September 4, 2009

End of Summer Round Up: DuWop IcedTeas Review

Anyone else still in Summer mode? I’m kinda still exploring my Summer options lately and rounding up what I haven’t used or didn’t try out yet. It’s pretty much very cool the last few days so I suspect Fall is well on it’s way. Guess I better hurry along now and get all my Summer lovin’ in as quickly as possible. Which is why you’ll see a burst of Summer fun coming from me. It’ll be a rather great excuse to try out these items if you haven’t yet as they are liable to fly off the shelves and get quickly replaced by Fall and Winter stuff.

Today’s review brings me to DuWop IcedTeas.

DuWop IcedTeas 1

Check it after the jump.

DuWop IcedTeas are a translucent lip treatment that pack a mighty fine flavor. I only hauled one so far and it’s tasty so I might just take a bite of mine in the near future. Seriously, it’s sweet, fruity, and just yummy. This is one thing I absolutely adored about it.

The formula is a cooling treatment so it applies in a refreshing way while leaving behind subtle color. Actually this is where things go downhill….subtle color hmm.

DuWop IcedTeas 2

They don’t promise pigmentation so I really shouldn’t rant too much but the fact is the color is somewhat non existent. Mind you, I got the darkest shade of the bunch too. It does give a very slight hint of red but nothing dramatic. Aside from this I also felt like the formula wasn’t as moisturizing as I would have liked. It’s a strange thing but I honestly thought the gel-like look of the product would interpretate to a smooth, gelly-like formula. Not the case at all. It’s somewhat hard, not very moisturizing at all, and just doesn’t have a nice, natural glide as many lip products do.

DuWop IcedTeas 3

DuWop IcedTeas 4

DuWop IcedTeas 5

The shade I purchased was Black Currant which has an exotic fruity, candy-chery-ish flavor. I do wonder if each one has a different flavor? I assume so as they have names like White Peach and Passion Fruit. Black Currant is a deep black cherry shade. You can see my dilemma here as I thought maybe this deep shade would translate as giving my lips a bit of pink but that bit of pink is very subtle.

I think I could have forgiven the lack of pigment as it doesn’t promise such but the crummy formula is unforgivable for me. Love the refreshing coolness, like the fact that it contains sun protection, absolutely adore the yummy flavor, but the formula totally sealed the deal for me and left me wanting. If you want color and a bit of moisture I’d try out Lipstick Queen Medieval Lipstick. If you prefer or like balms that are tasty, this may appeal.

As for the Muse, she’s left feeling kinda disappointed.

Anyone try yet?

Do share your yay or nay review!

By the way no swatches sadly as when I try I just get a clear film on my wrist.

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  • nova

    I’ve tried the passionfruit and I must say for something that smells so delicious, it doesn’t give any gratification beyond that. It leaves a weird dried-gel feeling on my lips after application. It’s a glorified jello chapstick. With sunscreen.

    • the Muse

      Hi Nova. Yea I know right? So tasty but so disappointing in texture. I really thought it would slick on and leave lips super moist….no such luck! sigh…and honestly chapstick sounds better right about now hehe!

  • webcake

    Bah. Disappointing. I’m a huge fan of legit gloss flavors though, as some of even the best ones I’ve had have tasted like fruity, sugary wax..ew. But yeah, after reading this I’m not going to waste my time on it, thank you! ^^ That’s a big NAY!

    • the Muse

      Aw webcake totally hear you. I adore yummy gloss flavors too. This is quite lovely. The taste is brilliance just wish the formula lived up to that!

  • Eru

    I’ve just tried my first DuWop product (Twilight Lip venom! <3 ) And I can't wait to try more things by this brand. What would you recommend me? 😀

  • Dina

    Have the white peach of this, definitely has no color as you said. Like the cooling effect but overall performance is nothing special as far as moisturizing goes as you said. Certainly doesn’t warrant the $19 price 🙁 if it was less expensive maybe I’d repurchase.
    P.S. Just started reading your blog and I’m hooked. LOVES IT!! :O)
    have a great weekend.

    • the Muse

      hi Dina! Love the cooling effect as well but definitely was disappointed by the lack of moisture or even slickness on the lips. Sigh. I’d consider a repurchase for less but not $19 as well! Does the peach taste like peach? They sure are yummy but aside from that lack anything else speical 🙁

      Awwww awesome! It’s great to meet you and thanks for reading! Hope we talk again soon!

  • Kanita

    nooo it’s still summer don’t even say that yet lolol I don’t think fall officially starts until the 23rd of september so we have at least 2 weeks left! I just stick with my labello passion fruit, those are yummy and I really haven’t found a better lip treatment than labello for my problem lips.

    • the Muse

      lol kanita it feels so over before it began. with all the rain it was just a wash out of a Summer so sad!

  • the Muse

    hi euru!

    Everything is really great from the line. I love all the venom series plus the heavy metal eye crush palette (old version), tinted moisturizer is great too, the shadow palettes are particularly nice as well especially the pink 😀

    Some items are hit and miss but most are fairly great!

  • Jennifer

    Hi Muse,
    I have this in the same color you do. I knew it was a balm and I didn’t expect any color, so no disappointtment there. I have to disagree about the texture, though. While it is kind of hard, I actually like the texture. I feel it’s quite substantial for a gloss, and If I’m correct it also has SPF? If so, this texture gives it some staying power, unlike most glosses. Plus, I can’t stop looking at the actual lip stick portion through the light because it’s actually translucent – so cool! I do think it’s overpriced for what it offers, though.

    • the Muse

      Hiya Jennifer!

      It does indeed have SPF…sadly I didn’t get a glossy feeling from it though 🙁 Kinda had a waxy, chapstick feel. I loved the taste and cooling effect and yes I def think it’s cool looking 😀 but I just wish the formula was more moisturizing sadness!

  • Johanna

    Hi Muse,

    I just sampled this product in passionfruit in the Sephora in Hollywood, CA. It was a hot day and my lips were parched, and this DuWop product felt quite refreshing. It was more soothing than chapstick. Definitely, no color. I liked the feel of the formula, but it wore off very quickly. I didn’t purchase because they didn’t have any in stock, but if they did, I might have been tempted, though $19 is a lot for a glorified chapstick.


    • the Muse

      hey Johanna!

      Awesome. They are tasty aren’t they? I was really disappointed with it’s texture…I was kinda hopeful it would have been more moisturizing. Really enjoyed the cooling sensation and taste just the formula left me with a meh feeling 😛

  • Liz

    I bought this today in Strawberry Kiwi. I must say it could be better for it’s $19 price, but I’m in love with it. I’m a person that doesn’t like a lot of stuff on her lips, and this is really light which is a major plus for me. As for color I’ve noticed something weird about it. It seems like when I put it on it gives me a very subtle but noticeable pink look to my lips. I also like it because even though it has sunscreen in it, you can’t taste it. I’ve noticed with lip products that have SPF in them, you get a bad taste in your mouth. Not with this. I’m also a musician and noticed when I was practicing my bass clarinet that it didn’t get ALL OVER my mouthpiece like I’ve experienced with ChapStick and other lip products. Which is another MAJOR plus for me.