April 1, 2008

Mally Beauty CityChick Nude Lip Kit Review

I should start off this review by saying I HATE NUDES!

Now that I’ve ranted a bit allow me to rave. I’ve been somewhat curious about Mally Beauty lately. I’ve only tried a few of her items and after being wow’ed by her neat little concealer last week I’m happy to report that I was able to test drive a few of her kits this week, the first of which I’m about to review for you.

This morning I was doing a very calm, neutral look. Yes, it’s April Fools Day and No, I’m not kidding around I really did a nude, natural look this morning, honest. Well, as nude as the Muse goes in terms of cosmetics.

First of all I should say how cute is Mally? I find her fascinating to watch on QVC. She’s so excited about cosmetics and passionate about what she does. Dontcha love that? I really dig her voice too for some reason!

Is she cute or what?

My review today is about the CityChick Nude Kit which comes in an ultra cute pink case! I love pretty things and this is most definately pretty. The kit comes with this uber cute metallic pink case that houses a gloss and a dual end liner pencil. The kit retails for $22.80 USD on QVC.com (Item Number A73014). The price is right as the quality is excellent. It evens out to about $11.40 USD per an item not including the bag which is seriously not a bad deal at all in my humble opinion. The kit is available in two shades which are nude deep and nude light. I tested out nude deep. As I said in the beginning of this review I hate nudes. I’m already sporting a very full face and I feel like nudes make my face appear even rounder however I’m happy to report that this actually worked well for me and I actually felt kind of sexy with the lip I created using this little kit! My lips looked very full and juicy after using it as well and mind you it’s NOT a plumping gloss!

The gloss itself is a very intense liquid formula that really packs a punch. The formula is very thick but that doesn’t make it tacky or sticky. It feels very natural on and gives you a feeling of not even wearing gloss at all! The Muse likey that! The color is a cross between nude, beige, and a bit of brown thrown in. Not very exciting but once it’s on WAHOOOO very sexy! It also happens to come with a brush applicator which the Muse Approves of in a major way as I hate sponge applicators for glosses!

The dual end liner is very, very interesting! One side sports a primer while the other side has a natural almost berry chocolate colored liner. Now the primer I was wary of at first. I don’t normally prime my lips but I decided to get the full experience and try this out. I’m really excited about the primer simply because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do and more! The primer offers full coverage of your lips and intensifies the gloss by 100%! It’s very melty so you have to be careful with how much you use and how you use it. The packaging suggests sticking it in the fridge for a bit to harden. It offers more coverage then normal foundation or even MAC lip primer for that matter. It really, really does a super job of nuding out your lips completely and making your gloss or lipstick intensify in color! I used this with the included gloss and also with a lipstick but I felt like it worked better with my lipstick then with the gloss! It really made my lipstick pop and it’s turned me on to priming my lips as it’s not a normal practice of mine!

The liner is a beautiful shade of chocolate with a hint of berry to it and it compliments the nude shade of gloss beautifully. I don’t normally line my lips but again I wanted to go for the full experience when testing this so I lined up. I must say that it made my lips appear fuller by lining pre-gloss which was a curious feeling looking at myself. I felt like Angelina Jolie for a second there. Wide lips, full pout. So yum!

I actually love this kit. It’s sincerely an interesting little combo of goodies that creates a very interesting look! For me it’s a different look which may be why I’m loving it! I don’t normally veer away from my bold looks so this was definately an interesting experience!

The Muse sporting some kissable lips after using the Nude Lip Kit!

All in all I’d say the CityChick Nude Lip Kit is Muse Approved for purchase. The Muse likey and thinks you will too!

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  • the Muse

    or what what?

    hehe there had to be more to the comment Mandy!


  • Allysia-May

    OMFGGGGGGG…..You did a nude look. I CANNOT believe it! That’s my look right there hun, you go and work it!!!!

  • Adina

    I have this! Picked it up when i went to a workshop with mally at bendels. I LOVE IT TOOO!!!


  • the Muse

    hey Allysia-May!

    Hehehe thanks 😉

    I’m trying for a more natural look 😉


  • MandyPandy


    Damn you and damn April Fools Day! You changed the “Is she cute or what” comment!

    Whatever, I still say ‘Or what’.

    Oh, yes, and I really like that lipgloss!

  • Gee

    OOH! Another item I want..haha!

    I really like this nude look, Izzy!!! It’s look crazy good on you!! How can you not love nudes? You look awesome in it!!

  • Tracy

    great review! the natural look suits you very well, and i love the color of the nude lip kit. very tempting, but i must resist the urge to buy! 😀 at least for now…

  • (g)ezebel

    very pretty neutral look, but you know i’m biased toward shimmery, glittery, and dramatic. :0)

  • the Muse

    hey mizz cupcake gee!

    hehehe 😉

    AWWWWWWWWWW thanks! *hugs* I hear you Gee!

    I dunno they make my face look far fuller then it is. I’m round and wobbly already don’t need anything to make it more so hehe 😉

    Thanks for your beautiful comment *mwah* Made my day!

  • the Muse

    hiya tracey!

    Thank you very much! hehe I understand but my willpower is weak 😉 good luck resisting 😉


  • the Muse

    hiya toya 😉

    hehe thanks 😉 I think it made my lips a bit bigger which I was loving it!

  • the Muse

    hey ann!

    Let me know if you need help getting it 😉 I’d be happy to be of assistance for you my friend!


  • Sarah

    stuff looks so much better on you than i know it would on me. does she have a pinky nude vs this brownie nude? 😮

    • the Muse

      ha you’re too kind sarah, old pic and a terrible one at that ;-D I don’t think she does this kit anymore but when she did there was a pink one as well!