April 13, 2009

Pieces of Life: Not 100 but 250 Things!

I just had a fun time reading Erika’s 100 Things on Makeup Bag. After reading it I was suddenly inspired to do my own. I’m boring as all hell but I thought it would be fun to give it a go!

So welcome to Pieces of Life The 250 (I did a few more than 100! hehe) Things Edition! You’re welcome to count down with me if you’re wanting to be bored for a little while this Monday morning.

1. I’m young at heart and old in spirit.
2. I really love grilled chicken.
3. I was born in New York.
4. I live in New York.
5. I love New York.
6. Sometimes.
7. But not nearly as much as I love the UK.
8. I’m half Portuguese.
9. Half Italian.
10. And I’m sure some other stuff is in the mix!
11. But I plan on being Asian, British, or both in my next life.
12. I’m a geek.
13. I’m a big Doctor Who fan.
14. My favorite incarnation of the Doctor is the 4th.
15. I know stupid trivia about Doctor Who.
16. I read.
17. Alot.
18. About everything.
19. And anything.
20. I’m a big English Lit girl.
21. Jane Austen is my hero.
22. I have a crush on Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
23. Since seeing him in Michael Collins.
24. And later in B Monkey.
25. I was under the impression he was British for a long time.
26. Oops.
27. I’m obsessed with Japanese culture.
28. And Korean.
29. And British.
30. I’m an Anglophiliac.
31. I like cosmetics.
32. Duh.
33. I went to an all girl’s high school.
34. I have a BA in Computer Engineering.
35. I have all sorts of certifications.
36. A+
37. MCSE
38. SSC
39. MSCA
40. I’m 5’1.
41. I have one sister.
42. No brothers.
43. I can’t live without my Tivo.
44. I like Indie films.
45. I’m obsessed with Korean dramas.
46. I’m a girly girl.
47. But a tomboy too.
48. I think I’m cute.
49. But not pretty.
50. Or beautiful.
51. I love my blog.
52. But sometimes it burns me out.
53. I collect old books.
54. I secretly like to read teen lit.
55. Rain makes me happy.
56. I’ve traveled to lots of different places within the US and abroad.
57. I love heavy metal.
58. Glam bands.
59. Hair Bands.
60. And straight up hardcore metal.
61. I know useless facts about Gallifrey.
62. I don’t know how I know useless facts about Gallifrey but I do.
63. I’m proud of myself for knowing useless facts about Gallifrey.
64. Did you know Gallifrey is the cradle of the most ancient civilization in our galaxy, source of the technology that mastered time travel.
65. Oh sorry I think that was a Wikipedia entry.
66. But I really do know plenty of useless trivia about Gallifrey.
67. What number am I on now?
68. My best friend Jai is a better girl than I am.
69. Jai’s a guy.
70. My other best friend Jenn is a better guy than Jai is.
71. Go figure.
72. I’m an outgoing person.
73. But sometimes shy until I get to know a person.
74. My heart was recently broken.
75. I haven’t gotten over it yet.
76. But I lock it away and try not to look at it.
77. I’m a picky eater sometimes.
78. I like to laugh.
79. And smile.
80. I love life.
81. I still think of my blog as small.
82. Even though it’s become a good deal bigger.
83. I like old school horror movies.
84. Particularly grindhouse ones.
85. I live in an old Victorian house.
86. It’s over 100 years old.
87. I heart the 80’s.
88. I discovered a few days ago that my best friend from high school got married.
89. I’m easily amused.
90. I have an extensive collection of various action figures.
91. I hold a fork with my left hand.
92. A knife with my right.
93. And I write with my left and right hand.
94. I admire my dad so much.
95. I aim to be as generous as my mum.
96. I’m sometimes a brat.
97. I like to gossip.
98. I like to listen to gossip.
99. I like Gossip Girl.
100. I wanted to be an artist (not of the makeup variety) when I was little.
101. I have a nasty habit of biting my nails.
102. I really love peanut butter.
103. It takes a lot to get me angry.
104. But look out when I am!
105. I believe life is for living.
106. I rarely have a bad day.
107. Not much gets me down.
108. I’m a little bit addicted to Tivo’ing QVC.
109. Ok, a lot a bit.
110. My name means beautiful in Italian.
111. But WTH I’m not beautiful?
112. Damn, the irony of it all.
113. I’m an animal lover.
114. My feet are always cold.
115. I go to a lot of geeky conventions.
116. I’m a lazy speller.
117. I type faster than I think.
118. I love shopping from etailer shops.
119. My father was born and raised in Portugal.
120. I find Tyra Banks terribly annoying.
121. I wish I had the nerve to cut my hair really short.
122. I have a girl crush on Dita Von Teese.
123. I like watching cartoons.
124. I did an internship at IBM.
125. I’m in my 30’s.
126. No one believes that.
127. I know really old school programming languages.
128. I sometimes like eating cereal for dinner.
129. I have two dogs.
130. A bird.
131. And a cat.
132. And a gold fish named Pixel.
133. I arrange to see Marilyn Manson in concert once a year.
134. It’s like renewing my freak and goth card all in one night.
135. I have a thing for Marilyn.
136. I used to spend every Summer in Europe with my family when I was younger.
137. I collect unusual and unique usb thumb drives (sushi, hello kitty, etc…)
138. I’m always amazed by the incredible friendship I build up with a guys.

