October 8, 2008

Becca Limited Edition Palettes: Sateen and Velveteen

Contrary to the fact that Becca disappeared off the shelves of Sephora far to quickly and got slashed down to 50% off towards it’s sad demise, it happens to still happily have a cult following within the US and Europe.

Becca is alive and kicking and still bringing out some rather fab palettes! I’ve never personally been a Becca follower but I was recently browsing the ASOS website and came across three new palettes from Becca for Fall and I must say they look rather nice and are appealing to the new, natural side of the Muse!

Um only problem…I can’t recall Becca being so expensive? These range from $55-$65 USD each but in their defense they are quite stunning! The palettes are available in three shade selections entitled Avalon, Sateen, and Velveteen.

Becca Velveteen Palette $55 USD (Respectively 44)

Contains: Eyeshadows in Organza (White Shimmer), Lurex (Gold Shimmer), Chintz (Khaki Green Shimmer), and Shantung (Bronze Shimmer)

Eyeliner in Barbarella (Rich Black)

Becca Sateen Eye Palette $55 USD (Respectively 44)

Contains: Eyeshadows in Chantilly (Lavender Demi Matte), Lame (Silver-Mauve Shimmer), Tweed (Warm Brown Demi-Matte), and Tussah (Antique Gold Shimmer)

Eyeliner in Bambi (Brown)

I’m actually feeling the love for the Becca Eye Palette in Velveteen in a major way! Hmmm may indulge in this and review soon!

Check out more Becca at their website and see Becca Avalon Palette which I also have my eye on!

Becca Europe, UK, and Other Locations Portal

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  • Dancinggal

    Yay for Aussie makeup brands!!! LOVE Becca, am absolutely ADDICTED to their Luminous Skin Colour, I wear it everyday without fail.

  • Askmewhats

    I have seen Becca Cosmetics but I never tried any of their products!

  • Autumn Masquerade

    Hi Muse,

    Madonna has gotten to feel a little manufactured and affected, but she’s still a brilliant performer. Besides, pop never will win intellectual awards, but that’s not the point of pop in the first place!

    I will look at Twitter this weekend. Eek! I can’t believe how far behind I’ve gotten on some technology. *hides face from shame*

    I do prefer getting real gift cards myself too but sometimes they come in handy. Like I hate that Neimans doesn’t accept Visa. I’m not going to walk around with $300 cash. Geez.

    You are right that some of the Saks personnel can out snob their customers. But I have seen the same thing at Neimans. Macy’s here is a complete joke. Macy’s has never understood Midwestern sensibility and even though they acquired a midwestern department store, they still haven’t learned their lesson. In January, we want coats not half a floor of swimsuits! (I kid you not, that’s what they did several years at Mall of America). I also hold a grudge against Macy’s because they don’t carry my shoe size in women’s. They tell me to go to kids. Not amusing.

    Eek! I am glad you ordered your Manish Arora last night. I can’t believe it sold out already! The insanity! I wonder if people waited for Manish Arora to order from the Ungaro collection too. That’s what I did…I am being very picky with Chantecaille holiday coming up, as I well should considering the price. So I skipped out on some items I would have otherwise purchased.

    I missed you too while I was on business. Normally I have more play on business travel but the last two trips were majorly intense. I am still exhausted from them.

    Good idea on avoiding the counter. Now that I’ve seen most of the collections that I want to see, I pretend the other counters don’t exist. I just go to the one I want to go to and use see no evil as my maxim in dealing with the rest. =D

    I’ll send you very nice high res photos of the Chantecaille holiday items. ;D Hopefully that will help you get your fix.

    It’s great you are going outside your color comfort zone and trying new things! I was surprised by how much I am liking the red for eyes from Japan. They do nice red eyeshadows. I am also liking the Becca Avalon palette but crikey! I agree the price got raised big time. I think their palettes used to be closer to $45. Maybe they are trying to go more upscale now that they aren’t at Sephora?

    I shall have to check out the QVC gossamer set. Hm…very pretty. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on the loose powder!

