July 31, 2008

Lovely New Things from Lush Fresh Cosmetics

I got my Lush Times in the mail yesterday and all the new stuff is inside! Over 20 New Items! This is the biggest release of products from Lush in a while! Yay! I’ve already placed an order from Lush UK for some of the products as they are already available! Dates for the US release still aren’t set but as soon as I know I’ll post! Lush has gone out of it’s way to release some great items and I’m VERY excited about them!

They released three new moisturizers which I’m the most hyper about. I normally use two different moisturizers from Lush. I use Gorgeous almost everyday but in the Winter my skin craves a bit more moisture so I end up using Skins Shangri La as a night cream and also during the day. I’ve been using a combination of both now for about 5 years or more however I am definately switching up with the newest releases! I can’t recall the last time Lush has released new moisturizers so I’m terribly excited about this!

The first one that caught my eye is Paradise Regained. This is the first anti-aging product I’ve seen from Lush. I’ve been searching for an anti-aging moisturizer for a while now but I had a hard time giving up my very beloved pot of Gorgeous to replace it with harsher ingredients so I’m very happy that Lush now has one! I placed an order for this so expect a review pretty soon!

If one wasn’t enough Lush went ahead and indulged us in a second anti-aging moisturizer entitled Skin Nanny. Since I had a hard time deciding between the two I also ordered Skin Nanny. Skin Nanny actually sounds really, really good and maybe even better than Paradise Regained. It promise sun protection, skin hydration, contains omega 6 oils, Vitamin C, and a ton of other fresh ingredients including apple juice (I bet it smells awesome!) to make our face happy, healthy, and wrinkle free! Yay!

And finally another intriguing moisturizer which I didn’t indulge in but was tempted by would be the new Vanishing Cream. This is for acne and oily skin! I was tempted to indulge in a pot for the Summer when my skin is feeling a bit oily but Summer is almost over so it wouldn’t be a good idea to indulge in a pot as these products are fresh and expire after one year. Maybe next Summer!

The moisturizers definately have me dancing around in excitement and I can barely wait until my order ships out! If you’re as excited as the Muse and can’t wait for the US releases hop on over to Lush UK to buy them! Shipping is reasonable and works out to about what you’d pay for products stateside due to high shipping from Canada (Lush NA is located in Canada) to the US plus if you’re a Lush addict you already know that Lush UK is a better quality product than what is offered within the US (of course that’s an expert’s opinion! Your Muse knows quality!).

Price Comparsion Chart:

Skin Nanny $46.95 USD
Paradise Regained $46.95 USD
Vanishing Cream $35.95 USD

Skin Nanny £25.00
Paradise Regained £29.38
Vanishing Cream £15.00

Ok on with the show….

Lush also released several new bath bombs one of which I’ve already told you about entitled White Wedding! Get this Gaiman Fans….Lush has a new bath bomb entitled…Stardust!!!!!!!! How awesome is that? We know how Neil loves his Lush (the Muse thinks he should take Lush baths with her and maybe scrub her back a bit too…just a suggestion..). The Muse got a bit wonky and ordered five. Sometimes a girl needs a bit of Jasmine, Tonka, Ylang, and Stardust to unwind after a long stressful day!

Other new bombs released are English Countryside and Vanilla Fountain. English Countryside sounds similar to Chelsea Gardens bath bomb and Vanilla Fountain is truly something new. It’s supposedly a highly vanilla scented bomb! It’s rare Lush does anything foody or sweet as the line leans towards more floral, herbal, earthy, and green but occasionally they do something awesome and I believe Vanilla Fountain has awesome written all over it!

Price Comparison Chart:

English Countryside $5.95 USD
White Wedding $5.95 USD
Vanilla Foundation $5.95 USD
Stardust $5.95 USD

English Countryside £2.95
White Wedding £2.75
Vanilla Foundation £2.75
Stardust £3.25

Two new shower gels have been released as well which the Muse already owns. I’ve been holding off reviewing these shower gels because there was no way you could order them and it felt unfair to review a product you’d never be able to find. The new shower gels are entitled Yummy Yummy Yummy and Rub Rub Rub. I’ve had both since the start of June when I ordered them at a UK Forum Party. The UK does forum parties occasionally that allow you to order forum exclusive goodies which is how I got mine. You can see my haul from that party by clicking here. Now that both are available for purchase I’ll be reviewing them for you today and tomorrow!