139. But not with girls.
140. I laugh a lot.
141. At random stuff.
142. Because life was meant for laughing.
143. I’m a gamer.
144. My sister and I are always laughing at something or another.
145. I like to people watch.
146. I like the people watching particularly with my sister.
147. I love the color aqua.
148. And teal.
149. And ocean blue.
150. I know a little Japanese.
151. I know a lot of Portuguese.
152. I know plenty of curse words in Italian.
153. I’m not a morning person.
154. I’m a night owl.
155. I’m a fan of the J’s, all three of ’em (Supernatural), especially papa!
156. I still have an Atari 2600.
157. I still have a Commodore 64.
158. I admit to watching Hentai.
159. How embarrassing.
160. I’m not shy to admit I’m an otaku.
161. Possibly proud of it to.
162. I like costume dramas.
163. And period pieces.
164. I’m a channel 13 geek.
165. Masterpiece Theater is my favorite show.
166. I adore Howard Stern.
167. I’m Roman Catholic.
168. But consider myself agnostic, there’s something out there right?
169. And on occasion atheist.
170. Much to my mother’s horror.
171. I’m pretty funny.
172. Especially when you “get” my brand of humor.
173. I used to build computers and sell them way back in the day.
174. I’m an Apple girl.
175. But I’ve been know to run Winblows because of work.
176. I love really warm baths.
177. But not to get clean.
178. That’s what showers are for.
179. My doctor is fond of telling me that I’ll live a long life because I smile so much.
180. My dentist gives me lollipops after a cleaning.
181. WTH?
182. Oh the irony!
183. I love good sales.
184. I know if I like a person within the first 5 minutes of talking to them.
185. I love The Eagles.
186. Not the winged variety but the band.
187. I’m very organized in life.
188. But not as organized at work.
189. Am I done yet?
190. I like watching infomercials, SHAM WOW!
191. I say dude way too much.
192. And awesome.
193. And cool.
194. And bloody.
195. I like watching Benny Hinn on TV, late at night.
196. And laugh while watching.
197. I miss babbling with my xboyfriend’s father.
198. I can’t believe it’s 1:26 am already.
199. I should go to bed.
200. I thinkΒ bishounen boys are hot.
201. Who doesn’t?
202. I consider myself a MAC virgin since I’ve only been collecting since the Sweetie Cake Collection.
203. I can chew gum and walk at the same time.
204. Are you still reading this crap?
205. I do a bad ass impressions of Animal from The Muppets.
206. I tend to forget I’m in my 30’s and not in my teens.
207. It helps when you have a baby face with chubby cheeks like mine.
208. I like Trader Joe’s way better than Whole Foods, don’t try to change my mind, you’ll fail. Epically.
209. I can’t eat cookies without milk.
210. I dislike dishonesty with a passion.
211. I get insanely annoyed when people online ask me “where do I get money from to buy cosmetics?”
212. I love reading blogs.
213. I hate reading my own.
214.I think Seth Rogen is brilliance on a stick.
215. I don’t drink.
216. I don’t smoke.
217. I won’t eat potato chips outside of one’s I get from the UK, much tastier.
218. Bacon flavored crisps are my favorite.
219. Steak and Onion are a runner up.
220. And Roasted Chicken are def a tied for favorie!
221. I’ll take Ham and Mustard if nothing else is available.
222. And Asian Rib flavor is definitely up there with Bacon and Chicken!
223. I avoid Prawn flavored like the plague.
224. I’m deadly scared of spiders.
225. I’d never admit to what a big Pocky fan I am.
226. I’d die saying I hate it but I secretly love it.
227. I think a pack of Rolos from the Netherlands taste better than the one’s in the US.
228. I dig mermaids.
229. I have a low tolerance for stupidity but I try to be as nice as I can be in situations of idiocy.
230. I’m considering killing off Victoria so I can have Becks. Nothing crazy, I’d just starve her the rest of the way (she’s almost half way there).
231. I listen to Korean Pop and J-Rock, even though I haven’t a clue what they are singing about.
232. I think Gackt is what hotness is all about.
233. I love Bollywood movies.
234. I like the feeling of a good sneeze.
235. I have a heart murmur.
236. It sometimes acts up when I’m upset.
237. I wish I was better organized with my email.
238. I wish I had more time to talk to Iris.
239. I wish I had more time to talk to PJ.
240. I wish I had more time to talk to Taryn.
241. I wish for more hours in the day to do all this stuff.
242. I’m a bit of a fan girl when it comes to my favorite Indie Rock bands.
243. I miss my best friend Libs daily (she lives in London) and can’t go a single day without talking to her on the phone or the Internet.
244. Did I mention what a challenge it is to write this?
245. I think snow storms and rainy days are ideal for snuggling in bed and sleeping late.
246. My sister and I work together.
247. I think Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks ice cream is ambrosia.
248. Which is why I avoid buying it, Oh the calories.
249. I have a lot of friends but feel it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with them all since they are always pulling me in opposite directions.
250. I don’t see the point of eating Sushi without chopsticks.

