June 26, 2008

Summer Must Have Makeup: NARS Lipgloss in Misbehave

I blogged about the NARS Summer Collection a few weeks ago and I recall one of the first items that grabbed my attention when I saw the releases was the lip gloss in Misbehave!

I got my hands on Misbehave recently and it has turned into one of my Summer Must Have Makeup items for sure!

It’s advertised as a sheer shimmering red but it’s so much more to me than a simple red color! On my lips it looks like a cross between a fiery brick red with hints of copper and orange and a shimmer of gold! It’s not a true red but more a cross between several colors that looks simply stunning on!

I brought this with me when I was on my holiday and it rarely left my lips! I’m all for variety you know me another day, another color however I sincerely loved Misbehave so much I found myself pairing it up with many of my looks!

It goes amazing with Urban Decay Baked Bronzer! I normally don’t like pairing up reds with peachy, gold shades but in this case I felt like NARS Lipgloss in Misbehave complimented those shades wonderfully!

When paired up with simple pinks it looks wonderful but when cocktailed with warmer shades you’ll get a popping Summer look from a simple gloss!

The formula contains a shimmer of gold which reflects wonderfully off of golds, corals, peaches, etc….

This color is on my Summer Makeup Must Have list! You have to give it a whirl for yourself! NARS Lipgloss in Misbehave gets a big seal of Muse Approval for purchase!

Tried it already?

Love it?

Tell the Muse!

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  • Laurie

    That’s a fabulous color! I’ve got to say – NARS glosses are pretty fabulous. It’s something about their consistency I find different than other brands.

    Turkish Delight is my staple.

    I can’t wait to see what NARS has coming for Fall!

    P.S. Are you eyeing up your Nordstrom pre-sale items??

  • Beauty Addict

    Hey Izzy, this colour looks lovely on u! I find that even dark coloured lip colours look fab on u! The colour looks kinda dark. Not my usual kind of colours. I love pinks, peachy-pink, nudes. But this brick red might look good! Too bad we don’t have Nars here or I can swatch it to see the colour.

    Btw in the pictures, are u wearing just the gloss alone or with any lip stains?

  • the Muse

    Hey Laura!

    I agree 😉 Lovin’ it!

    It’s not sticky or tacky but it glides on and lasts ages which is why I adore it 😉

    I haven’t tried TD but have been wanting too. I have orgasm and simply adore it!

    Ooooo I heard some news about the Fall stuff and I’ll post soonish and the UD stuff for fall I got a sneak peek of and that looks amazing!

    I am indeed hehe and doing a post about them shortly 😉 How about you?

    I’m def grabbing the mac piggies 😉

    Much love!

  • the Muse

    morning gracie!!!!!
    Thank you kindly miss!

    It’s really a strange color that has a ton of different things going on in it 😉 It’s not a true red but it has this sorta coral look too it..I dunno if I’m explaining it right hehe!

    If you’re really lemming it give a yell

    just the gloss this time around no stain 🙂


  • Christina

    Hey! I’m a newbie here, I really, really enjoy your blog and especially your reviews 🙂 Look forward to reading more. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • the Muse

    hi there christina!

    We love newbies 😉

    Thanks for dropping by I’m so happy you’re enjoying my little blog 😉

    I appreciate the comment! I hope I’ll speak to you again really soon and get to know you and what you’re digging on the cosmetic front lately!


  • Paopao

    I have to have it! Will get it when I go to London 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  • the Muse

    hehe pao pao!

    You’re such a fan of NARS I’m firgured this would be right up your alley 😉

    This is truly a wonderful shade 😉

    Ooooo I wanna come! take me with you!


  • Gee

    That color is gorgeous!! But NARS is way out of my budget…

    I just got the Multiple Stick in Orgasm and it’s possibly the single most expensive item I’ve ever bought, lol!! $37 for a blush stick!!

    BTW, welcome back!!! Hope you had a great vaca!! And I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting as frequently~ I read ALL your posts!! Can’t wait for more Beauty on Budget reviews~~ 🙂

  • Dancinggal


    Lol, well I guess I know where my spending allowance is going for the week now. I have to stop reading your blog for the sake of my savings account! Oh well, you only live once. I’ll grab it at lunch today!

  • the Muse

    hey gee!!! how are you?

    It is kinda expensive but I must say very worth it. LOVE this color so bloody much!

    I haven’t tried ’em as normally creams don’t work well on me, fade quickly ;(

    It’s kinda worth it in the end as at least it’s high quality stuff you know?
    Thanks! Good to be home;) it was lovely thanks!

    It’s ok! I understand 😉 Aw thanks for reading my babble. I still owe you swatches *smacks forehead*

    Thanks for popping by! Happy Weekend lovie!

    Good to see you!

  • the Muse

    hi dancingal!

    hehe! it’s an amazing shade truly!

    LOL! Definitely an evil place to create shopping lames 😉

    Sorry ’bout that!


    Happy Weekend!

  • *Jen*

    oooh i love this so pretty definitely going to check it out during my next sephora visit.

    and you’re looking gorgeous as always.

    i’ve just noticed that your brows look so defined and neat (unlike my crazy browns with massive bald spots). are they just naturally perfect, or do you use something on them? share! 🙂

  • the Muse

    Hi Jen!!!!!!

    You NEED this. It’s my fav color of the moment!

    You’re too kind. I rarely look gorgeous hehe but you’re nice to say so 😉

    It’s funny you mentioned my brows….when I first started musings I had this girl constantly leaving me crazy remarks about how bad my eyebrows were and how I overplucked. She wasn’t the only one..I had a few comments saying they were “wrong”.

    it nice to hear a positive comment about them!

    I don’t use anything on them are honey they are far from perfect. they grow like weeds and I’m constantly on top of them plucking away. If I let them go I’ll be sporting a massive unibrow right across lol!

    I normally pluck inbetween waxing and use a bit of rosebud salve to keep them in place. That’s it. No brow powder, no products, etc…

    Thanks for the compliment 😉

  • *Jen*

    LOL I guess those comments are right up there with my “mustache” comments!

    I’m so jealous of how defined they are. My hair is super-fine so I guess it makes sense that my brows would be as well, but I dream of thick lush brows! I’ve even tried Shu Uemura’s lash conditioner on my brows to make them grow, but no luck! 😛

    Even if I’m wearing no other makeup, I need to fill in my brows.

    And if this shade is your fave of the moment, I DEFINITELY need it!

  • the Muse

    sigh Jen.

    Always, ever will their be haters in this world. 🙁

    Don’t worry about them it’s not worth your sweet time.

    Aww I never had that prob. I actually WISH they were finer because truly if I allow them to go and keep my hands off of them they will grow like a weed..gross!

    Oh yes you do 😉 It’s lovely, truly love.

    Have a peek at Sephora and tell me whatcha think!

    Hope you had a good weekend my friend!


  • Promise

    GORGEOUS lip gloss! I just got mine, did you notice a kind of synthetic lipstick smell to this gloss? Just wondering, and making sure the smell I’m noticing is normal. Thanks!