Price Comparison Chart:

Yummy Yummy Yummy $25.95 USD (Largest Size Available)
Rub Rub Rub $25.95 USD (Largest Size Available)

Yummy Yummy Yummy£9.95
Rub Rub Rub £9.95

For as far back as I can remember Lush addicts have always complained about one thing, the lack of bath bombs for the shower! People have ranted and raved how unjust and unfair it is that without a bath tub they couldn’t experience the joys of a bath bomb! Lush has heard the cries of fans everywhere and has released four new bath bombs for your shower! If you happen to live in a location that sports a shower only without a tub you’ll be overjoyed! These little fizzies are place on the floor of your shower and release a beautiful scent when the water from your shower head hits them! Fun right? These are tinier in size than your normal bath bomb and cheaper to by the way! And yes they do go right down the drain but who cares the novelty alone thrills the Muse…she did so indulge in grabbing a few for her very own!

The new bombs are entitled Emotibombs and are around £1.95 each. I’m unsure of prices within the US as of yet but I estimate about $2.50-$3.50 USD.

Ahhh soap! I love me some Lush soap! Four new soaps are available for your showering (or bathing) pleasure, one of which I’ve already told you about entitled The Godmother!

The others are B Electro Soap (this has been around a good month or so now), Porridge Soap, and Spice Curls. Spice Curls seems to be in a similar vein as Karma but don’t quote me on that! Porridge Soap is a scrub soap used for exfoliating those rough elbows and knees where as the other three soaps are just an indulgence of yummie fragrances for all!

I already own B Electro Soap and The Godmother and both are wonderful! I’m doubtful I’ll indulge in Porridge Soap or Spice Curls though.

Price Comparison Chart:

Prices are based on a 1/4 lb (100g) slice of soap if you ask for a larger slice you’ll be charged accordingly.

B Electro Soap $7.95 USD
The Godmother $6.75 USD
Spice Curls $6.95 USD
Porridge Soap $6.75 USD

B Electro Soap £3.50
The Godmother £2.50
Spice Curls £2.75
Porridge Soap £2.50

Finally the last release are Toner Tabs which I’m very excited about trying out! These are little fizzy bombs that you can drop in a pot of warm steaming water, place a towel over your head, and give yourself a little mini facial! Cool right? The tabs come in three formulas one of which is entitled Tea Tree Tab which is for toning troubled, traumatized skin! Yips! We all need a little of that love sometime right? The other too are vitamin enriched tabs for toning the face! I have these already but haven’t had a chance to try ’em! Review to come soon! I’m expecting sincerely great things from them! After use it’s suggested that using the liquid after your steam by dipping in a wash cloth and smoothing on!

Price Comparison Chart:

T Tree $1.95 USD
Vitamin E $1.95 USD
Vitamin C $1.95

T Tree £0.75
Vitamin E £0.75
Vitamin C £0.75

Phew that was a long post wasn’t it? The Muse can’t help it she loves Lush!

All in all a really, really exciting release from Lush Fresh Cosmetics. As I mentioned I already have a few of these items and I’ll be bringing you reviews soon! And when I get my UK order I’ll be reviewing the moisturizers, bath bombs, etc…that I ordered!

Have you tried any of the new Lush?

Loving it?

Wanting any of the new items for yourself?

Simply Love Lush?

Tell the Muse!

Visit Lush UK by clicking here and visit Lush NA by clicking here! Not in either location? Click here for your country portal (Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Nederlands, Etc…)

All releases are currently available for your purchasing pleasure from Lush UK which ships worldwide. Lush NA has released a few of the items and will add more soon I imagine! I’ll keep you posted! Other countries I’m unsure! Check with your local Lush store or local Lush website in order to find out when these are items are released or if they are already available!


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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Haru

    Hey Izzy!

    You’ve got me lusting after Lush each time I read one of your reviews! But it’s just too much of a pain to order these from overseas. Plus, I’m one of those people who don’t own a bathtubs so no way to enjoy those bath bombs. The mini bath bombs that you’re supposed to put on the floor of your shower just don’t make any sense to me. How are you supposed to bath in them before they all trickle down the drain?! But perhaps they would be perfect for the mini bath tubs that are so common in Japan, the kind where you have to sit with your knees up to your chest.

    Got a bit of sticker shock when I saw the prices for their new moisturisers. Yikes!

  • xisa

    OMG again I was dazzled by your post *o*

    We dont have Lush here in Malaysia >.> Bummer, I rather buy something in a shop rather than online but your post is damn tempting. Well, most, if not all, of your posts are. XD

    I've tried the bath bombs before and it was really awesome. I never really enjoyed bath until I've been introduced to the bath bombs. XD The emotibombs sounds awesome but, like you said, probably will go in the drain faster but…it probably will still feel nice and fun. XD

    The toner tabs sounds amazing. Wow…I'm lemming for some of those now…*o*

  • the Muse

    hey Iris!!!!!!

    😉 Hehe! I’ll send some lush over with your goodie pack honey!

    Well it’s actually kinda an aromatherapy thing. You place them on the floor and they fizz happily away releasing a gorgeous scent…they don’t really get anywhere near your body so it’s a bit of an indulgence to purchase one to have it go down the drain after use without ever touching your body!