Yay! What a challenge! If you read all that you’re incredible. There you have it 250 little things about me. It took me nearly a week to write them all phew! You should try it, it’s rather fun. Not cosmetic related but fun none the less.

You don’t have to write 250 but you’re welcome to share a few bits and bobs about yourself in the comment field. Always like hearing more about the people who visit me here!



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  • Charmaine

    Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said 250! outstanding! πŸ™‚

    ps – you, me, [mah hubby too!] – Sci Fi dorks, YAY!

    • the Muse

      LOL Charmaine

      I got a little crazy with this post πŸ˜€

      w00t for fellow sci/fi geeks!

  • Mollie

    Oh my god you make me SO happy. =) *Tackles Muse, which is okay as Mollie weighs about 90 lbs and is also short*

    People just don’t understand how I can be me, nerd queen of nerdville- art history/philosophy double major, like you a major Anglophile, lover of literature, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Dune, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Paganism, gender dynamics, role play gaming, Monty Python, Spaced, Neil Gaiman (and Yoshitaka Amano for that matter), Baudelaire, existentialism, Pockys, Flight of the Conchords and the list goes on- yet still be so interested in makeup and the like.

    I have a theory on this. Many people who love aesthetics also are nerds. Makeup is essentially an aspect of human aesthetics. Therefore, many nerds are also people who (may) like makeup.

    It’s like, just because school is mai thang, my number one priority… that doesn’t mean I can’t have a frou-frou side who wants to own every color of Urban Decay eyeshadow. Or all the Kenzo perfumes. Or each mask that Korres makes. Or every MSF MAC has come out with. πŸ˜‰

    You are now my hero.

    • the Muse

      sorry for the delayed reply mollie hehe but I’ll take the hugs! hehe can’t say I’m as skinny as you (envious) but def short LOL!

      I have the same problem. I’m very much a tom boy and geek but also have a great loveof all things girly πŸ™‚

      LOL love your theory..makes sense to me ::)

      AWWWWW LOL flattered here πŸ˜€ us geeks need to stick together!

