June 23, 2008

Beauty on a Budget Week

Since the world as we know it has taken a nose dive and gas prices have risen up to $4.95 USD per a gallon and the future of the presidential election is the biggest mystery since Elvis appearing on a slice of whole wheat toast I’ve decided that we must have a Beauty on a Budget Week!

Yes kids, now is the time to take responsibility for our money and hope for the best.

And everyone from England who’s groaning about the ridiculously low cost of gas should know we yanks are spoiled and $4.95 USD is damn expensive!

The moral of the story is today my sister brought me to Walmart (I should say a few days ago as this was written a bit ago! Sorry ’bout that peeps!) as I kicked, screamed, and pleaded with her to PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ME TO WALMART FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THINGS GOOD AND HOLY!

I hate Walmart.

With a passion.

I really do.

Sorry if you love it.

I simply hate it.

It’s a giant space filled with really cheap stuff…I mean seriously cheap….I mean tacky cheap….I mean….ok I’m being a bit dramatic…you get the point. Aside from that I won’t get into what an evil empire it is!

Anyway. She’s going on holiday shortly and needed a few bits and bobs so somehow that translated into “Let’s go to Walmart!”

And it turned into a day trip with her, my best friend Jai, and myself. Praise Jebus that Jai came along for the ride! I mean seriously who else could I trade catty remarks with while browsing the aisles of really cheap crap laying around Walmart.

I’ve no idea how we got invovled in this road trip but obviously we had nothing better to do with our fabulous selves aside from following my sister around while she loaded her cart with enough stuff to cloth, feed, cleanse, and make up an entire country.

Since Jai and I drew the line at following her into the clothing department (our eyes were burning enough already imagine if we were presented with racks and racks of cheap clothes???) we wandered into the cosmetic aisles and amused ourselves with really cheap drugstore cosmetics.

And as we browsed we decided that we’d spend some bucks on really cheap drugstore finds and do an article on all the cool or maybe not so cool stuff we found!

So since inspiration struck in the middle of the cosmetic aisle at Walmart I’ve decided to bring you a week in review of really cheap, Beauty on a Budget finds!

You’ll see a new Beauty on a Budget review each day for the next week (or until I run out of crap to review).

In all seriousness, catty comments aside, I think it’s a great way for me to broaden my horizons and see what else is available that can’t be found at Neimans, Saks, Sephora, Nordies, or the inside of Japanese, Korean, and Singaporean drugstores.

It’ll be a real learning experience for me!

It’s a great essential guide for you as well since these may be a few items you might have wanted to try but like me have been burned one too many times by drugstore brands and have passed them by chalking them up as money well NOT spent.

I’ll be featuring many items I’ve passed up MANY times that I’ve wanted to try but have been highly skeptical of!

I hope you’re excited to learn more about these items and hey maybe I’ll find something in this pile that I actually really do LOVE!

What are your Beauty on a Budget favs?

Share ’em with the Muse!


About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • sarahPUFFY

    I see Maybelline’s Mineral Makeup – I did a review on that way back when…meh. Hopefully you love it more than me. xx

  • the Muse

    We tested that last night. He loved it as his skin is all kinds of oily. I wasn’t loving it. It felt like I had a mask on 😛

    I did like the blush though! It was dirt cheap so I guess I can’t bitch too much.

    I’m trying to “love” mineral makeup at the moment since it seems the entire population and their mama are wearing it. But I just don’t see the appeal.

    Oh wells!

  • Adina

    Hello Izzy
    Like you I am a total makeup snob. Good luck in finding something muse approved in the pile of crap 😉

  • the Muse

    LMAO Adina!

    Cheers to that mate!

    Although I admit that Physicians Formula does make some items that are not too bad 😉

  • helly

    LOL WHERES ELVIS? hahhahahhaa
    but yeaaaaaaa
    i shall cringeeeeeee at your daily budget postsss!! honestly. AUSTRALIA IS RIDICULOUS. i was browsing makeupally today, and ppl were seriously complaining about the price of diorshow..$25 was it?! thats the price you’d pay for a max factor mascara here..maybe not 25..22.23ish. honestly. AND ITS DIORSHOW (which doesnt work on me btw lol).

    but yesssssss.
    i shall wait, sit back, read, and throw darts at catalogues selling maybelline mascaras for $15 and claiming its on sale.

