October 7, 2008

Must Have Makeup: Cargo Eyelighter Review

So you have dark circles? Got a bit less sleep then you’d like?

No problem-o! The Muse has you covered.

Have you tried Cargo Eyelighter?

Totally perfect solution for the days your eyes need a wakeup call on the double!

I recently tested out a few Cargo Eyelighters and fell pretty in love with ’em! I purposely withheld using these on days I got plenty of rest however, like this morning for example when I’m working on three hours of sleep, I decided to dive right in to see how well Cargo Eyelighter banished my dark circles, puffy eyes, and the general sleep deprived droopy eye look I had going on!

And I’m here to tell the tale that indeed they do a damn fine job of waking up tired, sleepy eyes and offering a refreshed, awake appearance.

What are these things anyway Muse?

These are simply a dual sided eyeshadow pencil that contains a matte side of shadow on one end and a shimmery shadow on the other. The matte side of the pencil is used on the outer corner of your eye and highbrow while the shimmery side is used on the inner corner of the eye. The effect is a brightening, lightening, wide, awake appearance. Although the package suggests using the shadows on outer and inner corners, I took the liberal to line my lower lash line with the matte end and add a bit of the shimmery side as a highlight to my eye…the effect is the same..a wider, naturally bare look that’s both beautiful and refreshing.

Does it banish dark circles completely?

No, absolutely not. However, it successfully reflects off of dark shadows and creates a more awake appearance. Yes, you’ll absolutely still need concealer but this and concealer create a rather perfect, awake eye look!

This are ideal for travel or quick touch ups as the product is complete and you don’t have to tug around anything extra with you. The shadows are housed inside the cap of the applicator, simply twist, remove the applicator and it’ll already be saturated with color. Apply, done, AWAKE!

I think part of it’s major appeal would be the fact that it adds a natural elegance to my eye area. For someone who prefers bolder eye shadows it’s a rather nice break from vibrant and intense..to just..fresh, natural, and beautiful.

I personally loved the finished results on this and will be purchasing these again when I run out. If you watch Gossip Girl you might notice that Blake Lively always has a touch of shimmering white or gold in the inner corners of her eye, the results are pretty much the same as what you see on her although in my case I definately do NOT look like Blake Lively hehe!

Using Cargo Eyelighter in Pink

Using Cargo Eyelighter in Gold

If you’re loving my blush that would be Urban Decay Baked in Glided!

The two shades I tried were Gold and Pink, Pink happens to be a new shade addition for Fall. This is also available in White which I’m dying to try out so I ordered it from Sephora last week and will bring you an updated review about it shortly!

All in all I liked this alot and I’m approving them for purchase. I like the idea of a single item that I can tote around with me for quick, on the go touch ups for wider, more awake eyes, I love the finished results of going from sleepy to wow in a few quick swipes and I simply adore the naturally beautiful look these create!

If you’re looking for something simple, easy to use, and works well enough at giving you that 12 hours of sleep you truly DIDN’T have…these are for you!

The Muse loves ’em!

Tried these?

Love ’em?

Sound interesting?

Tell the Muse!

Cargo Fall Collection 2008

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About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • MandyPandy

    Oh Izzy, my little Italian turtledove, why ever would you want to look like that awful, skinny Blake Lively? Too WASPy for my blood…

    Anyway, I hate Gossip Girl. How’re you finding the new season of Dexter?

  • the Muse

    I knew I could count on you to love me for just the girl I am *sniffs*


    Dexter is cool so far but still want to kill Jennifer Carpenter..can we haz an episode where dexter slaps his sister around a little bit?


    Aside from that so far so good..I’m sure you likey all the hot Michael Hall nekkid scenes..I’ll try not to be jealous too much ;p

    what else you watching this Fall?

  • Laura

    Ohh I love the idea of this.
    Another for my wish list.
    I can’t wait to actually get some money!

