August 12, 2009

Pieces of Life: The Mystery of River Song Edition

If you’re not wanting to know about what’s happening when Matt Smith slips his feet into David Tennant’s old pair of chucks next year please disregard this post.

I was up late last night speaking to World’s Dresser on Who theories. We got on a discussion about River Song and I have some interesting info about her after the jump!

Click it if you want to be spoiled.

As many of you know I’ve been twittering ALOT of Who coverage lately. I got a SLEW of e-mail after my discussion last night and the main topic of the e-mails was River Song, a mystery if ever there was one.

River’s original debut in Silence of the Library left alot of us wondering who is this brave woman with a sonic screwdriver all her own!? Speculation has rounded the Internet with tales of River possibly being a Time Lady (honestly this isn’t too far fetched considering not one but two Time Lords survived the Time War so why not another?) or even the Doctor’s own wife (she does after all know his name). All rumors about her are always a welcome way to pass the day.

The moral of my post today is River Song will return and finally the mystery of who (pun intended) she is and what relationship she has with our new 11th will be solved (remember now she knows our 10th but he hasn’t yet met her so isn’t sure really who she might be or how they know each other! Our 10th traveled so far back in time that River had already met and traveled with the 11th. Her past is in fact our 10th Doctor’s future). The Sun UK has posted a few images up of production and low and behold a photo of the mysterious River Song does so appear (Click to start the pop up, 7th photo and 8th).

I won’t say more as my mouth is possibly foaming with gossip. By the way looks like Karen has been shopping in David’s closet, nice chucks dear.

Feel free to discuss or e-mail.

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  • Kaye

    Reply is late, but I personally think she’s his wife. I think you might disagree with me, but a wife for the Time Lord I love is not something that sits well with me haha. I’m so terrible. Really, I don’t like the entire “River Song” arc. But that’s a great piece of info you got there!

    My 10 has 3 episodes left!

    PS: Now I have more reasons to follow your blog. We love WHO!

    • the Muse

      hey kaye. late replies are always welcome particularly on who theories 😀

      It’s possible! Do you mean David or Matt? The Doctor needs a reign in as you know. It’s a downward spiral since Rose and he’s gotten worst and worst. Could be loneliness could be missed chances at love, etc…fact is he’s been very destructive lately. Aw she’s not so bad when you get used too 😀

      I love Who too 🙂 been a fan since I was very little. Tom Baker is my fav Doctor 😀 but david slides in as a close secone some days of my life!!!!!!! 🙂

      What season are you on!??! Have you seen Waters of Mars yet?! are you in the UK?

  • Kaye

    Nope I’m in Manila (I’m thousands of miles away!). I’ve seen the Waters of Mars trailer and I can’t wait! 🙂

    I would love to have Donna back, though, as a permanent companion (I know, it has to be retconned first) so people can go, “is that your aunt with you” when they see her with the Doctor hehe.

    • the Muse

      hi kaye!

      Sorry for the delayed reply…isn’t it looking fabs!? I can’t wait! LOL I like when they ask if it’s his aunt too or if they are “together” LOL

  • The World’s Dresser

    Logging in to say that Donna MUST come back! It has become crucial to my sanity lol.

    • the Muse

      LOL 😀 I twitted you just a bit ago about this. No worries she’ll be back along with Rose and even jackie!

  • tim

    husband of a reader from your site,
    I have a few points, The mysterious woman, is being p ointed at as being the doctor’s mother, but would that make sense? Wasn’t one of the doctor’s parents human?
    Its funny that Rassillion is still alive, but he was trapped in the tomb in the badlands on galifrey, so it seems like he took over power and became president, he was a war monger but he was also the original time lord, you have three , Omega, Rassilion and the Other, if you follow the books the other is the future doctor who killed himself in the loom,
    What i don’t get if the first doctor the old man can break the rules and travel in galifrey’s past and come across the girl named susan who was the other’s granddaughter that calls the doctor granddaughter then why can’t he travel back in his own and save galifrey, apparently the timelords knew what was going to happen hence the prophecies of the master and doctor, and arent really dead, this leaves it open to them returning yet again, since all they really are is trapped in a seperate space in a state of constant war, and yet they seem to be watching the doctor the whole time, maybe actually causing some of the events, its funny that even from the time war state they still could throw the 5 pointed diamond to earth.
    I dont get that one

    • the Muse

      tim totally cracking me up that you came on to discuss theories 😀 Ha, cheers! Happy Days!