    🙂 happy dayyy muse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MandyPandy

    Eff anyone who thinks $4.95 for gas is cheap. Eff them and their champagne filled bathtubs, I say.

    All that stuff in the picture is rubbish, but Sally Hansen’s latest line (a Carmindy collabo) isn’t half bad. The foundation is far more comfortable than Mineral Power (and doesn’t break me out like Mineral Power) and the creme blush and creme bronzer are said to be decent too. Milani has some nice lip-liners, as well as a great ‘mineral’ blush. Sinful Colors makes great nail-polishes that are Big 3-free. Rimmel makes a great ‘Lasting Finish’ lipstick.

  • the Muse

    hi hell!

    LOL 😉 I heart Elvis! I’d so buy that piece of toast off ebay lol!

    Diorshow doesn’t work for me either good to hear someone else bitch about it as I get weird looks when I say it stinks 😉

    God the prices of drugstore brands is obscene in Auz!

    LOL 😉 Awww I’ll send over some darts your way 😉

    Happy Monday lovie!

  • the Muse

    Morning Mandy!


    I do have some raves for the physicians formula stuff but aside from that the rest is turning into crap!

    yay money well spent! lol!

    I’ve tried the Sally Hansen stuff before believe it was lipgloss and some other stuff and I thought it was awful!

    I’m not much for lipliners so I could skip on that. but I did try the “mineral” blush (confusing name for me) and it was pretty good!

    You know me! Can’t teach an old dog new treats…most all drugstore brands end up in the rubbish pile with a big fat do not buy sticker on it!

  • HT

    Haha I see a trend in all the things you’ve bought looks like mostly mineral or organic makeup.

    I myself have the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer. And I personally like it easily blended, and feels more breathable than most. It just doesn’t wear very long.

    Let us know how the blushes and mineral products go. I was interested in the Maybelline mineral blushes a while ago but its too expensive in Canada roughly $16? So I’d rather invest in the online mineral makeup companies.

    Have you tried cheap eye pigment samples from places like theshespace minerals since your doing a spot light on cheap cosmetics.

  • Vichaya

    Um… I’ve been trying to find a good/all right cheap makeup myself. So far, I think I like Revlon lipstick, the moisturous and shiny sheer. Haven’t got any chance to try other line yet. I hate L’oreal’s lipstick. Its smell’s killing me and the glitter’s too overload for my like. Covergirl’s ok. Aside from lipstick, I haven’t really tried anything.

  • the Muse

    you stand correct HT! 😉

    It seems that’s all that lines the shelves lately..mineral this mineral that..organic this organic that!

    I liked the moisturizer but I didn’t feel it did too good a job evening out my complexion. It was very sheer. but it’s a good fine as it’s comparable to You Rebel light..only thinner in consistency!

    I agree it is breathable. Very light but the wear isn’t so hot.

    I’ll def let you know about the rest 🙂

    Wow! The kit with the blush was $7.92 USD! That’s nearly double your side 🙁

    I have indeed but I don’t buy them much as I have so many shadows already it seems a waste to add tons of little samples to my ridiculous collection 🙂

    They are well worth it though as a little goes a long way plus you can have an array of colors for a nice price tag!

  • the Muse

    hi Vichaya!

    I think in the process of trying to discover good cheap brands I end up wasting money somehow lol b/c it all tends to be awful stuff 😛

    One thing I didn’t buy was lippie items and I really should have as that would have made the reviews complete as I think I have everything else covered!

    Thanks for the comment and for sharing your beauty budget finds 🙂

  • Tammy

    I like the Physicians Formula Mineral line…I have oily skin, so mineral powder is right up my alley. As far as Maybelline or Cover Girl, I tend to avoid them like the plague…
    My HG mascara is Loreal Voluminous in waterproof though…
    And I LOVE Milani Wet/Dry eyeshadows….LOVE THEM! It really is hit or miss with the cheap stuff…

  • Liz

    I spy a tube of Physician’s Formula Organic Wear tinted moisturiser!

    My better half got me two tubes a while back and I’ve been using it for the last few months. I’m still on the first bottle, and there’s probably half or even a bit more left. How do you like it??

