May 27, 2009

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Powder Review

So you want surreal skin? Yes, well welcome to the club. We all want surreal skin. Perfect skin, flawless, gorgeous skin. A myth? Possibly. But occasionally we run into one or two products that help us fake it. Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Powder can add to the illusion of flawless skin nirvana.

Click it for the surreal facts about Urban Decay Surreal Skin!

Hello, my name is the Muse and I hate mineral foundations. Yak, itchy, mask-like, flaky, horrible mineral foundation. I’ve run across maybe one or two mineral foundations that I like and I’ll go so far as to admit most end up in the bottom of my draw. I dunno why but I just can’t get on board with minerals. However, I will admit that Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Powder Foundation is my go to item for Summer coverage. I like this one, alot. And that’s saying something for a mineral foundation hater.

I’m trying to decide if I like this for the formula or if I just love the convenience of the packaging. I’m not on board with the whole tap, swirl, buff routine so this makes things simple. It has a puffy soft sponge on top and a simple dab on my face and a quick swipe around will get my face looking pretty flawless.

I should mention that Philosophy Supernatural comes in the same style packaging but it’s not nearly as good. It’s not pigmented, quite sheer really, plus it makes me itchy. I didn’t experience any of this with Urban Decay Surreal Skin. Surreal Skin is quite pigmented with buildable coverage for sheer or medium application depending on what you reckon your skin needs. This doesn’t contain talc so this could be one reason my skin likes it so much.

As the Summer sets in and my forehead decides it wants to shine like a mirror I’ll be happy to have Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Powder in my beauty arsenal. It gives my skin good flawless coverage, keeps it semi-matte without flaking or making my dry skin look worst, doesn’t itch, doesn’t look like mask, and just generally works brilliantly.

This is one of the few mineral makeups I do like which makes it worthy of a look at. Loves it.

Good stuff and a Summer Makeup Must Have for this Muse!

Anyone try?


What are your fav mineral foundations?

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  • Mollie

    I really liked this too! I had to return it because I had a shade too dark, and never got around to getting the lightest one… but the texture & coverage was beautiful and subtle. What was up with the puff applicator though? Any suggestions concerning that?

    • the Muse

      hi mollie it’s a real great one and that’s saying something as I hate mineral foundation 😀

      Suggestions? What sort of suggestions did you need hun?

  • Mollie

    Well, is it easier to take the whole top off and use your own brush? Or is there a better way to use the puffy applicator on the lid? Because when I tried to tap some out I ended up spilling quite a bit, but when I tried to use the puff, none got on my face… lol…

    • the Muse

      weird mollie maybe yours is flawed? I simply press down on my cheek with the puff and product flows easily but not overly much that I have a ton on the puff plus if you are having a problem with that you can easily twist closed and just use what’s already on the puff. You can just untwist the lid if it’s a problem though and buff on if you want although for me it’s main appeal is the sponge applicator.

      I hope this helps!

  • Mollie

    Maybe I did! Like I said I never got to try the shade that would have looked better on me… but in any case I loved the product itself! I didn’t even need to use concealer. =) For me that’s a big deal. I have relatively bad under eye circles.

    Do you ever worry about the sponge getting all grimy and bacteria-infested? I kinda wondered about that myself.

    • the Muse

      mollie i ALWAYS worry about that LOL! I’m a total germ a phobe so def worried about that. Since the sponge is not removable I wipe it down with a makeup wipe after use, this isn’t going to make it any better but it still makes me feel somewhat less gross about it 😀

      So weird that you were getting so much flow from the product 😀 You should def snag it again maybe during FF w00t for 30% Off! That’s interesting as well as I have bad circles too but no way was it covering those sadly, wish I can brag the same girl!

  • Mollie

    Me toooooo, that’s why I asked! I’m super anal about it, haha. I think maybe I’ll try to buff it on with a brush just to avoid feeling paranoid. Ew.

    Dude, I forgot about the FF! I totally should!

    • the Muse

      oh mollie you have no idea how anal I am LOL! I totally know the feelin’! 😀 Sure why not? That’ll def keep the gross and ickness out 😀

      haha! I’m an evil enabler but yes it’s 30% off good excuse to snag some UD 🙂

  • Abby

    Thanks for the tip; maybe I’ll buy the HD for now & this for the summer. Thanks again!

  • Amee

    :drool: i think this will work for my oily skin… and the packaging is also very good

      • toni

        thanks! i noticed you raved about the cover fx powder and benefit hello flawless, so which one do you like the most? im desperate for a good powder foundation!

  • Marie Wortman

    I hate that they discontinued this! I have been buying it on eBay as I have had no luck finding anything comparable! Do you have any suggestions? Everything mineral I try is so harsh on my skin, or just too powdery and no pigment. This also seems semi waterproof, which I love. Get the others wet and I have light splotches. If you have suggestions please send them my way!!!
    Thank you and thanks for all your great reviews!