  • the Muse

    ps did they change the kid that plays rita’s son?

    ingrid is def the same little girl but the son looks different….

  • Anonymous

    Kayvid: Can I make a small suggestion? When you do the reviews with approvals or fails, include the price…You dont look AT ALL like you have only gotten 3 hrs of sleep. Simply Gorgeous! Are what concealor are you wearing(if any)?

  • MandyPandy

    Oh Iz, I defy anyone to NOT love you for who you are. Only the Grinch could manage such a thing (and by ‘the Grinch’, I mean Blake Lively).

    IK, IK. I keep waiting for one of the serial killers to finally grow a pair and finish off little Debbie Morgan. And why do the guys on the series find her hot?!? Have they no eyes?!?

    Me no likey MCH no more, nekkid or otherwise. That comb-over is really starting to get to me. He could teach Donald Trump a thing or two.

    I never really noticed Astor or Cody that much, but yes, they might have changed Cody. Clearly, someone got a little to big for his britches and asked for a pay raise.

  • Dancing Gal

    Oh my god, I have the WORST bags and dark circles today, thanks to my crazy dog who would not stop barking last night! Could definately do with this product.

    Ms. Muse, I’m thinking of coming to New York City to live for a year on a working holiday visa! Seeing you are the ONLY person I know living there, was just wondering, is it really tough to find a place to live? That’s my major concern, am fairly sure I’ll be able to find some sort of job as a bar tender somewhere, lol. Yay, I’m taking the plunge!

  • Autumn Masquerade

    Hi Miss Muse,

    Glad to hear Madonna was so rockin'! She is a good entertainer.

    I am not on Twitter but I do need to eventually figure it out. I am certain it's not too hard to do.

    I agree Neimans is overall better than Saks. I was very annoyed with Saks when I had a problem with a virtual gift card not sending. But my Armani MA is so fab, that I stick with Saks anyway.

    Eek! I hope it warms up some for you. That does sound cold. I personally would blame global warming for disrupting weather patterns. When it's warmer here than it is there, something is wrong.

    Thank you so much for the Manish offer but I am good. I ran my little fingers over to their website ASAP today. So I think I am good. =D I can't believe how fast Dresscamp went. Yikes! I hadn't even decided if I'd liked it or not before it was gone.

    Yes, Chantecaille prices have made me shriek with horror lately. The Tiger collection is relatively speaking more reasonably priced. I may skip the powder or bronzer when I see it in person, but I have both of them reserved just in case they are both fabulous. Now I am impatient for my SA to call and tell me they have arrived. Chantecaille has a history of releasing things late due to quality issues. I hope that doesn't happen this time.

    A good red is almost like good chocolate. There are a lot of bad reds but happily since pigments have improved, they've gotten much better. Kind of like with blue e/s.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a BE loose powder! I won't forget QVC either. I wouldn't be surprised to see them eventually have something too…

    0.01 is really really tiny. It's a good thing they have the quality to back it up…

    Yes, I did get 2 lip waxes. 5 & 6. I rather like them but Silk is more emollient and is $1 less. But stains come in handy too. Especially for airplane travel. That way my lips still have pigment. I look rather ghastly without lipstick. Dramatic coloring requires some color on the lips. The whole nude lip thing doesn't work too well on me.

    I have a 401(k) and I am sure it has taken a pounding. But since I have oh probably 50 years left to work, I am not overly concerned. Well, as long as Wall Street is finally reined in. I haven't wanted to look at the damage.

    I do have some yellow tones. I am more of a neutral OC tone but I have been liking the beige ocre shades for foundation better. I actually believe everyone has more yellow tones than pink (except for albinos). It's just a matter of the transluceny of the skin. Powderflage works quite well. Plus if you think about it, dark circles are dark circles. So, in other words, it works quite well on fair skinned Asians.