    I find it odd that it has alcohol in it… I kinda feel that it dries out my skin a little, but then it also has lavender oil, which feels a tad heavier than the usual tinted moisturisers (my usual one for a long while was Vichy’s Lumineuse, which I love, but even their lightest shade was a tad dark/yellowy on me). I’m not too sure if I’d repurchase this. Going to give Clinique’s Moisture Sheer Tint a go.

    And L’Oreal Telescopic… I bought a tube last year (waterproof I believe) and while I liked the slender brush, I found the formula way too drying. But perhaps that’s because I was using the waterproof version?

  • beautyaddict1one1

    u well love L’oreal mascara it’s great one of my favorite
    i use drugstore make up it’s OK not that bad
    Let me tell u this here in Saudia arabia we don’t have gas price proplem its very cheap lol don’t hate (:
    can’t wait 4 the reviews

  • the Muse

    hi tammy 😉

    I really like PF in general. They make really good stuff for the price 🙂

    I avoid CG and Maybelline too!

    I’ve tried the telescopic stuff from Loreal and it’s not too bad. Haven’t tried the Voluminous though! Must hunt it out if you likes it 🙂

    Oh my gosh I’m so with you! I did a big raving article about the wet/drys. I don’t like the singles but the wet/drys are winners!

    I must say I agree 100% it really is a hit or miss situation. I could spend tons of cash on misses when it comes to DS brands 😛

  • the Muse

    Hello liz!

    You do indeed 😉
    I’m in the process of a love hate relationship with it!

    I haven’t decided if I loves it or if I hates it as of yet.

    That’s interesting I hadn’t noticed the ingredients. I rarely pay attention to that stuff and really should!

    I normally use Rebel Lite on occasion and I felt the opposite about this. It felt thinner in consistency.

    I thought the shades available weren’t very flattering to yellow skin tones.

    I’m wondering if the Laura Mercier everyone raves about is worth it.

    Unsure as of yet if I love this mascara or not. The brush and getting it back into the tube really causes dramas 😛

    Reviews to following soonish 🙂

  • the Muse

    hello there beautyaddict1one1!

    I’m just a snob when it comes to drugstore makeup beautyaddict 😉

    Ohhh how exotic! I had no idea you were in SA! Cool! I bet it’s dirt cheap where you are! Lucky!

    Reviews to come starting soon 😉

    Thanks for the great comments beautyaddict always good talking to you lovie!

  • Liz

    Yes, the PF tinted moisturiser comes out watery, but I always feel it on my face, even though I only use a dime size of the product…. totally weird. I have it in ‘Ivory to Fair’ and it suits me fine (I’m a MAC C2/NC20).

    As for LM, I tried their famous TM before at the counter. Didn’t really like it… and the smell I thought was awful! :/

  • the Muse

    hiya liz!

    I think mine is creamy natural. Do you feel it has good coverage? I don’t really feel coverage is good enough!

    Really? I’m thinking of indulging in the flawless face kit but the idea of a smelly tint doesn’t sound great 😛

    I’m curious regardless of course 😉

  • Liz

    Hmmmmm, the coverage of PF is, like you said, sheer. That’s what appealed to me! I don’t like heavy coverage, and I like to think that I don’t need anything more than medium on special occasions even. 🙂 The other foundation I use is MAC’s new mineral loose powder. Again, it’s sheer and light, and I love it!

    Definitely give LM a go, and let me know how it works out!

  • Chica

    Ah $5 a gallon, I wish. My petrol is now 5.30 a gallon ($10.50) and i can barely afford to get to work 🙁
    My personal fave budget brands are Bourjois, GOSH and Barry M. Maybelline are good for lipstick and Maxfactor are good for mascara.
    I wish more bargain brands made really pigmented shadows.
    I bought my first Maybelline trio and they hardly show up at all, I’m so disappointed. Even wet they look rubbish.

  • the Muse

    hey liz!

    You’re lucky as I feel I need much more in the way of coverage. My skin is pretty flawless without but I sometimes get what I call the “dull” days and I need a bit of a pick me up to brighten my skin and foundation does the trick 🙂

    I haven’t tried the MAC mineral powder but I am curious about it but all the colors look too beige 🙁

    I think I plan too 😉 Don’t worry if I hate it you’ll hear me bitching about it for the next month lol!

