January 19, 2009

Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation Review

I’m generally wary of trying mineral foundations as they all make me rather itchy! Although it goes without saying that I was really a fan of Prescriptives All Mineral Makeup and Urban Decay’s Surreal Skin however I do find that I don’t use them as much as I would liquid or cream foundations.

I should mention I also happen to be dubious of products that promise me a one minute miracle and 4 products in 1. So be the case with Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation. 4 products in 1 pressed powder that promises me a miracle in under a minute….





naaaaaaaa no way!


Maybe I need to eat my words because I was actually surprised at how well Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Foundation performed. I will mention that the first time I opened the compact I got amazingly annoyed as the product had no sponge, no brush, nothing. At $24.50 USD they couldn’t include a brush and a mirror? How irritating! After reading the back of the package where it states use brush to apply I began to get even angrier. I dunno why I was so mad because I honestly never make proper use of a brush or a puff anyway but sheesh at the very least they could have included either of the two to appease my sudden frugal nature.




Turns out your Muse was quite silly…the compact is actually dual sided…oh likey alot now! It has the powder on top and you can flip it over to open the other side which has a deep well, a full size mirror, and a rubber sponge! This was getting better and better. I absolutely love dual sided compacts since they are so handy for keeping powder neat and tidy. So far I was loving the packaging after my tantrum earlier on.


Now the packaging was cool but it was time to test out the formula. Would it offer coverage? Would I be itchy after using it? Turns out that it performs as well as my Physicians Formula Pressed Powder which I adore and in some aspects even better if possible.


The powder isn’t particularly silky but it is soft and it blends quite well leaving behind flawless skin. It works as a concealer, foundation, mineral powder, and SPF all in one. Technically the coverage is buildable but sheer so I’m unsure how well it’ll perform on skin problems such as acne however it does an amazing job with offering good flawless coverage and brightening up my dull skin. I think it would perform well in concealing pores as well but I don’t have terribly large pores so I couldn’t say for sure. I was slightly worried about using it under my eyes since I have a problem with powder under my eyes however this worked surprisingly well at offering decent coverage without creasing or aging my eyes. The powder contains an SPF 15 which is great if you’re seeking extra coverage after applying your normal SPF treatment.




I haven’t tried application with a brush but the included rubber sponge works fab at applying the powder and I actually prefer it over using a brush. It blends easily on my skin however since my skin is going through a crummy dry session at the moment it does look a little bit made up however with proper prepping and priming it looks natural and beautiful on my skin. The product is made with mineral pigment with a base of Shea Butter and Vitamin E which sounded promising for dry skin but no joy sadly, my dry skin really doesn’t love it without proper moisturizing prior to use.




It does promise full coverage and it does give quite a good deal of coverage yet applies sheer so it feels like you have virtually nothing on your skin. This is always a plus as we all want to look as natural as possible in regards to makeup.


Relieved is the Muse as it didn’t make her itchy as most mineral products do however I do have one minor rant in regards to wear. It wears extremely well but it does need a touch up around 3-4 hours into wear. I normally like my foundations to work overtime and offer at least 6 (if possible 8) hours of wear. I’m not good at touching up unless I am heading out after work so I do like my makeup to wear well and wear for hours at a time. This did need a bit of a refresher after around the fourth hour of wear. Not too bad but I’d prefer a longer wear time.

Is it a minute miracle? I dunno. I think it does a fine job of lightening my face up, giving flawless coverage, and making me look fresh and awake however I’m unsure if I can use this daily as my sole foundation since I’m more of a cream foundation girl but for in between uses I think we’ll get on just fine. Whether or not it will do the same for you really is a matter of trying it out and testing for yourself. At $24.95 USD the price is quite right which is always a bonus. The powder comes in a wide variety of tones as well which is more than I can say for most mineral products plus as I mentioned the small price tag definitely appeals.

I’m wearing the powder below with a touch of blusher. You can probably see that I do need a great deal more of concealer under my eyes as they are looking a tad puffy and tired but aside from that I think my skin looks quite healthy and flawless.

All in all I’m quite pleased with my first venture into Pur Minerals and I will repurchase the powder once I’m done with this one and also interested in trying out further items from the line.


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  • Nirth

    Hi there! I just decided to purchase this after reading your review (and googling other reviews as well :D). I have extremely dry skin, but hopefully with enough cream and primer this foundation will work as a “light” option (liquid foundation feels way to heavy for me, despite the small amount I place on my face). Thanks for the review!

    • the Muse

      hi nirth sorry for the delayed reply 😀 your most welcome. how’s it working for you!?

  • jerseygrrrl78

    Curious about the whole mineral makeup phenomena, I picked this up last spring and loved it. For about 6 months it was the only product I was using on my face. It provided even, buildable coverage, concealed the dark circles under my eyes and kept shine in check. However, as summer turned to fall and my skin started to dry out in the cooler weather I noticed it caking on the dry spots and settling into the lines around my eyes. I would say this product is probably better for people with oily skin.

    • the Muse

      hey jerseygrrl I def understand that. It works fantastic for me but on occasion, when I’m extra dry, I end up looking a tad chalky le sigh!

  • Kelsey

    I’ve been curious about this product for along time now, but $24 seems like a lot to spend on a compact (to my frugal self, anyway!). What shade are you wearing here?


    • the Muse

      god kelsey not sure on the shade at the moment lol…I believe it’s a one shade fits all kinda thing as I recall. It’s at home so couldn’t tell you EEP! if you want a cheaper budget option dry the physicians formula creamy mosaic powder!

  • Ivy

    Thanks for your review, Muse!
    I love the look. Love it.

    I’m on camera ALOT and agree with you about the touch up time.

    Also, after 1 month – my skin is dried up.

    I returned to my Lise Watier stand-by only to break out again!

    Id like to alterante PUR (perfect in the day i think) with another liquid foundation – any suggestions?

    (skin = sensitive, T-zone and dry…. just moody i think LOL)

  • sara

    Just bought, and the bismuth doesn’t make me itch, and my skin looks soooo glowy…LOVEEEEEEE!

  • Pam

    I love PUR minerals I have been using this as my daily foundation for a little over a month! it covers up all my flaws. I have rosacea and it does cover it up. I used to use another high end product and it made my skin worse. This product is TALC free which I like better than the other mineral foundation that is sold at ULTA this one gives better coverage.

  • Monika

    I love pur mineral but I wish there had a wider range of shades avaialable. I have light skin and the porcelain is too light on me while the light (in my opinion) is a bit to pinkish on my skin. Any suggestions at too a good powder foundation that offers good coverage but still looks natural and will not cake, or too too obvious. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!.

  • Monika

    Bree, I am 99% percent certain that would be the “light” shade. It looks exactly like the shade I used to use.

  • Marketta

    I’ve been itching to try this product, especially after Judy has been raving about it. I’m curious if it has flash back though. Does it?

    • the Muse

      you lost me marketta sorry what’s flash back and who’s judy?

  • Marketta

    I’m sorry, I’m a makeup artist and I usually use that term. Does it give a whitecast when you use flash while takin photos? I know that some people say that with Bare Minerals it does (which I still haven’t tried), and MAC Studio Fix powder definitely does. By Judy I meant from ItsJudyTime.