September 23, 2008

Etude House Brightening Eyes Duo Review

Etude House Brightening Eyes Duo was released with this year’s Fall Collection. I like the idea that Etude House added a concealer to it’s newest releases. Not many brands concentrate on anything outside of color come Fall so the idea of releasing a concealer to go along with the rest of the selections is quite nice.

Etude House Brightening Eyes Duo consists of a stackable duo of products to brighten and conceal eyes. On top of the jar is a slide open cream concealer in a salmon color that contains hints of pink but has a dominant base of peach. Two things I found curious about this shade of concealer was the fact at how well it worked at concealing and also the unusual color choice for Asian eyes.

In consideration that Etude House is a Korean brand and mainly disturbed within this country I thought the peachy pink shade was completely unflattering for Asian skin tones. Normally concealing with a yellow based concealer works best for Asian tones but to randomly come out with a shade like this really puzzles me on how well it’ll work for those of Asian descent.


I was equally shocked that it worked well on me as I thought that the shade would be rather strange for concealing darker circles considering how flesh shaded it was. However, it does a pretty good job of concealing lighter dark circles.

The idea behind the product is to prep and prime lids and under eyes with the creamy primer that’s tucked under the main concealer in a pot of it’s own. The cream is moisturizing however this does not contain anything aside from some extra moisture for your eyes so don’t expect it to fill in fine lines or treat them by using this cream. The cream does a fine job of prepping the eye area prior to concealer and I like it very much for this purpose. The cream does is very slightly pigmented as well and brightens the eye area up a tiny bit. The cream count account for the name of the product “brightening eyes” because it does successfully brighten the eye area up prior to the cream concealer every coming into contact with your eye. After prepping with the cream you’ll follow up by using the concealer. Considering how well the cream has prepped the eye area the concealer glides on beautifully well and helps the blending process. I liked how well the concealer layered on top of the cream and created a soft focused look.

Although I love the duo and the look it left behind, it did have two main problems that prevent me from recommending this for purchase. One problem is the concealer lasts an hour, two if you’re lucky. Long wearing concealer is absolutely essential for me and this does not last long at all. The second problem is the product is good for lighter wear however it’s to sheer to conceal major problems. I personally feel like I need heavier coverage under my eyes and although this is buildable it still fails at completely covering all my woes. After 8 hours of good rest this may be good to use however if I’m looking at 6 hours of sleep and want to look like I had 12 I’ll be reaching for a better concealer for sure!

I love the idea behind the concealer and think it’s a rather perfect duo of products however the formula needs some work. I’d recommend it for younger eyes, those who have little to conceal, or if you just love cute products. I wouldn’t recommend it for aging eyes, heavy baggage and circles.

I like Etude House Brightening Eyes Duo but I’m not loving it! A little work and they could have a rather perfect little concealer product on their hands!

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  • ???

    sigh! i had wanted to put this in my list of buying, since I don't have eye concealer. the ones i have are now too dark for me, or too drying. time to throw. >_<

    i have to go search… and foundation and concealers are my biggest problems. can't find the right shade. and i duno wat's my undertones. 🙁


  • the Muse

    hi plue!

    Sadly I’m unsure this will do a GREAT job of hiding mega circles but if you don’t have to conceal alot I highly rec it 🙂

    Aw 🙁 Have you tried sitting down at a counter and asking? maybe an MA can recommend your perfect color?


  • ???

    i haven’t tried asking MAs, becuz those here are either stuck up or DOES NOT know their prodcuts at all!

    Seriously, and they call themselves SAs/ MAs.

    I am a bit terrified of them, and because of the lighting inside the malls aren’t natural light, I always end up with stuff either too light on me, or too dark on me. And those we MAs.

    In the end, I resorted to searching my own and test and test and test on my own.

    I wish I am in US, I think they have better knowledge in MU?


  • the Muse

    hi plue!

    Sorry for my delayed replies been swamped as heck this week!

    I totally can relate. We got clueless MA’s here too as well as snotty ass ones! 🙁

    It really depends here. Sometimes you get some seriously experienced and expert advice however sometimes you get REALLY clueless people who knows basically nothing about makeup at all!

    I always find it’s best to test shades out for myself and products b/c about 99% of the time I learn nothing from MA’s or SA’s! Plus I have the same prob as you..running into snotty, attitude MA’s 🙁

    those are the worst!

  • ???

    I usually take the concealer/foundation that I have which suits me best and bring along for comparison. Or I bring the one that is too dark or too light and bring out when I need to shop for something. Then at least my range is safer 😛

    Yeah, I hardly learn anything from them. Totally useless. >_<

  • the Muse

    hi plue!

    bit late replying sorry honey!

    good idea that’s what I do occasionally when shopping ds 🙂

    I always pick a lighter shade in concealer..I find that works best for me 🙂

    lord me too…plus I get the attitudes from them which is worst 😛

    Hope your holiday is going well!

    Miss u!

  • Dana

    I’ve tried this too and not loving it, I think maybe sometime later down the line if they’re improved the formula, then maybe, hopefully I’ll love it. It’s a cute idea, handy to carry around or travel with. But it just doesn’t perform that well. It seems to crease on me, and also, it doesn’t last very long, as mentioned. It doesn’t seem to do the concealing that well either. Ahh well… I wonder if I need to use a base with this first… maybe that’s an idea? We’ll see… hahaha