June 22, 2009

Smooth, Silky Summer Legs: Schick Intuition Plus Razor Review

Growing up in my house was quite a treat especially with a nutter mum like mine (but I love her so much regardless of how crazy she is). For a lady that shops the dollar store like it’s Neiman Marcus you could understand her mentality of telling my sister and I that soap was the bestest shaving cream evers. From the first day I started shaving my legs my mother was the biggest supporter of using soap and water to get a clean, smooth shave. Ok, mum, not so much. I dunno about you but using soap so does not get me a clean, smooth shave. I think I get the job better done with conditioner than soap but since my mum is the dollar store queen she’d be the authority on using anything cheap (such as soap) to get the cleanest, smoothest shave possible.

Yes well that never worked for me. So please can I have my can of shaving cream now?

Of course when I seen the Schick Intuition Razor which had, you guessed it, a big bar of soap encasing the razor, I was skeptical to say the least. I mean this was everything I had rebelled against as teenager and now here I am trying out a razor that’s encased in a big old bar of soap.

Oy vey.

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So I’m always up for admitting how terribly shallow I am which accounts for my fascination with the Schick Intuition Plus Razor. The razor is now available in three limited edition design styles and I wasn’t sure what got me more excited, the pink handle or those bloody limited edition words plastered all over it. Dontcha always get that belly flipping, oh my god must have it feeling when you hear the words limited edition? Even a razor gets me that hyper….God…I need a life and so do you because you know the feeling! Don’t lie!

So….the razor. Basically the razor is encased in a bar of soap that eliminates the need for shaving cream as it lathers itself, shaves and moisturizers in one step. Ok, I likey simplicity. Although the razor looks pretty bulky it actually performs quite well as it pivots and fits the contour of my leg nicely. The moisturizing head takes a second to lather up but after a few swipes it does begin to foam up and creates a nice glide for the blades. This doesn’t produce a mass amount of lather or foam but it does give enough to give a good glide to the razor which in turn gives me a nice, smooth shave. I like the idea of eliminating the need for shaving gel as I’m always fumbling around in the shower for the can but I also admit that it’s a crutch of some sort and I miss it when I’m shaving without it for some odd reason.

I didn’t experience any cuts or nicks using the razor and it gave me a good, clean shave. It did take a second for me to get used to the bigger handle but I quickly adjusted plus it’s pink so all was quickly forgiven, the Muse likes pink! I actually could get used to using this as it would be a bit cheaper for me than buying razors and shaving gel. I did read a review stating the soap ran out quickly but not for me, seems to last until the razor dulls or at least almost.

So far the Schick Intuition Plus Razor is my Summer pick for smooth, silky legs. Loves it!

Schick has these available in three limited edition handle designs, so if you’re anything like me you’ll want to pick one up for the handle alone. Yes, the little things in life make a Muse happy such as a pink handle for one thing!

What razor do you love?

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  • jasmine

    hey i have a question…as stupid as this might sound..

    How do i clean it? like the intuition plus razor? like i shave and all the hairs and stuff stay on it (obviously bc i jst shaved) but then if i run it through water the soap gradually dissipates faster.


    • the Muse

      I have no answer jasmine b/c I run into the same problem. I normally run it under the shower head and I swish it around a little but but yes the soap totally metals away which drives me bonkers. But I do find that it never completely runs out and the blade is actually dull before it’s gone anyway 🙂

  • Helena

    This is the best best razor I have tried.

    I am a low maintenence kind of girl and I find that the razor is sharp, always gives me a clean shave and is easy to use.

    I have been using the razor for about 2 years now. I used to hate applying shaving cream.

    I want to be in and out of the shower and with this I am able to do so!

  • Su

    I have never shaved my legs before
    I feel I don’t need to
    I have hair but they are really fine and I am too lazy to shave all the time lol

    • the Muse

      su you’re my hero. you have no hair on your legs!????????????

      • Su

        hahaha I have but they are really fine and sparse
        so if I rub my legs I cannot feel the hairs at all
        some ppl see my legs and thought I have no hair
        well I just don’t have a lot of hair (lucky I have decent amount of hair on my head)

        • the Muse

          god su I love you. I wanna be just like you when I grow up



  • Sugar

    my mum is the same. she has totally smooth arms, legs and armpits, no hair at all.

    ME on the other hand, i inherited my dad’s hairy arms and legs, but surprisingly almost no armpit hair. ARGH. ARGH abt the hairy arms n legs, and ARGH abt the “ALMOST” no armpit hair. why cant it be NO armpit hair. ah well.

    i love this razor too. makes things super fast. and no nicks, unlike gilette venus.

  • rachel

    my mom bought this and a bunch of refills (blades) in taiwan this summer because she thought they didn’t have this in the states. LOL. i went to walmart one day and saw the exact same thing i was like “=__= mom….” LOL.

    but anyways, i really liked this~ the soap thing saved me a couple bucks for shaving cream, and i don’t have to hassle with soaping my legs first 🙂 my legs become really smooth after wards and it’s better than the venus one i have 🙂

    • the Muse

      Aw your mum is sweet rachel ;-D haha! I really love this, saves me on shaving cream ;D