      • Charmaine

        ITA w/both of you here, geez wow! and here’s another funny-haha, I’m a FORTY-YEAR-OLD tomboygeekAnglophileSciFifanStarTreklovin’ DoctorWhowatchin’can’tgetmeenoughcartoonsandanimelikin’astronomyquantumphysicsstringtheoryarchaeologyandthelikeghosthuntin’ MAKEUP FIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [there’s tons more good stuff, lmao]
        and I H-A-T-E spiders/insects in general!!!!!!! except ladybugs=D
        and also I’m married to the Geek King himself, and boy oh boy is he CUUUUUUTE!!!!!

        okay bye

        • the Muse

          HAAAAAAAAAA charmaine! w000t! I thought you were in your twenties! hehe! I’m 32! Looks like we have the same interests HA! πŸ˜€ and yes ladybugs are ok ;D hehe! oh I wanna see the Geek King I’ve never had the pleasure of being in his presence LOL!!!!!

          • Charmaine

            lmao Muse!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was in my twenties, too!!!!!!! *wonders what the hell happened and where the hell the time went*
            I don’t look my age, and I SURE AS HELL AND TAXES don’t FEEL it!!!!!! You look like a TEENAGER!!! Geek King Andrew just turned 32 on the 5th, too! Yes, I got me a young hottie [he looks like a cross between Ralph Fiennes & Chris Isaak], WOO HOOOOOO!!!! and he is VERY supportive of my makeup habit, I couldn’t ask for a better match, lol!
            [if you can, PM me and I’ll email you pix]

            *beeeeeeeeg hugs*

            ps – looking young runs in mah family

          • the Muse

            LOL same, same. Honestly I haven’t grown out of my teenage boy years yet LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ wish I was!!!!!! HA! look at you! I want me a young’in hehe! ha email me [email protected] πŸ˜€ give me one of you both! would love to see who I talk to daily πŸ˜€

            I just got out of a relationship myself so not ready for another….phew near broke me in half when we parted!

          • Charmaine

            an email w/some snaps is hurtling its way thru cyberspace to your ‘puter right as we speak! lol

            yeah, best to stay single for as long as possible. you need to get your head straight again before you venture into the dating scene, if you ever WANT to anymore, that is! I was a comfirmed bachelorette for only 3 years, I NEVER wanted to get involved w/anyone ever again! Then along came Andrew…


          • the Muse

            hey charmaine. isn’t it fierce? LOL!!!!!! thanks girl! πŸ˜€ you’re a hoot. I was kinda the same until I met my perfect guy…but gosh it got so ugly…fighting ALL the time πŸ™ Now I’m for sure confirmed as a singleton πŸ˜€ no way am I getting involved again after this. Just too heart wrenching plus he’s in England it was heartbreak all the way around…long distance, not getting along, etc…you come at a pass where you love someone so much but also begin to dislike them so much too you know?


          • the Muse

            HA got your email charmaine! You’re just a little itty bitty thing! Me too! hehe short stuff here :-D! your gorg and so is your geek!

          • Charmaine

            oh fank yew so berry much, Muse! isn’t he just too cute? I’m not biased at all, lmao!

            I’m sorry about your relationship, that’s very sad:-(
            *hugs Muse tight*
            I totally get it, I really do. if you ever need to vent please feel free to lean on me, ‘kay? *sends heaps of love to the Muse*

          • the Muse

            ZOMG charmaine! Sorry for the delayed reply! I’ve been piled high with comments! YAK! I also owe you an email forgives me!? He’s adorable πŸ˜€

            Aww it’s ok! I’m kinda relieved somehow….I miss him but I also feel lighter πŸ™ awww thank you babes *hugs!!!!!!* I appreciate it and sooooooo sorry for the delayed reply!

          • Charmaine

            no worries, my love! life happens:-)
            type back when you actually have a moment, and not before! lol


          • the Muse

            Hugzzzzzz! how’s tricks? Miss ya around here doll! Life is ALWAYS nuts πŸ™‚

  • Mollie

    You’re welcome! =) Hugs are gud. I just get so mad sometimes. Liking makeup doesn’t make me stupid.

    I don’t know if skinny is the right word. I would go with… scrawny. LOL.

    • the Muse

      hi again mollie super hugs πŸ˜€ sorry for the delay again been a bit swamped with comments πŸ˜€

      heck no πŸ˜€ awww lol but that’s always a good thing…I’ll email you some of my wobbly bits! LOL!

  • RP

    Fact check: Statement number 49 & 50 : False
    I think you’re both πŸ™‚

    And also, MCSE (37) & Mermaid (228) ? Interesting combination!

    • the Muse

      thanks ricepan you’re WAY too kind πŸ˜€

      and yup mermaids and geekhood gotta love it!

