August 28, 2008

Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Makeup Fitting Gel Review

Did you ever think you could get an awesome makeup base that would cost you 6.50? You can.

Remember how I was raving about Beauty Credit a week or so ago? I got some seriously awesome products from Beauty Credit this week that I’ll be reviewing for you over the course of the next week or so. One of the main things that impressed me with Beauty Credit was the inexpensive price tag, gorgeous selection of cosmetics, and pretty packaging!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Beauty Credit’s Lovely Q10 Makeup Fitting Gel. This I love. I really like primers that sport a beautiful watery texture. I’m not a lover of silicon based primers simply because I feel like I have a mask on and they also happen to break me out a fair bit plus they pill terribly! It looks like my skin is peeling when I wear one yuk!

However, Beauty Credit’s Lovely Q10 Makeup Fitting Gel combines all the elements I love about a primer plus the added benefits of an inexpensive price tag and pretty little packaging! The formula is a light gel base that quickly absorbs into the skin perfectly prepping the skin for your foundation. The gel is beautifully cooling and carries a light, refreshing scent. I’m particularly loving how cooling and gentle this is on the skin. Perfect for humid weather the Muse says! The formula is not greasy or oily which is surprising as some gels tend to leave a tacky film behind. The product simply blends perfectly across the skin and quickly absorbs leaving your skin refreshed and ready for makeup.

As I said the packaging is adorable as well and vanity worthy. It comes in a plastic pump style bottle that appears to be glass. The top and base of the bottle is a beige pink shade. The rocking horse emblem is etched beautifully into the top of the bottle. I love this emblem, it gives the product a certain kawaii factor that the Muse is all over.

As mentioned above the product blends beautifully well into the skin and does a fine job prepping the skin however I did simply LOVE the fact that this not only made my foundation last a full hour longer without touch up but it also helped keep my foundation fresh. My foundation does occasionally go gray or ashy on my skin do to a number of reasons…humidity, heat, stale air, etc..however, Lovely Q10 Makeup Fitting Gel kept my foundation very fresh and I experienced no problems with my foundation the entire day. My foundation normally lasts about five hours without touch up possibly less depending on how much I’m outside however this based allowed it to last an extra hour or two. I actually didn’t bother touching up at all the entire day to see what exactly would happen. When I came home some of my foundation had worn away but my face was still looking fresh.

I love this one and I’ll definately be purchasing it again once my bottle has dwindled down!

I’m sticking a Muse Approval on it for purchase! The Muse loves it and thinks it’s a super steal and a deal!

As per my earlier discussion about Beauty Credit I had mentioned that the items were sold within the UK, Asia, and a few select locations in the US. Turns out Beauty Credit is more local then I realized! It’s right in my backyard and can be found at the following location if you happen to be in New York:

158 Hester Street
New York, NY 10013
Contact Number 212.334.6400

A lovely reader mentioned this so thanks to them for the info!

I haven’t yet headed over there yet but I’m very eager to get there and see what selection they have available!

I’ll be bringing you further Beauty Credit reviews shortly so stay tuned! While you’re waiting do drop by the Beauty Credit Website to see more of the great selection available! UK Residents can order online too!

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  • *Jen*

    Izzy I was just about to have my cousin have this shipped to me from Korea, but I just spotted the address you posted so I’m definitely headed over there on Friday to see what kind of selection they have, and of course what the prices are like!

    According to my conversion it should retail for $12 or so? This sounds like a lovely lovely primer, and while I still have tons of Etude House Peach base to get through, I need to add this to my primer collection!

  • Beauty Addict

    Hey Izzy, wow u finally tried Beauty Credit products! I think I mention it before, I love their Greentea Yellow Soil Mouse pack. It really helped suck out impurities and helps to brighten up dull complexion over time. It’s also very good in sucking out excess oil.

    On the contrary, I love silicon makeup base. They really helps makeup last wayyy longer. My fav makeup base is Sanna Pore Putty makeup base in clear. It really helps to keep sebum and sweat from ruining/melting my makeup in this tropical SG! 🙂

    Doesn’t hurt that Sanna is not expensive. Good news is Sanna’s many star products are for sale in our local Sasa since last year end.
    Esp Sanna Pore Putty in Clear. It’s was just brought in about 1 month ago! Now I can grab it without asking friends/relatives to buy from Japan when they are on holiday 🙂

    gracie 🙂

  • the Muse

    hey jen!

    I was going to do the same before someone commented and said there is one in Manhattan plus one in Flushing!

    I’m curious about the selection and prices know how people tend to jack prices up on these things. I’m hopeful they’ll keep the price tag that Beauty Credit as within the UK!

    That’s correct..about $13 or so. Etude House Peach base is more of a pore filler where as this is something that works perfectly at prepping. I use a good moisturizer but my skin still craves extra moisture prior to foundation and this is perfect. It’s very gentle too and non drying!

    Looking forward to what you think!

  • the Muse


    Yay! I did indeed 🙂 Must try tthis Mouse pack 🙂 If you love it I’m positive I will!

    No no not for me. Silicon normally pills on me terribly!

    But I can totally understand with the humidity you need something that’s silicon based!

    awesome. I love sasa 😉 We are able to purchase certain items from Sasa’s US portal w00t!

  • *Jen*

    hey izzy!

    so i had a chance to stop by the hester street location that you listed today, and i have to thank you a million time for the address, i’m so glad i’ve found this little treasure!! the store seems relatively new, and the staff isn’t particularly knowledgeable or anything, but they have a great selection and seem to carry almost the entire beauty credit line (i saw makeup bases, foundations, compact foundations, loose powders, blushes, loose blushes, nailpolishes, glosses, liquid eyeshadows, shadow sticks, etc. etc.) for great prices. i picked up the lovely q10 pearl shine makeup base and was happy to see that the price was inly $14! plus every product has an english translation of the product info on a label on the back which is always helpful to the non-english readers.

    just thought i’d update you on the prices and such in case you hadn’t made it to the store yet!

  • the Muse

    hey jen!

    Amazing! I’m so glad you found it. I’ve been wanting to go but haven’t had a second to do so!

    EEP I want the blushes! YAY!

    I’m pleased the prices have stayed the same. That’s outstanding! I was worried they’d jack it up some!

    My boxes didn’t have an english translation but happy to hear they did in store. That’s truly great as it makes purchasing easier!

    Thanks for the low down!