    LOL! Yes! This would be perfect for those! I always crack up with those tubes..and also facing forward on a toilet..oh lord!
    Can’t get used to that!

    I think the moisturizers are overpriced b/c they expire within a year which is sad 🙁 but they are actually a key to skin nirvana!!!!! if you’d like samples let me know as they’ll be brand new when they come so untouched and germ free 🙂

  • the Muse

    hi xisa!!

    hehe glad you’re enjoying this one darlin’!

    ugh total bummer. Have you checked on MUA maybe someone can CP?

    LOL! hehe I’m bad for lemmings I fear 🙂

    I never really enjoyed baths either until discovering bath bombs. I adore them now! So relaxing!

    I think the emotibombs are an indulgence but so damn cute right? I can’t wait to try one 🙂

    The toner tabs I’m excited about big time as they sound simply awesome!!!!!

    Review to come 😉

  • oldergirlbeauty

    Oh, muse – what a great and informative post. Thanks so much for all of the deets. I don’t have a Lush store *anywhere* near me to even smell any of the products. But your descriptions help out so much. I can tell by what you wrote just how yummy they all would be! 🙂

  • jackieg02

    I’m so wanting to try some Lush.

    Any recs for a first time buyer?

  • Asta

    You should tooootally try Porridge! I just got some yesterday and it smells amazing!

  • Tracy

    All the new stuff looks great! Can’t wait for your reviews. A Lush store just opened up close by, but I haven’t had the chance to go there yet.

  • the Muse

    hi oldergirlbeauty!!!!!

    Aw so glad you liked it love!

    You’re most welcome it’s my pleasure!

    😉 They are d-lish! If you need help making some selections for online shopping let me know I’m happy to help anyway I can 🙂


  • the Muse

    hiya jackieg02!

    Lush is gorgeous!

    Any particular scents you like? Sweet, Fruity? Earthy? I can suggest some great bombs and bubble bars 🙂

    Here’s a few of my personal favs:

    rockstar soap
    back 4 breakfast shower gel
    gorgeous facial moisturizer
    breath of fresh air toner
    ma bar bubble bar
    sex bomb bath bomb

    Ugh I have too many favs hehe!

  • the Muse

    hi asta!

    ok on the list lol! hehe if it smells good I wants it! I love sultana but the bits just drive me crazy which is why I didn’t indulge in porridge this time 😉

    but if it smells good I’m on it 😉

  • the Muse

    hi tracy!

    I concur! loving it all!

    get there now girl! hehe 😉

  • the Muse

    hey dd!

    I ordered both 😉 5 of of the stardust *blush* I’m such a geek 😉

  • Laura

    Stop posting about Lush! Haha it makes me so sad that I can’t use it.
    Actually, I can use their fresh stuff, which is just as well, otherwise my skin would be blaaaaaaah.
    I love their face masks.

  • Decorative Diva

    Being a geek is a good thing 😉
    I showed my husband the Stardust bath bomb and he thought it was awesome. He’s the one who got me to start reading Neil Gaiman.

  • the Muse

    hi laura!

    aww poo! are you sensitive skinned????

    I love the face masks too 🙂 especially cupcake!


  • the Muse

    hi dd!

    Amen to that 😉 And proud of it!

    Neil Gaiman is a god! I adore his writings 🙂

    Your hub has great taste 😉

  • Bianca

    Oh my!!! Thanks Muse for that lovely post!!! I’m off to the Lusk UK website to check it out (and try not to order LOL)

    I allready own the shower gels and the soaps (Porridge smells like sweet caramel or something and I really like the scrub!) but those facial tablets sound lovely!!

  • Dancinggal

    Hey Muse!

    Wow, this stuff sounds amazing. Particularly the toner tabs. I have to go into Brisbane Lush today to grab more Retread, am going to ask when we will be getting these here (probably not for ages!!!) Can’t wait for your review on the shower gels.


  • jackieg02

    favorite scents? ummmm…i usually like them all. Maybe not to floraly though…you know, like roses. I don’t care for that.

    I’ll definetly have to check some out soon!

    Thank you!

  • jackieg02

    Oh, and I just have to add–
    There is a Lush store here in New Orleans that I never knew exsited! I will so have to check it out! I’m so excited!!

  • helly

    heyy musee!! i just started getting ‘into’ lush..not for myself but for bday presents for fds; but MY..the price difference -________-” i bought a herbalism..cleanser and a moisturiser for a friend; and it costed $60s or so for the two….

    guess its not only makeup thats SUPER expensive T.T

    bt i should try lush myself ey? the hair dyes look COOOLL!! chocolaaaaateeeeeeeeee lol hahaa

  • wen

    hey muse!
    i love how the stardust bathbomb looks like!
    so pweeety! -wheet!-
    starry and pinky!

    i’ve seen Lush in Hk and Macau, but i nv had enough time to browse through everything. it’s like i cant decide what to get and at the end of it, i get dragged out of the stores before i get anything! =(

    and toner tabs look cool!
    i shld try them the next time i go hk. teehee.