  • Jessica

    You do NOT look 30 at all! I thought you were like early to mid 20’s! Holy cow!! What kind of face moisturizer do you use?

  • Samantha

    Don’t ever say you’re not beautiful! I’m pretty sure you’re gorgeous I’ve seen your pictures πŸ™‚

    Also #122 (hopefully it’s right don’t feel like scrolling up) I also would LOVE to chop my hair short. Less maintenance!! Someday we’ll do it.

    • the Muse

      samantha you are too, too kind! *hugs* thank you! You’re so lovely πŸ˜€

      LOL ditto!!!!!!! god I’d love to just get a pixie cut but I’m so scared πŸ˜€ let’s go together? Hold each others hands πŸ˜€


  • Julia

    Hi Muzzie!! It’s me Julia~ I was totally speechless after I did finish all the 250 things about you lol
    The word β€˜great’ would be incomplete to describe you so I’d choose
    *すばらしい* xD I was blown away by ur sense of humor. I really liked it( the warmth coming from the typed sentences :-D), but never expected you not to belong to beauty industry cause I was like 100% sure you belonged xD As a fan of ur wonderful blog, I felt that its unfair not to introduce myself a little( though Im not that bold to write all 250 things about me,huh?!)οƒŸ- I’,m lying, aren’t I?
    Since you mentioned Gackt and j-rock,I decided to tell about me in a creative way ( by using the titles of Gackt’s songs xD) so let’s see the results~~
    1. If you had 1 million dollars, where would you go?
    -Secret Garden

    2. You claim not be scared by anything, but there must be something out there?

    3.What is ur IM? (Ideal Man)
    -Jesus xD

    4.What subculture do you belong?
    -Lost angels

    5.Which scent can wake up ur inner sense beauty?

    6.Is there something that bugs you most of all?
    -Uncertain memories

    7.What are ur plans for the future?
    -journey through the decade

    8. What feeling or state of mind you’ll never open ur heart to?

    9.Is there something you seem not to understand well??

    10. When the time for you to die comes ,what ur last wish would be?
    -Rebirth πŸ˜€

    This is where my creativity died xD but anyway,thanks for sharing all this cool info :3 all reviews about asian products are more than appreciated!!!!

  • Kathie

    How long did this take πŸ˜› !!
    This is truly awesome, Muse πŸ™‚
    But I saw some cheats, you can’t put “and cool”, “a lot” as one of the numbers! Haha Great blog <3

    • the Muse

      AGES kathie lol πŸ˜€ haha those were def cheats πŸ™‚

      thanks hun, Hugs!

  • InΓͺs

    I still like to read all these 250 things XD We should try to chat in portuguese one of these days :p Where is your portuguese family from?

    • the Muse

      ha Ines πŸ˜€ glad you liked! Sure let’s do that haha πŸ˜€

      arcos de valdevez, my dad was born, raised there. Also viana de costello in later years, my parents have a Summer home there, used to spend alot of time there as a child/teen .

      • InΓͺs

        Hm, way north then πŸ˜› I’m from Porto, a little souther than Viana, but my mother and sister are from Braga, which is a little closer to you father’s homeland πŸ™‚ Although I have family in Viana as well, so I do visit it from it to time. What a small world!

        • the Muse

          Porto is lovely. πŸ˜€ My cousin and her family live there. You at least live in the city so you prob have access to great stuff πŸ™‚ Braga is nice as well, been to both for a visit but never an extended stay. Braga and Porto are much more urban compared to where my dad is from but Arcos is considerably more country but it’s more modern lately…haven’t been in a few years but lots of work, highways, etc…being built!

          very small πŸ™‚ indeed!

          • InΓͺs

            Yeah, Portugal is about 90% countryside lol My father is also from a rural village (near Coimbra), and only very recently they’ve started to have access to decent roads and such.

            As for Porto, yes, we do have nice things! It’s urban enough, but not too much of a big city, so living here is pretty comfortable. Still, most of the important things, like concerts or big trademark releases, go to Lisbon. We have been complaining a lot about that lately lol we got MAC only recently here XD

            Do come for a visit someday! πŸ™‚ I would love to go to NYC someday… SHOPPING LOL!

