September 18, 2009

Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara Review and Swatches

Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara entered my life a few days ago so I put it through the paces this morning and I’m actually loving it.

Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara 1

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Ummm I gotta be honest here…I don’t really like Benefit Bad Gal Mascara in general particularly the black. I’m not sure why but it never really worked well for me. I was pretty happy to see Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara since it’s a completely different applicator when compared to the others in the line. The applicator is one of the key reasons I wasn’t into the black version as it created a feather effect on my lashes and more of a natural look. You know the Muse, she’s ever the drama queen and likes her lashes full of dramatic curl and Bad Gal never really did that for me. It was more a softer, natural look.

Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara 2

Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara 4

Benefit Bad Gal continues to have a cult following though even if the Muse was never marching along to that beat. However, Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara changed my mind.

The simplicity of the straight line applicator is one key reason I adore the new version plus it’s brown pigment creates the “bambi” effect on my large brown eyes.

The mascara itself is nicely pigmented so those with paler lashes will rejoice as it’s guaranteed to create a nice brown look to lashes. My own lashes are a dark brown so I couldn’t really see much difference however the overall effect is quite nice as it does manage to make my eyes look wider somehow. Now as I said the applicator was one key reason I liked it. It doesn’t give noticeably fuller lashes but it does give incredible length. You’ll quickly forgive the fact that you aren’t experiencing a fuller effect when you see how long your lashes are after use. The best way to describe it would be doll eyes or as I said the bambi eye look.

Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara 5

Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara 7

The finish is a fluffy more natural lash look which is great if you aren’t a fan of dramatic, hard, clumpy lashes. It defines, darkens, lengthen, and keeps curl quite nicely.



Overall, I was pretty pleased and that’s saying alot considering I’m not a Benefit Bad Gal Mascara fan generally. It’s particularly worthy of a pick up if you’re blond or have paler lashes as the pigment does a good job of getting lashes darker and sleeker looking.

Nice one Benefit.

Loves it!

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  • Mollie

    It’s so weird- generally I’m always doing a battle with myself because I’m never certain if black or brown mascara looks better on me. For my everyday look, I keep things simple and not entirely natural (I really like using brightly colored shadows as liners) and I’m not a fan of LASHES! Ya know what I mean?

    Usually I find black is more versatile because it doesn’t clash with grey and violet shadows, which I wear a lot, and it’s cooler toned than most brown mascaras.

    All that being said, I really like Bad Gal lash a lot, and I might look into this brown version for my no-makeup days. =)

    • the Muse

      Hi Mollie!

      I have this battle myself and normally end up going with black but the brown kinda gave me a bambi look which I liked 😀 lashes as in falsies?

      I used to pair up colored mascara with my more bolder looks but haven’t in a really long time! I think you’ll like it especially if you have brown eyes!

      • Mollie

        Nah, not falsies… just really intense mascara’d lashes! LOL. I think it might be due to my mom that I dislike this- I don’t understand how she does it but she looks a little like Tammy Faye with one application of ANY mascara. *Shudder* I love really fluffy black lashes, though. I think my favorite mascara might be the MAC PlushLash. But then, I apply everything pretty lightly anyway.

        • the Muse

          hey mollie! LOL! my sis is like that. I swear her and mascara just don’t get along!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I’m a little heavy handed with makeup I fear 🙁

  • Janet

    Wow, you weren’t kidding about the length. Great review and close ups so we could see the difference. I totally agree with you about the BadGal in black. I have a sample from Sephora and could not see why others liked it. Just didn’t work for me I guess. That’s neat that they changed the applicator for this color. Although my eyelashes are black so I don’t’ know what that would do for me. Thanks for the review.

    • the Muse

      thanks Janet! Glad you enjoyed the review. BadGal Black never did it for me…I think it was the applicator….! I’m kinda happy they changed the applicator as it works way better for my lashes! It may give you a bit of color but mine are kinda dark too and mostly it deepened them a bit.

  • MC

    Bleeech. I gave up on BadGAL Mascara PERIOD. The Bad Gal Blue annoyed me so much when the blue never showed up that I swore off Bad GalLash anything. I am curious about this new brown one..but…I probably will test drive it at Sephora and not buy it lol.

    I will admit that I do like Get Bent Lash mascara from Benefit…

    • the Muse

      MC I think you’ll like this. It’s a brand new brush as BadGal blue, black, and plum all had the same brush which didn’t work for me but this is actually good 😀

      I never tried Get Bent! *smacks forehead* always wanted to! Another one to add to the wish list!

  • MC

    Fair warning about Get Bent: The brush gets clumpy with mascara and while it claims to curl, it doesn’t really. I do love how the bent brush and the mascara does a great “lift” effect to lashes.

    I’m planning on swinging by Bloomies later today (since it’s now Tuesday lol) to the Benefit counter for some Hello Flawless, so I think I will test drive BadGalLash Brown then. For some reason, every time I go to the Benefit counters at Bloomies, they want to do a mini-make over with their complexion products which I like…especially when I am not looking fab that day. XD

    • the Muse

      I’m an idiot with mascara anyway hehe. I’m curious though so I think I’ll grab it during sephora FF :_D

      I LOVE hello flawless best stuff ever come back tell me whatcha think. Lord knows they do some seriously great complexion miracles like lemon aid!

  • anna

    i like this the only problem is it dosen’t show up that well cause i have brown eyelashes already

    • the Muse

      ah me too anna!!!!!!! I did find it deepened them though 😀 gave me a doe look 😀