  • Anonymous

    Cool review Muse!
    Thanks so much!
    Please do keep us posted how the new face creams will behave on the skin.
    I will be probably getting a couple of them.

  • the Muse

    hello there Bianca!

    You’re most welcome 😉
    hehe 😉 Try if you can! I doubt you’ll succeed *evil laugh*

    Sweet caramel? I obviously need it hehe! How are you liking the shower gel? I was a bit disappointed with rub, rub, rub. I’d have liked the grainy bits out and just a nice shower gel I could use on my hair/body!

    The facial tablets are simply awesome! Lush truly creates awesome stuff!

    Thanks for the comment! Hope to talk to you again soon!

  • the Muse

    hiya dancinggal!

    I was hyper about the toner tabs and moisturizers 🙂

    I’m sure it’ll be hitting shops shortly 😉 Can’t wait right?

    I love Retread 🙂

    You’re most welcome 😉

  • the Muse

    hi jackieg02!

    If you can tell me what you prefer scent wise..like fruity, foody, etc..:) I can give you some great recs on some to try but I think heading into the store is always a super experience so you can smell ’em!

    You’re most welcome!

  • the Muse

    hi again jackieg02!

    AWESOME! =-) Happy Shopping!

    Do stop by and tell me what you think!

  • the Muse

    ‘ello miss helly!

    Wow huge price jump! Sheesh! I think our lowest price on herbalism is about $8-$12 something around there.

    Well worth it though as it truly WORKS!

    I’ve always wanted to henna my hair but I’m scared to try lol!

  • the Muse

    hey wen!

    Me too me too!!! 😉 Plus the geek factor I’m all over 😉

    awwww I know the feeling. it’s such a vast selection and difficult to make proper choices when you’re not familiar with it all!

    Toner tabs are a must they are simply a unique item!


    Happy Weekend lovie!

  • the Muse

    hi Anonymous!

    Thanks 🙂 You’re welcome it’s my pleasure!

    I surely will! Lush has a little bit of an adjusting period when first starting our both hair and skin care so I’ll definately give it time before reviewing 🙂

    I hope you’ll stop back and tell us about your purchases!


  • Paopao

    Hi Muse!

    I took Skin Nanny for my mummy (and she adores it), and vanishing cream for me (it’s the best cream i’ve tries by far!).

    I have also tries toner tabs (fantastic) and one of the emotibombs (the one with citric smell). I love these new thing people at Lush have made, but what I don’t like are the prices!!! Here in Spain they overprice it madly (and the shipping rates are enooooormous!)

    Have a very nice weekend!

  • the Muse

    hi pao pao!

    You’re lovely 😉

    I adore lush moisturizers!

    Ugh sorry to hear the prices are jacked lovie 🙁 That stinks!!!! You can order from Lush UK as the prices are pretty nice over there 😉

    Have a great weekend lovie!

  • Ricci

    Lush is only 4 hours away from me!
    I finially tried Lush , I got the Think Pink & Softy Bath Bombs and Lush sent me 2 samples w/ the order!
    now I want those too!!
    I want all of it ,,, lol

  • the Muse

    oh lord ricci! Danger lol! You’ll be driving four hours to get Lush hehe!

    I love think pink!!!!! 😉

    Hehe it’s a rather addicting thing isn’t it? Lush=Crack!

  • Bianca

    Hi Muse!!

    I got my hands on two Emotibombs and all three of the toner tablets at my local Lush! I’m going to try out a toner tab before I go to bed like… soon haha! And I’ll pop in an Emotibomb tomorrow morning. Maybe it’s a good subject for my blog I was looking for inspiration 😀

    I do like the scent of Rub Rub Rub (like it, don’t love it) and the scrub is nice but totally clogs up the bottle so I have half a bottle of salt left now…. And yes I really like the normal shower gels since I can wash my hair with them too!!

    I’ll let you know about the tabs 😉

    Happy weekend! Bianca

  • Anonymous

    I love your blog and i love neil gaiman…..but i noticed you spelled his name wrong!

  • the Muse

    hiya Bianca!

    Awesome 🙂 By now I hope you’ve tried ’em! Loving ’em?

    Got a link to your blog? Would love to read the review 🙂

    I love the scent of it but not fancying the grainy feel 🙁

    I imagine we can wash our hair with it as the salt is extremely tiny but I was worried it would dry me out 😛

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

    Happy Monday to you!
    Hope your weekend was fab!

  • the Muse

    thanks Anonymous!

    I love him myself…thanks for pointing that out sometimes that happens around here as I am pumping out posts so quickly that I sometimes make a spelling or a grammar goof here and there 🙂

    You’ll have to forgive me!