    I like the dior np and the palette is definitely a me color, but I'll wait to see it in person. I did like the powder until I saw the price tag. $80 is a bit high for Dior. Of course I think $85 is good for Chantecaille, so take my perspective with a grain of salt. ;D

    Uh…I think it was the summer release for EP. I actually thought the old size was nice but the new one is so teeny tiny! I mean you want something portable but sanity please. Kind of the eye palette version of the BE pots now.

    Definitely send pix of the Madonna concert! I am sure it was most interesting.

    Many hugs! Love ya lots!

  • Phyrra

    Oh wow!
    I think I could totally use these, especially in Pink or White.

    Off topic but, my laptop is currently sitting in pieces. My monday got so bad it progressed into ruining my tuesday. Bad enough I even blogged about it. Ick.

    I hope your week is going much better!

  • the Muse

    Oh mandy…my beloved mandy….you make me wanna sex you all night long with your sweet words 😉

    Blake Lively actually loves me xoxo gossip girl ;-P

    Please god for the love of god let it be Debbie Morgan time now god damn it. Irritating BEYOND belief!

    damn everyone finds her HOT personally I’m unsure if they are confused..maybe they think she’s a hot piece of man pie??

    Aw chucks..I liked all the arse that was on display this week..kinda got me excited for this week’s eppy! Too DT? Oh well..true that I guess…true that!

    Aww thank you kindly as I was running amock calling her Ingrid…that clears the air..you’d think I’d know these things considering I’ve read the bloody books…too much on my head.way too much!

    that is a new kid!? for serious? I wasn’t sure completely..it kinda looks like him and kinda doesn’t…hmmm!

    which brings up a new topic..are you watching True Blood?

  • the Muse

    hello there dancing gal! Missed you!

    Ditto! I was up LATES partying like it was 1990…or something like that…hehe!

    what kinda pup do you have? I have two 🙂

    Wahooooo! Awesome! Mmm it’s not particularly difficult but it is costly 🙁 I don’t live in the city myself as I can’t afford it in the neighborhoods I’d like to live 🙂 I live in a house in the ‘burbs about 20 or so minutes away from manhattan (depending on traffic). if you don’t mind the commute you’d do well to live outside the city but if you have your heart set on the city it can be costly. You can find something though with a bit of hard work and looking 🙂

    I’m excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!

    you’ll look me up when you get here I hope!

  • sarahPUFFY

    I’ve always wanted to try those! Insta-highlighers are the best highlighters. Nom nom!

    And ughhh, you should see my dark cirles right now. I look like DEATH, Izz! I’m concealer-less, mascara-less, and practically powder-less [update on the blog!]! I ended up just giving up on makeup for the week. Lameness all around!

  • the Muse

    hi bets!

    She’s brilliant, truly she is. Funny as I can’t stand her most days but something about her music…I dunno gotta love to hate her 🙂

    I do come on..it’s a rather fun place for internet and real friends! Not at all..it’s a snap!

    Ugh sounds nightmarish…I’m not partial to Virtual Gift Cards after a horrifying Amazon experience..I now stick to purchasing them in store.

    Honestly I’d rather shop Macy’s, Nordies, or Neimans anyday! I heart some of the girl’s at saks or the guy’s actually even better but honestly some are really snobs!

    It’s bitter tonight..I’m home, tucked up tight in my bed posting happily away and watching Chuck on tivo 🙂 It’s a good night for it as I am really tired. My tummy is filled with yummies from PF Chang and I may settle in for a warm winter’s nap rather shortly 😉

    You’re most welcome. I ended up ordering online too…looks like it’s staying up for a while and no dresscamp drama 🙂

    I got everything as I thought the pieces were very me as they are bold and outrageous just my style.

    I am personally avoiding the counter…it’s right next to Bobbi Brown which stinks so I casually avoid it when in neimans…I know if I look I’ll be tempted to buy…lord knows I’m terribly jealous you’re hauling it 🙂 I must sees it when it arrives 🙂

    I must agree! Red has surprising hit home with me lately and finding newer shades that work really thrills me 🙂 I was particularly loving all the reds from UD lipstick collection!

