September 23, 2009

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat Review and Swatches

Yesterday was the official start of Fall and the Muse couldn’t be happier. As far as she’s concerned it’s the very best time of the year. Happy Fall Ya’ll now graces my front door and I can barely wait for Halloween.

I was feeling all Fall-like today so I cracked open my DuWop Crush Palette in 18 Karat. This was from the DuWop Summer Collection 2009 and I’m just now getting a chance to use it…sheesh talk about late to the game. The good news is the palette has a slew of Fall friendly shades in it.

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 1

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 3

Jump ahead for the deets!

Ok, so I hated it. I absolutely adored the original. Yes, there was one before this release. You can see my review of it by following the link.

Now that palette lived up to it’s name and gave a metallic gorgeous finish. This palette however is almost a dupe of the same colors but with a crummy formula that has a frosty finish and major fall out woes.

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 4

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 5

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 10

The shades in the DuWop Crush Palette in 18 Karat are somewhat the same as the ones in the prior palette however they are bit softer and not as bold. Where as the older palette had a strong metallic finish this one had a frosty, shimmer overload finish that was quite unflattering.

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 6

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 8

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 7

The formula itself blends fairly easy with plenty of pigmentation. The only real problem would be it does have terrible fall out. I guess mainly my rant is over the unflattering finish which I wasn’t loving. I felt like I got a cleaner look with the original Crush palette.

Overall, I brought this out of sheer curiosity and was hopeful it would be as great as the other but it failed to live up to it’s pretty looks. I’ll give a few more tries before completely giving up on it but at this point I’m just not loving it. For the most part it does create a beautiful Fall look if you like frosty shadows.

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 111

DuWop Crush Palette 18 Karat 110

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  • mary_in_wonder

    I actually like the finished look! *.* But fall outs are a no-go! It’s such an amazing trio! *sigh*

    • the Muse

      oh mary yak hate fall out 😛 the prior palette released last year is WAY nicer!

      • mary_in_wonder

        do you think their online store ships international? or I need an independent store? It’s just too pretty, I’m in love =)

        • the Muse

          hi mary!

          probably an independent store hun. I know that Urban Decay and Benefit ship internationally but DuWop probably doesn’t 🙁 But email them and ask? you might be lucky!!!!! 😀

          • mary_in_wonder

            okay, thanks! if nothing else, I can get one on ebay….can find some dirt cheap deal if lucky =D

          • the Muse

            hi mary

            hells yes hun! ebay has some scores for international shoppers 😀 also check on MUA maybe someone can CP it for you!

          • mary_in_wonder

            I know and I love it! ^.^ Find only one…starting bid is ok, but the shipping cost is double of the price =DD maaah that’s a no go..I’ll wait some time, someone else will sell it =)
            CP? I’ve learned a lot of abbrevations since entering beauty blogging, but this is new to me >.< Sorry! You mean swapping? I feel so stupid! *runs away*

          • the Muse

            hi mary!

            why oh why do they do that with shipping costs? It’s only a small palette evil people! 😀 CP=Custom Purchase. You ask someone to buy it and pay them via paypal or a swap 😀

            hehe! Don’t feel stupid!

          • mary_in_wonder

            I knoooooow! and I’m not saying they make a living of it, but it’s a bit pocket money by selling some things >_>
            OMFG! Now I feel even more stupid! haha How could I not solve it?! CP! soo simple! HAHAHA
            I’ll think about it!

          • the Muse

            honestly mary I know they are trying to make a buck but damn it’s absurd. Mostly ripping people off in a mega way! LOL!!!! no you aren’t 😀 It’s not a term commonly used!

          • mary_in_wonder

            Whenever I see such shipping fees, I skip to the next bidding, doesn’t matter how great the asking price is >.<
            mmm okay *puppy eyes*

          • the Muse

            I’m totally cheap with shipping Mary you aren’t the only one! Normally it’s easier to shop around 😀

  • Vanity

    Thanks for killing my lemming, I’ve been sooo close ordering this, cos I think Crush is ok, and a bit fairer colors would’ve been nice.. but.. maybe I’ll leave it. Thanks for comparison shots too! Are you getting any of the Eye color enchancing pencils from DuWop? (What were they called again..)

    And Mary, you can order it from LookFantastic or BeautyBay! I almost did too..

    • the Muse

      Vanity, really didn’t dig this one. I didn’t like the frosty finish at all. It made my eyes look a bit tired. You actually may adore it if you didn’t like crush as the colors are very fair compared to that. My pleasure 😀

      I’m not sure as of yet as they look interesting but what I really want is the color changing lipstick they have 😀