October 28, 2008

AC/DC & Guns N’ Rose @ Walmart?!!!!!!?

This post is a long time coming………….

You might know I’m a serious rocker (or not. I’m alot of things you don’t know hehe!). I adore vintage rock in a big way.

I was heartbroken when AC/DC decided to sell out to Walmart. Yeah, sorry if you had to hear about it on my blog but it’s true. AC/DC has sold out to Walmart.

It’s all quite true.

AC/DC hasn’t released in album in nearly 7 years or so but they decided it would be a SUPER duper idea to release one exclusively to Walmart. But why Muse for the love of god WHY!?

I wondered the same thing.

Turns out Walmart just brought three million copies of the album in one go. Great deal for AC/DC no waiting to actually sell the CD, it’s sold already, all three million, to of all places, Walmart.

Did I mention I hate Walmart? Walmart is a drain on economy among other evils that I won’t begin to get into.

I choose to remember bands like AC/DC as they were so no I won’t indulge in an exclusive Walmart CD by AC/DC no matter how I love them or how great the CD is.

But honestly, in all seriousness, how good could this CD possibly be if Walmart will be carrying it?

Go buy the latest AC/DC CD at Walmart! Hardcore! You can insert a picture of me rolling my eyes here. Is my sarcasm thick enough for you?

To add insult to injury and to pour salt in my already open wound I proceeded to read about how Guns n’ Roses is rumored to be releasing a new album to Walmart too.

Has the world gone mad?

Has hell frozen over and I wasn’t sent the memo?


Next thing you know KISS will be doing a song for a Disney movie!

Who knows maybe Walmart will exhume Joey Ramone for a single. Stranger things are obviously happening as is what’s one more step for those wild and crazy rockers at Walmart.

Indeed these are some things to consider.

It’s when these bands go off the drugs and enter the land of the sober that the bad decisions begin to happen.

Remember kids it’s best to stay on drugs, wreck hotel rooms, bed tons of fan girls, and act wild and crazy but don’t sell out to Walmart. The Muse no likey that idea at all.

This is a public servant announcement from a die hard rock fan.


I will mention that it appears Guns N’ Roses will be releasing Chinese Democracy without the aid of Walmart….praise Jeebus maybe someone is listening up there! However, we won’t BEGIN to get involved in all the problems with Axl’s aging or the fact that Slash and Duff are no shows….that’s a blog for another day!

I leave you with good music that hasn’t been touched by the evil empire!


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  • Vanessa M.

    omg! i wrote a post on this too! haha i did it when GNR realsed their 1st single…classic rok baby!

  • the Muse

    lol awesome vanessa!

    aren’t you too young to remember good GNR? 😉

    I’m a bit disappointed they choose to prem the song on..of all places…90210…

    lord oh lord..how hardcore! *rolls eyes*

  • Phyrra

    I’m in agreement with you. I feel Walmart is the evil empire. I love Target though. Walmart tends to stand for everything I hate… republicans, censorship, etc.

    I try to always avoid shopping at Walmart, unless I have absolutely no other choice.

    In fact, I’m actually one of those people who try to frequent the little mom and pop run establishments, what few of them are left. I specifically go to a small mom and pop pet store, instead of Petco or Petsmart. Right now I’m waiting for a special order item for my dog (a special type of harness), that I know they have at Petco, but that the mom and pop place was kind enough to special order for me. It’s the little things like that I like. We have a farmer’s market of fresh produce up the road that I try to use as often as possible, instead of Publix.

    I’ve hated Walmart because of their censorship of music and games, and the fact that I had to work there one summer. My slimey pig of a boss hit on me, they only had men in management in that position, and they did quite a lot of illegal stuff. bleh.

  • the Muse

    amen dd 🙂 amen!

    Preach it!

    I RARELY go to Walmart. I only go when my sister drags me 🙂

    the most I’ve spent in walmart is $20-$30 bucks. I refuse to give the evil empire my money!

    One of the main reasons I avoid Walmart is what you kindly pointed out…putting mom and pop shops out of business. My father has always been a self employed business owner and places like walmart put people like him out of biz!

    Not even getting into the Mom and Pop shop problem also the fact that they try to censor everything and contradict themselves by buying out albums from ac/dc gimme a freaking break!

    lord knows not only is it the evil empire but now the evil empire of sexual harassment!

    the Muse spits on Walmart 😛

  • Phyrra

    I think I also really like the special care that most mom and pop places take with their customers. If they don’t have what you want, you just ask if they can get it and they usually will. I’d much rather work with a business that wants to work with me and make me happy. I’ve noticed that most mineral makeup companies online are like this, too. Aromaleigh and Meow are really good for customer service, as is Lumiere.

  • Piece of Cake

    Wowzeee…you’re the woman, Karen! Back in 87, the only supermarket I knew (or remembered going) was Walmart and J.C Penney. So I was a bit surprised when I read your post that it has eliminated many many moms and pops shops. Not good at all. I could so understand your hatred toward the empire. Must have been tough watching your dad’s business went down 🙁

    I just couldn’t imagine why some company wants to buy a whole lot of albums (3 millions! wowzer!). I certainly not hope they got it for peanuts.

  • the Muse


    I agree!!!!!!! Mom and Pop shops have awesome CS above any big brand dept. stores!

    CS is crap most places…no one knows what is going on..or what they are selling..or where you can even find items in the store..insanity!

  • the Muse

    Hi Piece of Cake….

    love you keep calling me Karen but I’m not Karen…karen is from Makeup and Beauty Blog 🙂

    Walmart has closed many smaller stores by lowballing prices on items that smaller shops can’t keep up with forcing smaller stores to go out of business.

    Thankfully my dad never went out of business do to walmart but the pressure has been on from different stores/shops/etc…and different situations occur for mom and pop locations that are caused by big wigs like walmart 🙂

    AC/DC is triple platinum without anyone actually buying the album lol so strange!