    I bet the Armani lip waxes become permanent. Or else what they’ll do is release different shades, each set being LE. But after how popular they have been, there is no way they are going to discontinue them.

    I’ve seen a few women who can do a nude lip, but you’re right, the vast majority of us mortals cannot. And those women had just had their makeup professionally applied so that doesn’t count.

    I am not too worried about the 401(k). Since we’ll be working until we’re 75 anyway, plenty of time to rebound. ;D Not much I can do about it anyway.

    Truthfully I don’t think anyone has a normal skin tone. The models only look that way because of how powerful the lights are and all the touchups that are done before a magazine is printed.

    Yes, I am most thankful you reviewed Powderflage! And Thrrob. I’ve had enough bad experiences with Benefit that I don’t usually try the new products. But thankfully you are ever the makeup pioneer.

    Wow, 20% is desparate for BBW. After your post today, I am going to have to stop by there very soon. Those little blankies are too cute! Plus I love blankies. They are a necessity here in the frozen north. Pretty soon we’ll think 40 is warm…

    We have the gorgeous fall colors going on. I’ll have to send you some pix of the beautiful maples. Fall reminds me why I live here even through Jan and Feb. Actually the weather is nice all but 3 months of the year so that’s pretty good.

    I think the software on digital cameras hasn’t been worked on enough for night pix. So until they improve the underlying software, no amount of $ will make it better. We’re not allowed to have camera phones at work. I wish they’d have a camera-less iPhone. I’d be all over that. I may have to get an iPod touch in the meanwhile to compensate. I hate traveling with a computer if I don’t need to. Way too heavy. You should have seen me running through LAX once. I thought I was going to get tackled by security.

    Are you going to get your Snowcake fix soon? I can’t believe it’s already that time of the year. Happily though this year we have a Lush. It just opened in Macy’s at Mall of America. *grimace* I try not to go there unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    Anywho, I hope you are having a good evening! Talk to you soon! Hugs and lots of love!

  • the Muse

    hello dancinggal!

    hehe 😉 you know I only own a stain from Becca and nothing else? The brand never appealed to me b/c of the packaging but these palettes..whoa…want!

  • the Muse

    Hi Betsy,

    mmm not only manufactured but also her head has increased it’s size by at least three sizes in the last decade..mind you it was plenty big before but now it’s borderline huge..she might need guy to hold it up 😉

    Twitter is rather fun and funky..good way to keep up with people quickly and on the go 🙂

    LOL it’s difficult to become involved with technology as it evolves way too quick sometimes sheesh! But you gotta love it 😉

    I really hate Neimans doesn’t take Visa..actually since we are on the topic…I hate that Sams doesn’t take anything but Discover Card..WTH???

    Macy’s is a joke here..I mean a serious joke…granted our Macy’s on 34th is brilliant, simply brilliant..but make your way the smaller Macy’s department stores around New York and be prepared to be shock. Clueless personal, crap merchandise, and MA’s that are truly novices (that’s being nice).

    Don’t feel bad as honestly it’s not only Macy’s adapting this strange mentality of placing swimsuits out in January I’ve seen it in both low and high end shops even Gap for that matter when you walk in in Jan/Feb for a sweater and they area advertising tshirts!

    I hate walking into the Mall October 1st and being presented with a huge christmas tree..wth….you can see how the marketing has really taken effect over the course of the last few years..I’m not even old enough to appreciate it for what it is..but people like my sister (she’s 12 years older than me) and my mum..they can really feel the effects of it as they are so NOT used to seeing a tree in October…they are of the mentality and generation where trees, decorations, etc..were put up after Thanksgiving!

    Now we are faced full on with it as of October…it’s a bit too much to say the very least and even, dare I say, ruins the holiday for me some!

    You have small feet 🙂 me too but not that small…I’m a 7 or 7 1/2 in regular shoes and a 6 1/2 in sneakers!

    Virtually gone! that was quick wasn’t it!?

    I think probably people did a bulk order..I still haven’t checked out EU yet..but will be shortly….

    I’ve been selective about my purchases as well considering I’ve gotten many items sent to be lately as well.