  • the Muse

    aw honey 🙁 I don’t know how you guys do it in the UK. the prices are wild ;(

    I’ve never tried Gosh or Barry M but I’ve been tempted by both while in the UK. Looks like good stuff 😉

    Bourjois is a fav of mine too but here it’s not so much of a budget brand more of a lower end designer brand.

    We have that new line…HIP? I think L’Oreal does it and that’s super duper pigmented but it blends like rubbish.

    Have you tried minerals from various online shops? It’s cheap and very pigmented 🙂 But most are a shimmery finish so if you aren’t a bit lover of glittery/shimmery that might be a great choice!

    Also NYX…if you need any of these give a yell and I can see what I can do to help as its hells cheaper here!

  • Dalenna

    hey muse!

    you can always trade catty remarks with me – i hate walmart with a passion too 😀

    and when i was in japan a few years back, gas was already $5 a gallon. so we’re pretty lucky i would say. i know you’ve probably heard this a thousand times already, but we would also be pretty unrealistic if we are to keep expecting gas prices to stay so low. i mean, this planet’s resources is finite. and to expect anything otherwise is just silly…

    just my 2 cents. don’t kill me 😛

  • LithiaBlack

    I’m looking forward to this weeks rewiews…

    I’m kind of a make up snob, but I do have some drugstore cosmetic favorites…

    1st place
    Viva La Diva – Eyeliner
    Lot’s of funky colors, great quality, pigmentation, staying power and dirt cheap (around 7 USD for one pencil) VLD is a swedish drugstore brand with lot’s of “wild” colors.

    2nd place
    Bourjois – Lovely Rouge Bijou Lipstick
    Nice glittery shades, do feel a bit gritty on the lips but it has a good pigment and good staying power and doesn’t dry out my lips.

    3d place
    Maybelline Color Definer – Fascination White
    Excellent pigmentbase. Slap it on and tone it out. Put on any shadow you like. The eye make up stays on perfect for hours! (My personal record for a long wild night starting out is
    16 hours!)


  • sarahPUFFY

    Well, I had the translucent, but I had to be careful with it. Too much, and I had a white cast, and I couldn’t fix it without starting over completely. I used the foundation, and it was good, but I hate their shading…with a passion. The blushers look nice, though…the bronzers looked nice and dark as well.

  • ???

    oh budget beauty reviews! i would love to read it! i am such a drugstore bargain hunter! 😛 though i doubt most of the stuff you review here won’t be available here. >_< but for the fun of it~ avoid maybelline e/s, horrible stuff for their price. the only thing functionable i think is their mascara and lippies n eye makeup remover. i dun think i have anything on loreal, never been a fan of it. for the price, i rather put in a bit more to get kate! 😛 waiting to read more of your delightful reviews! 😀 loves,

  • Askmewhats

    I would say I love Cover girl foundation as well! for a drugstore brand its coverage is good 🙂 it’s the Age radiance that I tried 🙂

  • Jnie

    Ooh… thats a great idea..
    i’ve seen organic wear in stores alot, can’ can’t wait for your reviews.

  • sweetstarz3

    Hey There,

    I HATE being on a beauty budget… it’s SO hard to keep myself from my favorite brands… Urban Decay, Mac, Fresh amd Nars.

    I don’t think I’ve actually bought any sort of cosmetic product from a drug store since I was a teen… until now.

    Mostly… I’ve been insanely disappointed – and I won’t even step foot in a Walmart…. I have however started looking at the “drug store brands” in Ulta.

    I used Jane cosmetics when I was younger… so – I tried it out again.. I must say I’m pretty pleased in general!! The cost is less then all the other… (Maybelline, Cover Girl and L’Oreal)

    If you want a pretty GREAT drug store brand – I suggest trying out Jane!!!! The gel eyeliner in wine is amazing (and it even comes with a sweet brush) .. and I LOVE the mineral pillow blush in outspoken pink.

    I haven’t really followed in the Mineral Craze.. but I can tell you the Be Pure Mineral products from Jane are a good find!!


  • MC

    Walmart = Shudder.

    Though if someone ransacks my makeup bag, there is one thing I DO get from the drugstore/Target that I love and always use, and that would be Revlon’s Brow Fantasy in Black. It is the best brow groomer I have found and it like $8.

  • the Muse

    hey d! *hugs*

    LOL! YAY another Walmart hater! My sister adores it! I can’t stand it!