  • donna

    Oi!! Como vai? Eu gosto muito de ler o seu blog. πŸ˜€ I took a semester of portuguese and dated a Brazilian for 2 years so I know a little bit of Portuguese as well. Are you fluent?

  • DivaShop

    I completely get it! I have my geeky side too! The side that loves Star Trek, Dr. Who, Star Wars, etc., as well doing stuff (html, web dev) on the computer. Then I have my girly side that loves makeup. I’m sure my family must think I’m a contradiction, lol!

    • the Muse

      hey gloria! πŸ˜€ I’m all about that stuff too! πŸ˜€ hehe we are both walking contradictions as I too am a big geek, bit of a tom boy at times, but also girlish! go figure!

  • suz

    here are the things we have in common hahahaha

    2. I really love grilled chicken.
    16. I read.
    17. Alot.
    21. Jane Austen is my hero.
    27. I’m obsessed with Japanese culture.
    28. And Korean..
    31. I like cosmetics.
    40. I’m 5β€²1.
    45. I’m obsessed with Korean dramas.
    46. I’m a girly girl.
    47. But a tomboy at heart.
    48. I think I’m cute.
    49. But not pretty.
    50. Or beautiful.
    72. I’m an outgoing person.
    73. But sometimes shy until I get to know a person.
    78. I like to laugh.
    79. And smile.
    80. I love life.
    113. I’m an animal lover.
    117. I type faster than I think.
    123. I like watching cartoons.
    130. A bird.
    132. And a gold fish (es).
    147. I love the color aqua.
    148. And teal.
    149. And ocean blue.
    153. I’m not a morning person..
    171. I’m pretty funny.
    176. I love really warm baths.
    177. But not to get clean.
    178. That’s what showers are for.
    183. I love good sales.
    184. I know if I like a person within the first 5 minutes of talking to them.
    191. I say dude way too much.
    194. And bloody.
    202. I consider myself a MAC virgin * HAVE NONE*
    203. I can chew gum and walk at the same time.
    210. I dislike dishonesty with a passion.
    212. I love reading blogs.
    215. I don’t drink.
    216. I don’t smoke.
    228. I dig mermaids.
    229. I have a low tolerance for stupidity but I try to be as nice as I can be in situations of idiocy.
    231. I listen to Korean Pop and J-Rock, even though I haven’t a clue what they are singing about.
    232. I think Gackt is what hotness is all about.
    233. I love Bollywood movies.

  • mercedes

    ok,hers a little something bout me.

    1.im 12
    2.people think im 15
    3.i have 2 nieces and a nephew all of there names began with a’s
    4.i have 3 sisters one half brother his name is daniel but my sisters and i call him bubba
    5.im super duper shy around people i dont know and avoid their eye contact
    6.i used too read up to 20 books a week now,10
    7.i won my librarys summer reading program 2 yrs in a row
    8.im named after a car but hate it when people pronouce my name like the car
    9.im horrible at spelling
    10.i use big words,occasionally
    11.i know a dirty detail about marilyn manson
    12.im too chicken to talk to this guy i adore
    13.i collected cosemetics from age 6-to last year
    14.i love reading reviews
    13.i get annoyed when websites dont have reviews.
    14.i check this blog 5 times or more day
    15.you have convinced me to try out mac,nars and bobbi brown
    16.i now beleieve in your theory that the price doesnt matter if its good quality (to some extent)
    17.i hate puking
    18.i will scream at the sight of the tiniest bug
    19.and also describe it as ginourmous
    20.my hands sweat at the thought of my hands sweating
    21.i loved joe jonas a LOT
    22.seriously,i cannot describe how obssevive i was
    23.i think kristen stewart hates the attention
    24.and also rob pattison
    25 i had a bff for 4 years then we had a stupid fight,havent talken to her since dec 08
    26.i think cussing is annoying and unnesacary
    27.i hate white dudes that act like gangters,it makes them look stupid (im talking to you randy!)
    28.i think megan fox is the pam anderson of now
    29.i also have a major girl crush on her
    30.i have always loved my birth date
    31.i hope to beome an archeoligist and move to paris
    32.i love traveling,it extremely sentimental for me
    33.i have been to over 20 states and 50 cities in my lifetime
    34.i hate my eyebrows
    35.and my thighs
    36.im a size 4 in juniors
    37.i hate my boobs
    38.i can impersonate a russian,british and itilian person farely decent
    39.i love to make people laugh.
    40.im ok with being alone w/no friends it comforting!no one to drag me down
    41 im homeschooled
    42. im into older guys.
    43.i hate songs that describe thats persons sex life (i dont need to know how wild lil wayne is in bed)
    44.i like being treated like an adult,not a little kid who doesnt know anything

    thats about it for now,love ya muse! MWAH!