    What do you do when away on business? Always been curious 🙂 Hope you don’t mind me asking!

    I try really hard to do the same but I am bad with spontaneous purchases 🙁

    Thankfully Dior sucked this year as did Givenchy..so that really helped lighten my load (aside from the diamond powder of course).

    Oh my I shudder in delight at the Chantecaille images 🙂

    I think, if anything at all, I’ve learned to go outside my norm here. I wouldn’t do so if I hadn’t started Musings..I’ve been introduced to so many items I would never try…strangely enough..I’ve fallen in LOVE with BB..that’s a perfect example of heading outside my comfort zone 🙂

    I love red eyes myself 🙂 I really think it looks ultra glam on Asian eyes (I feel that way about almost all makeup anyway 🙂

    Beautiful palettes not sure on the price though…I recall the $35-$45 range but never $55-$65 that’s a bit too much for a brand that’s not very popular stateside 😛

    They lasted a really short time at Sephora didn’t they!?

    Actually don’t go too crazy as the silver and gold are from the collections last year..although you don’t have the gold I don’t think as you didn’t buy the gold kit from QVC…the classic rock or the platinum had the silver gossamer..you have both of those..but hey you can always use more silver sparkle right?!


    I think the Armani lip waxes are already permanent at least that’s what I understand!

    I’ve seen very few..even beautiful girls on other blogs, models, etc..with a nude lip look..terrible..at least to my eye 😛

    True…sad isn’t it? 75…we’ll be dead before that lol! I’m picturing Europe and Asian coming at us with pitch forks soon!

    Lord knows extra light always makes anyone appear flawless 🙂

    I was watching the wicked lovely video on smashbox and was freaked out at the model..she looked like she had heavy clay on her face YAK!

    I have a love hate relationship with Benefit but truly some items are staples. I’m so glad you enjoyed both Thrrob and Powderflage..warms my toes you love ’em!

    LOL always 😉 anything new I’m on it.

    I think 20% somewhat scares me as you can tell that the things are beginning to ripple with the economy the way it is. They have NEVER offered 20%…I look forward to seeing if they do free shipping soon too on the website..as again they never offered as such!

    Oh those blankies are amazing betsy simply amazing and wonderful gifts! They aren’t full size sadly but since your tiny (height wise for me not weight wise lol) it’ll cover you up nicely like a bug in a rug 🙂

    I have on on my bed now with nice warm cotton flannel sheets…perfection 🙂

    Do check out the slippers too…so cozy 🙂 I wouldn’t wait though..they seemed to sell out rather quickly last year which shocked me but than again who knows this year they may lay around with all the insanity 😛

    Oh please do as I love the Fall!

    Gee why can’t you have camera phones?! And how would they know anyway if you did?

    the iphone is rather fab…although I’m hating all the talk of the “iphone killer” for me the iphone is it..nothing better 🙂

    It would be a great item to have for away time…allows you to surf, email, chat, etc..

    LOL awww…I can totally relate..as my powerbook seems way too heavy 😛

    yes LOL i ordered a slab yesterday from Lush UK. I had to do a special order sadly as I couldn’t add on with the rest of my christmas order…for some odd reason shipping worked out cheaper if I ordered the slab..and order my other christmas items seperate.

    You should order from Lush UK..it works out the same price with shipping (since lush is cheaper UK side the cheap cost evens out the high shipping) it’s fresher and it’s thankfully not been touched by every hand in the world 😛

    Lots of Hugs!
    Talk really soon!

  • Elvira

    Hi Muse: These are not necessarily “new” palettes from BECCA nor are they for the fall collection. They are however, some of the most wonderful, soft and pigmented shadows I have ever owned. The cake liners included in the Velveteen and Sateen palettes wear like iron and the brush that comes with it is perfect for a micro thin percise line. I highly recommend the velveteen palette as it is my favorite!

  • the Muse

    hiya elvira

    thanks for the info..they are advertised as being new on asos..so I just assumed. apologies!

    thanks for the rec..I’m definately ordering one as they look lovely! 😉