      I’ve ready that it was confirmed to be his mother and I still find it utterly bizarre and silly. I’ve also been through the Susan/Romana/and Flavia rumors and again I can’t help but feel these are all incredibly silly as well. Ummm I must say I’ve never heard of the Doctor being half human. Mind you the Doctor 2.0 is half time lord, half human. 2.0 was a human time lord biological metacrisis and was created from left over energy. Our actual 10th is fully time lord but 2.0 is half and half but that doesn’t really matter in the least considering 2.0 is off growing old and having babies with Rose Tyler. The chances of ever seeing any of the story line again are slim to none at this point.

      Rassillion isn’t locked in a tomb, this is of his own doing. Omega and Other are not 3D characters of Who though, they are simply part of the Time Lord history, founding fathers so to speak but never actually seen as a character. Rassillion actually was portrayed in episodes.

      mmmm I can’t say I read the books so you’ll lose me on any lore from books.

      The first Doctor never came across Susan? The episodes started out with the Doctor and Susan traveling through time/space together, Susan of course later falls in love and leaves yada yada but the Doctor never travels through timeto pick Susan up along the way lovie.

      On a note of traveling back to save Gallifrey…..the Time War in some aspects was ended by the Doctor. He wanted it to end and it’s hinted he might even be responsible for it ending the way it did with two races left extinct because of it (although we know those bloody daleks keep coming back anyway, extinct or not LOL) which is why I imagine he never used his power to go back and stop it from happening or even wanting to undo it. On another more logical note I think if he did go back and do anything to change it, it would cause a MAJOR rift in time and space, I mean I’m talking about this like it’s a realty but case in point imagine the outcome if Gallifrey never falls?

      The time lords will be back again I imagine. I agree 100%, the slice in time that was opened that allowed them to return this time is probably not sealed and they’ll throw some soapy-drama stuff in about them sometime soon but on that note I’ve read combom’s 13 episode guide to the 11th and doesn’t look like any time lord stuff is abound in the upcomings but we shall see.

      I dunno if I’d say they are watching him…it was a rather weird way they set up the entire thing. It seems the Time War was happening within the past and the Doctor was doing his thing in the present but they had a cross over moment where the past became the present and vice versa. Just odd in many ways. I agree…the suddenly throwing a diamond to earth was rather weird and absurd? I’m chalking most of this stuff up to some of RTD’s bad scripty parts and it just being timey wimey stuff we aren’t supposed to comprehend but just take as good eye candy to add the to the action…which I hate as I’d rather know exactly what happened and why.

      As of now, if you somehow missed Combom’s episode guide, this is what the 11th is looking at in terms of adventures.

      01 The Eleventh Hour. The TARDIS crash-lands on Earth. Features Arthur Darvill as Rory (a reoccurring character, possibly a companion?). The Doctor meets his new companion Amy Pond. There is talk about a shape-shifting dog too!

      02 Title Unknown. Features Monks, may be set on the Tardis a lot!

      03 Title Unknown. Features Daleks in camouflage paint offering cups of tea, and Winston Churchill!

      04 Time Of The Angels. Return of the Weeping Angels and River Song at the Crash of Byzantium.

      05 Flesh & Stone. Part 2 of the above.

      06 Vampires of Venice. Vampires!

      07 Unknown.

      08 Title Unknown. Silurians/Sea Devils/or Hybrids in a Global Warming story.

      09 Cold Blood. Part 2 of the above.

      10 Vincent & The Doctor. Features Vincent Van Gogh in the 1880s.

      11 Unknown. May be an Amy light episode.

      12 Title Unknown. This Story may see the return of the Cybermen, but which ones? Cybus, or from our universe?

      13 Title Unknown. Part 2 of the above.

      14 Christmas Special, details unknown.

      Perhaps the Christmas special will have details about the Time Lords return.

      Thanks for stopping by to discuss, absolutely adore discussing Who theories with my fellow geeks 🙂

  • The World’s Dresser

    (so glad I subscribed to this thread – so.freaking.glad.)
    I loved the final episode even though it destroyed what I KNEW to be certain (fixed) facts. I’ve not yet reached the analyzing phase – still in gnashing-of-teeth-wailing-at-what’s-been-lost-phase. Give me time, I’ll be back to discuss in depth in few days. The short response is that I hated and loved that the TimeLords are back.

    Theory: That was Ma Doctor. Why? Only because lines of reality are being twisted and totally corrupted under the guise of taking things into a “new” direction.

    As for New Doctor, per clips, I ain’t impressed. I ain’t impressed with him, I ain’t impressed with Companion Girl and definatley ain’t impressed with them bringing back the Weeping Angels.

    Let’s talk about the Weeping Angels – it is without a doubt on of the best episodes of any show of all time. It was a brilliant one shot with a solid final act. Much like the Time Lords, bringing ’em back just ruins the whole thing.

    I’m signing off – more gnashing of teeth to be done.