    • the Muse

      hey mercedes damn girl nice to see so much about you πŸ˜€ I had no idea you were so young! πŸ˜€ lucky you, I’d kill to be 12 again hehe!

      Love ya!

  • emily

    hey do you live in upstate new york? if so do you know where granville is? it is near rutland VT

  • Marie

    I’m in the U.K., and I just want you to know that I LOVE The Muse!!! We have quite a lot in common (but i’m a wee bit older – ahem40ahem!! Oooh, and I bumped (literally) into David Tennant the other day……had to do a double take as I couldn’t believe it!

    • the Muse

      DT MARIE!? Tell me EVERYTHING. *sits* o_0 the street you were on, how it happened, what he said, what he was wearing LOL ;-D I <3 you back! Why have you waited so long to say hey girl!? ;-D ha! I'm getting to the big 4 0000000! It's not too far off hehe ;-D

  • greencurry

    Dear Muse,

    I heart you and your website. You are an awesome being for keeping it real, honest and funny as all get-out.

    xo greencurry xo

  • coconana

    WoW player, K-drama watcher, anglophile, English lit lover, and a few more sprinkled hither and thither… for a second there, I was like HOLD UP!!!111 Did I write this?

    Then I read all the other stuff and was like: “Nah, this was obviously written by someone far more productive than you, coconana. In other words, not a lazy bum.”

    I don’t know how you manage to do it all, but <3 you for it!

    • the Muse

      lol coconana ;-D cool we share so much in cmoon ;-D are you aren’t lazy I’m sure!!!!!!! lol!

  • Nat

    I was trying to find out more about you because I wasn’t sure if you were British or not. I was confused since you said you were from New York, but your writing, as well as the mention of your Dr. Who ringtone, make you sound British. Now I just read that you’re an anglophile–makes a lot of sense, lol.

    • the Muse

      hi nat…not a brit ;-D born and raised in New York ;-D def obsessed with all good things British, been watching Doctor Who since I was a kid and it’s one of my obsessions ;D! flattering you wanted to know more about me!

  • Reme

    Haha this was a fun read Muse, thanks for going to the effort to put it together (and put yourself out there) for our entertainment!

    I definitely had you down as a New Yorker all right…. lucky girl πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      aw shucks my pleasure rene glad you laughed ;-D Where are you from? πŸ™‚

      • Reme

        Happy Friday Muse, I’m from the other side of the (large Atlantic) pond, it’s one of your Irish fans here!

        My brother lives in NYC and I trust you lovely New Yorkers to look after him πŸ™‚ I visit each year so it’s a special place to me and also where I do a LOT of beauty shopping heehee..!

        • the Muse

          aw reme ‘ello ;-D I’ll be sure to take very good care of him hehehe ;-D! when you’re next in town you should shoot me an email we can shop beauty!

  • zang

    @ 231. I listen to Korean Pop and J-Rock, even though I haven’t a clue what they are singing about.

    LOL, i wanna be your friend and watch dramas together! lol

    • the Muse

      zang let’s! come on ;-D we can do it online if nothing else πŸ˜€ hehe!

  • GinaB

    A fellow italian girl! haha i’m italian too, and my last name is also a form of beautiful in italian! is your name Bella?

  • yelitza

    H! Muse, I absolutely enjoy reading your blog! I read through the list and it is amazing, funny and interesting. I’m Puertorrican but my best friends is from mexico. I’m 5’8 and have a lot in common with you just that I cannot put them down in this list πŸ™‚ If you like Korean dramas. You should see Hwang Jini with Hajiwon as the leading lady and kim jae won (I saw it in my Christmas recess, I’m a teacher) the drama is based in the real life of a Korean Gisaeng back in the Joseon dynasty,go check it out. For me was a tear jerker and the ost music incredibly beautiful!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks girl πŸ˜€ you flatter me! I heard Hwang Jini was fabulous πŸ™‚ def gotta watch it! Thanks for the rec girl!