July 21, 2009

L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara Review

I recently got a chance to try out L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara thanks to the gorgeous Helena over at Lipgloss Bitch. I haven’t seen this outside of Sweden and the UK but I have heard the whisper of a rumor it’s available within the US, where? I haven’t a clue but people have been lucky to get their hands on it.

I imagine I wanted the mascara for a few reasons one of which was the fact that it mimics that of Givenchy Phenonmen’Eyes Mascara. Indeed, the medieval torture device that makes up the end of this applicator proves popular in the mascara world with junkies like myself. With it’s round ball head and tiny little spikes one would wonder is it for applying to the eye area or torturing it?

Find out after the jump!

I will say I loved Givenchy Phenonmen’Eyes Mascara and the excitement of a cheaper alternative on the horizon seemed quite nice. I also loved that drugstore brands were taking risks with a unique design (even if it was a copy from a posher brand).

But where as Phenonmen’Eyes works well at lengthening, volumizing, and making lashes fuller, L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara fails, miserably. Explosion indeed, explosion of mess all over my bloody lashes.

Although the applicator is about the same size as Givenchy’s it seems the formula is the epic fail in this mascara. The applicator picks up way too much of the inky black gel like formula and proceeds to glue lashes together, clumps them up, and creates havoc in the form of a hot mess. The mascara formula is the only thing I can blame as the applicator is an exact dupe of Givenchy. The formula turns my many lashes into one uni-lash by gluing them altogether in a terrible mess of product. On the up side when applied slowly you’ll see decent results although lashes will need to be combed out to prove any worthy results with this. Applied to quickly or incorrectly and you’ll end up with mascara all over your eye and a gooey, sticky, wet mess of lashes.



As you can see in my after shot my lashes are a bit clumpy (this is after a comb through! They’d be glued together in one lash if I hadn’t combed eep!) and there is mascara all over my lash line yak. It’s impossible to apply this mascara without getting it all over the place.

The potential to create longer, fuller lashes is there but the formula is just to runny to succeed.

Overall, a complete and utter waste. Best bet is running out and splurging $28 on Givenchy, some times it pays to go the expensive route.

Final results? No likey. Bit hot mess waiting to happen.

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  • flicky

    I tried this mascara, with the exact same results. I threw it out after a week, because it was just too time-consuming to put the mascara on and then wipe all the mess from around my eyes with cotton wool. Clumped horribly, too.

    • the Muse

      hey connie!

      my pleasure, not worth it imho…really wasn’t that fab a mascara for me!

  • Julia

    I have purchused this mascara about a week ago, because i have heard the wand made application easier and you could reach every lash. When I first tried this mascara I felt like I had to get it of my lashes immediatly. It clumped them, glued them together, and crusted them. I felt very grossed out. I went on to my usual mascara (Victoria’s Secret Blacktastic Mascara), ignoring the l’oreal teloscopic explosion mascara sitting next to it. But one night I decided to try it out again, I thought, maybe I was just expecting too much or maybe I had just done something wrong(yeah, right!). I used it with a lashcomb to get rid of all the clumbs. It seemed alright, even though my lashes still seemed glued together and crusty. But after about 10 minuits I felt my eyes itching. I pulled out my mirror and saw my eyes disgustingly red! That’s when I just gave up on this product loosing all hope. Who wants irritaded eyes?

    • the Muse

      hi julie! Sorry to hear it! Sounds likea hot mess! yak! thankfully no irritated eyes here but I did get a bit old clumpy mess with this! Not pretty 🙁