    We are indeed. I agree. It’s nearly 11 dollars or so in the UK so we are very lucky!

    Oh lord I’d never kill you especially considering I agree with you 100% but like any good american I still love bitchin’ about the price of gas lol!

    think of it as me doing my civic duty for the US!

  • the Muse

    hello there LithiaBlack!

    Yay! Glad you’re looking forward to ’em! That makes me feel good about doing ’em as I worry no one is listening when I babble about budget makeup 😉

    I’ve never tried Viva La Diva..sounds great!

    “wild colors” are very me 🙂

    I’m always delighted when people say BP is budget. It’s sorta a higher end here. Prices range from $14-20 usd and that’s considered higher end for us 😉

    Haven’t tried the Maybelline 🙂
    but wow…is this like a primer??

    Thanks for sharing your budget finds lovie! My list is longer for it 😉

  • the Muse

    Hello Sarah!

    Mmm I know the feeling. Dior Extreme Fix gives me a white, ghostly cast.

    I’m not one for bronzers 😛 Can’t stand ’em! No matter the brand but I was shocked to find out I adore freaking Urban Decay’s Half Baked Bronzer! Awesome stuff, simply awesome!

  • the Muse

    afternoon plue!

    Yay! Something cheap at musings hehe!

    Drugstore brands are way better quality your end lovie.

    I don’t like maybelline much at all 😛

    I’m curious what you’ll think of the budget finds I feature 😉


  • the Muse

    hey niks! How are you lovie?

    I never tried it but they have an entire new line of products here..foundation wise..true color match I believe it’s called that appears quite interesting 😉

    Thanks for sharing your budget find!

  • the Muse

    hello there Jnie!

    How are you today!?

    Thanks! I’ve seen many many organic lines at the moment and plenty of mineral items here and there which are all interesting! Curious if they are good! We shall see 😉

    Thanks for the comment! Always good hearing from you!

  • the Muse

    hi there sweetstarz3!

    I’m rarely on one but I really should be. I have so much product laying around it’s obscene and I should monitor what I buy a bit better 🙁

    I rarely buy any drugstores brands either. But since starting my blog I’ve ventured into the beauty budget world to bring a more wider array of product to readers 😉

    Lord I am with you! I am most definately disappointed with drugstore brands….walmart is an absolute horror for me!

    Ulta has some good finds for sure! I haven’t used Jane in years but now you’ve created a lemming for me to try it 😉

    Thanks for sharing you budget find! I look forward to trying out Jane again 🙂 (it’s been over 10 years since I picked the brand up)!

    Thanks for the comment! Hope to hear from you again soon!

  • the Muse

    hiya mc!

    I’m with you! *hides in fear*

    I don’t normally use brow powder or anything because I think they are dark as is..but I’ll have a peek maybe it’s something worth checking out 😉

    Thanks for sharing your budget beauty find!

  • LithiaBlack

    Hello again Muse!

    If you want to try some Viva La Diva I can do personal shopping for you, if you like 🙂
    Here are the only online source for it I have found, I don’t know if they ship abroad but at least you can get some idea of the color to choose from:

    The brand has recently come out with loose shadows in super neon shades, but I have’nt seen dem online yet 🙂

    The Color Definer from Maybelline is a cream shadow in thick pencil form.
    You can wear it alone as plain shadow but as I said it is more fantastic as primer.

  • sarahPUFFY

    I’ve been on the hunt for one to contour with! Sure, I could just get Dark or Deep Dark MSF…but then mum would steal it to set her foundation. I can’t have any of that!

  • the Muse

    hey sarah!

    LOL! you’re too cute.

    I don’t contour at all. Anytime I tried I looked like a train wreck lol! So I normally just apply my foundation and go without bothering on the shadow effect 😉

  • the Muse

    Hi again LithiaBlack!

    Well thank you kindly missus!

    I see two things that are interesting 🙂

    I’m a bit slow with cps but I’ll kindly return the favor 😉

    Ooo neon the muse likey 🙂

    I don’t think we have this definer pencil! Must have a look around and see if it’s here! Sounds interesting and cheaper than stashing UDPP!


    Thanks for the CP offer! I may be taking you up on it shortly 😉

  • sarahPUFFY

    Hee, I just want to contour and look glowy at the same time! I have some pretty decent cheekbones so I like to enhance them. And I gotta say, Cargo blush really helps the cheeks pop, because the shimmer in it acts like a highlight – its damn awesome!