    Speaking of QVC they have a gossamer set now..have you seen? It includes the silver, rose, and gold…I thought that was rather interesting and I def foresee a loose power..they can’t not do one!

    Agreed. Although I’m kinda blah on the colors released with the super glimmer kit..hohum!

    Fantastic haul on the waxes..they are scrummy 🙂 The Muse likey! and stains are a must have for me as well..they make everything so much better gloss wise and lippie wise 🙂

    I look 100lbs heavier with a nude lip..I can’t work it either and honestly I haven’t seen ANYONE who can work that look.

    I’m so sorry about the 401k but I have hopes it’ll be up again? maybe?

    Yes I’m with you..I believe retirement is 75 for us…but really will we ever is the question..maybe so but not on the governments dollar that we have put into by the way!

    I think I have an olive undertone but I honestly haven’t a clue…so strange is my skin 😛

    I’m happy to hear that Powderflage does work well with your tone!

    It’s def not the complete solution to dark circles but works well at helping with concealing!

    The palette doesn’t call to me..I have the pink version from years past and that didn’t even do much for me so I sadly don’t see the appeal of the new one although it’s debatable 🙂 the np is very nice!

    Sheesh everyone skipping including j brands 😛

    I got a coupon for..get this..20% off my purchase at BBW today..and I thought it rather interesting that they are hitting the point of desperation now. 20% is a big deal for BBW..yes they do alot of steals and deals but 20% is HUGE for them!

    I surely will. I have tons on my iphone an quite a few on my cam although it was rather dark 😛 I hate that my cam takes such crude pics in the dark…no matter how much money I spend on digicams none take good night pics 😛 wth?

    Love you too!
    Hope you’re having a great night!

  • the Muse

    hello dd!

    hehe 🙂 aren’t they fabs?!

    oh no what happened?! I’m off to your blog to lookie! 🙁

    dude sounds like the month from hell honey 🙁

  • the Muse

    hiya kayvid!

    sure 🙂 I’ll be sure to include..I sometimes get a bit hyper and forget things 🙂 I’ll def include prices next time! These are $17 each for the record 🙂

    Thanks! I was feeling like I had only three hours..that I guarantee you lol!

    I’m wearing MUFE Lift in these photos 🙂

    Hugs honey!

  • Phyrra

    I have no idea what god I offended, but I’m really sick of being crapped on repeatedly 🙁

    *thinking happy thoughts*

    At least I’m getting closer to friday….

  • MandyPandy

    True Blood? Dear heavens, no! My tolerance for Anna Paquin is even lower than my tolerance for all-things-Helena-Bonham-Carter (which is pretty frickin’ low).

  • hiromix

    wow muse you look stunning! def. makes your eyes more gorgeous than they already are! i wish we had cargo in korea!

  • the Muse

    awww dd! I can relate totally! I had a heck of a time with crap lately going crazy..tivo, pcs, mac, ac lol!

    Think happy thoughts!

    here’s some HUGS so you feel better 🙂

    Hump day! two more days PHEW!

  • the Muse

    lol I have a pretty low tolerance for AP as well but I have to say for some odd reason I’m hooked..has to be Stephen with his very fake southern drool….english cum southern..gotta love it!

    Don’t go on a rant about HBC I won’t listen *sticks fingers in ears* LALALALALAL!

    She’s my goth god!

  • the Muse

    hello hiromix!!!!!

    Long time no speak 🙂 Good to see you here!

    Aw thanks honey!!!!!! *hugs* sheesh cargo needs to get their butt your side 🙂 they make some cutesy items 🙂


  • Harmony

    I know this is an older review but I am loving the wide awake natural look of these ! As for your blush. In pic two that can’t be urban decay gilded? …or is it? I love the beautiful pink shade and gilded is a bronzer. I’m so confused