’re not talking tattoos here, people. Muse, I imagine your wannabe Siskel & Eberts are the ones clogging up the aisles at the drugstore buying what they think is a daring shade of taupe Cover Girl eye shadow. “Wait’ll the girls at work get a load of my dramatic eye!”


    Keep your chin up, Muse.

  • Row

    Hey! No fair! I was reading and getting very excited about seeing the blue mascara & eyeshadow and you already took the FOTD off :/

    Who is being mean? Tut tut to them. I can imagine the blue is stunning…

  • petitez

    Oh I missed seeing the FOTD! Would love to see it though. I can’t carry blue very well. Don’t be so bummed ok? Smile!!!! 🙂

  • Caitlin

    Oh Muse, I was looking forward to the FOTD at the end of the post. I hope you’ll recreate one you’ll like; Pop is a brand actually available in Australia and I was thinking of getting the neon palette.
    Are the MaxFactor colour mascaras good- have you tried them and how do they compare to Vincent? I figure they’ll hit Australia in about a year and I want them all XD
    ignore those mean commenters! beauty blogging shouldn’t be about malice, it should be a 24/7 funtimes online slumber party 😀

  • the Muse

    hey KC!

    Thanks for the tip babe! Great idea 😉

    I don’t think they have the C-Scope Selections in stock yet but still awesome trick for other VL goodies!

    Happy Days!


  • the Muse

    Hey Taryn!

    Thanks love!

    Fascinates me. If I have stalkers it must mean I really MADE IT! Wahooo! lol!

    LOL! Indeed that beige is divine and so risque 😉


    Thanks for making me feel better Taryn!

    *huge hugs*

  • the Muse

    Hey Rows!

    I’ll send it your way if you like 🙂 Can send via email!


  • the Muse

    Hi Caitlin!

    I’ll gladly repost another one 🙂 I was bummed at the negative comments blah!

    I really say buy it. It’s a rather great little palette!

    I haven’t tried them but a majority of the new line for MaxFactor I find not so hot. Tried eyeshadows and loose pigments and I wasn’t really thrilled. Not sure about the Mascara though!

    LOL w00t! Sounds good to me! Cheers to a 24/7 slumber party! With snacks and makeovers mind you 😉

    Thanks for the awesome comment and for making me feel alot better 😉