  • N a b i

    I had a good deal at the Kmart on Physicians Formula which I posted on my blog ! They were having 40% off sale on Physicians Formula products and also, they had $6 off coupon on bronzer products. So I paid $ 1.41 on bronzer after tax. (without tax only $0.77 :D) The original price was $12 something. You should definitely check it out ! It ends at 28th 😀

  • Citrine


    I think the Almay one-coat nourishing mascara is quite decent, while no dramatic false lash is achieved , it doesn’t smudge or clump and my favorite part about it is that with some manufactures coupons and in store promotion, it can get really cheap…

    I remember I find my first tube in Target for 1.48. Then once CVS gave me a coupon or 3 dollars off on any Almay and after I spent 4 bucks on the mascara, CVS gave me a 5 dollar voucher! (I technically get paid a dollar for buying that tube…)

    Just today, I used an in-store coupon (we have it in the grocery store in HEB) and combined it with a manufacturer’s coupon, so I spent
    1.50 on a third tube!

    well, the stuff was only about 6 bucks…but I like to buy drugstore brands when they are dirt cheap since a lot of them came out crappy anyway…

    Oh, yeah, some Neutrogena blusher and Sally Hansen (the natural beauty line has some really nice lippies) gloss are pretty neat as well.

    Btw, I should mention that I love your blog!


  • LithiaBlack

    Hi again muse!
    About the cp, you have my e-mail 🙂
    And Viva La Diva has a big range, the link I gave you just show a fraction 😛

    The trick to sucess with the color definer as primer is to apply it on your finger tip first and then quickly spread it on your eye.If you apply direct from the pen, it will get uneven and to thick for primer use. I think the shade “satin dragee” would be a good shade for you. I’m super pale so I use “fascination white” 😛
    This is what the color definer looks like:

  • the Muse

    hey sarah!

    I’m all for glowy! Did you see Julie’s youtube video on summer light makeup and glow? Was so fab!

    I try not to overshimmer as my cheeks are rather large lol! But I always end up highlighting and shimmering all the way home 😉

  • the Muse

    afternoon nabi!

    WOW! Thanks for posting this. I had no idea so I need to get to Kmart and grab me some 😉 Nice deal.

    Damn under $2 bucks? On it!

    Thanks for sharing Nabi! Thanks for the comment! Hope to talk to you again soon!

  • the Muse

    hiya Citrine!

    I haven’t tried the Almay sounds good though!

    1.48? damn sweet deal!

    I think it’s always fab to grab items when they are on sale or coupons crop up because as you said if it sucks you don’t feel like you wasted 10 bucks on it.

    I tried a neutrogena blush a while ago but wasn’t loving it. But that was ages ago so it might be better!

    Mandy keeps bugging me to try Sally Hansen hehe!

    Aw thanks very much glad you’re loving my little blog 😉 Appreciate it!

    Many thanks for the comment and the finds 😉 Hope to talk to you again really soon!

  • sarahPUFFY

    OY mine too! Its weird though, like…you only see the shimmer at the highest point! Every time I wore it, my mum asked, “Sarah! You look so pretty! Your cheekbones are all high and stuff, what did you do!?”

    Once I heard that, I vowed to buy at least two more Cargo blushers. MMMM.

    And I haven’t seen it! And now that I think about it, its been a while since I’ve done my own video review. ;-;

  • the Muse

    Morning Lithia!
    Thanks! I’ll email back in a few. I get swamped with email 😉

    It sounds great 😉 I love bolder shades!

    I have to see if I can locate this here as I haven’t really looked. I’m not much of a ds diva if you didn’t already know hehehe!

    Hmmm I just looked at the link and those actually look nice to wear alone. I wonder if we have these they don’t look familiar 😉 off to the ds today to have a lookiee 🙂 Will let you know if I find ’em 😉

    Thanks honey!

  • the Muse

    morning sarah!

    Gosh I wish my cheekbones were all high and stuff lol! I feel double chinned most days 😉

    I have two but I don’t use ’em much! You’re making me want to haul them out.

    It’s rather great! here’s a link:


    She looks stunning in this. Trying to dupe it but it never comes out correct!